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C9010-030 Dumps Introduction

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Question No : 1

Which statement is correct about installing system firmware on a single image system that has no HMC?
A. The updates are concurrent when PowerVM Enterprise Edition is installed.
B. The updates are always disruptive.
C. The updates are concurrent when the firmware version stays the same.
D. The updates are disruptive only when PowerVM Express is installed.
Answer: B

Question No : 2

Which parameter of the RSTOBJ command can improve the efficiency of a restore operation when restoring individual objects from a tape that contains a full system save?
A. LABEL (Label)
B. SEQNBR (Sequence number)
C. FRCOBJCNV (Force object conversion)
D. FSTRST {Fast restore)
Answer: A

Question No : 3

An administrator is working on a hardware replacement for a current system
Which tool should be used to determine if the current LIC, OS, and existing adapters may be migrated to the new system?
A. IBM PreUpgrade Verification Tool
B. IBM Workload Estimator
C. IBM System Planning Tool
D. IBM Migration Modeler
Answer: D

Question No : 4

During a system reload, theRSTDLOcommand is mistakenly canceled.When the restore is reattempted,message CPF9032 "Document interchange session not started" is returned.
Which step{s) will resume the restore?
A. Run the RCLSTG command
Run the RSTDLO RSTFLR ('NEW) command
B. Run the command RSTDLO RSTFLR (*NEW)
C. Run the RCLDLO command
Run the RSTDLO command
D.Run the DSPJOBLOG command and note the position value of the last item restored
Run the RSTDLO RSTFLR CALL) command with the POSITION parameter set to the value listed for the last item restored
Answer: C

Question No : 5

An administrator needs to set up and configure a monitor for CPU usage under Management Central > Monitors.
Given the image below:

What is used to set up this monitor?
A. System
B. Job
C. File
D. Message
Answer: A

Question No : 6

An administrator needs to perform an FTP transmission of a large quantity of bin files.
How can the task be completed in the least number of steps?
A. Run the FTP processes using a submitted CL program
B. Place each FTP command in individual job schedule entries.
C. Use save files rather than .bin images to improve TCP transfer efficiency.
D. Submit multiple FTP jobs through an interface where Jumbo Frames are enabled.
Answer: B

Question No : 7

A system administrator has just changed the password of the QSECOFR user profile. After verifying the new password with a successful login to the operating system, the administrator attempts a login to System Service Tools with STRSST. All Service Tools login attempts fail with the errorCPF225D Requesting service tools ID password not correct.
Why is the administrator unable to login to System Service Tools with the new QSECOFR password?
A. The Service Tools password must be set to the default value before It can be changed.
B. The Service Tools security environment has not been configured to allow QSECOFR passwords to be synchronized.
C. The QSECOFR user profiles for System Service Tools and IBM i are not interchangeable and passwords must be maintained independently
D. The system value QLMTSECOFR (Limit security officer device access) is set to block sharing of passwords for QSECOFR.
Answer: A

Question No : 8

An administrator needs to back up changes to a large physical file that is always exclusively locked by an application These changes need to be sent to another IBM i system.
Which option will allow the administrator to send the changes in the least amount of time?
A. Use the SAVCHGOBJ command to save the file to a SAVF and FTP to the other system.
B. Use local journaling to journal file changes and save them to the other system.
C. Use remote journaling to journal file changes to the other system.
D. Use the SAVLIB command to save the file to a SAVF and FTP to the other system.
Answer: C

Question No : 9

An administrator is recovering a single image system after a crash. The administrator has placed the latest SAVSYS into the external SAS TS2900 LTO tape drive and performed a
D-Mode IPL.
Why is the system failing to find the SAVSYS media?
A. The TS2900 is an alternate installation device and requires an l_BASE_01 DVD in the alternate IPL device.
B. The TS2900 requires Alternate IPL Enablement feature to boot the SAVSYS.
C. The l_BASE_01 DVD must be loaded up to SST before a SAS tape device is recognized.
D. The TS2900 is an alternate IPL device but not an alternate installation device.
Answer: D

Question No : 10

An administrator is installing a release upgrade using the automatic process. The LIC, base
OS, and all licensed program products have installed except for 5770-SS1 option 3 (Extended Base Directory Support).
What is necessary to complete the process and install 5770-SS1 option 3 assuming the system is still in a restricted state?
A. Use the WRKPRB command and check for and correct any problems. Restart the install using the F8 key.
B. Use the RSTLICPGM command specifying "SERVICE for the device type and choose 5770-SS1 option 3 from the list.
C. Check QSYSOPR for a 5770-SS1 option 3 install messages Reply 'C¡¯ to continue.
D. Rom the GO LICPGM menu, select the option to Install Licensed Programs. Install 5770-SS1 option 3l-o
Answer: D

Question No : 11

A scheduled cleanup job runs every day at 6 a.m., but the system is down at 6 a.m.
Which setting will ensure that the job runs as soon as the system comes back up?
A. Change the job schedule entry to specify *IPL for the Frequency
B. Change the job schedule entry to specify "IPL for the Entry number
C. Change the job schedule entry to specify "CURRENT for the Next Submit Date
D. Change the job schedule entry to specify "SBMRLS for the Recovery Action
Answer: D

Question No : 12

A CL program that runs after an IPL must complete and errors will be researched at a later time. How can all CPF massages be acknowledged so the program continues running?
A. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command immediately before the ENDPGM command.
B. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command after the ENDPGM command.
C. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command immediately after the PGM command.
D. Add a MONMSG(CPFOOOO) command before the PGM command.
Answer: C

Question No : 13

What does this display from a WRKSYSSTS screen tell the administrator about the system?

A. Temporary storage is taking up a large proportion of the disk space.
B. A disk in the disk unit subsystem has failed or is being rebuilt.
C. Auxiliary storage is not protected on the system.
D. Auxiliary storage capacity has exceeded the default threshold level.
Answer: B

Question No : 14

An administrator has noticed that the number of security audit journal receivers on the system is getting unmanageable.
How can the administrator adjust the journal to still capture and retain the required journal entries but generate fewer receivers?
A. Change the security journal to delete journal receivers.
B. Change the current journal receiver to a higher threshold value.
C. Create a new security journal specifying the number of receivers to use.
D. Create a new journal receiver setting the threshold to a higher value.
Answer: B

Question No : 15

An administrator wants to determine the remaining life of cache batteries in disk controllers. Where is this information presented?
A. In SST, under Hardware Service Manager
B. In the Work with Disk Status display
C. In SST, under Work With Disk Units and Display Disk Configuration
D. In IBM i Navigator, select Hardware and then Adapters
Answer: B

Question No : 16

An administrator notices that the QEZJOBLOG output queue has an unusually high number of entries. The same job name which runs many times throughout the day,and always ends normally, is associated with the output queue entries.
Which job description change can be made to limit the number of job logs created?
A. Change the SPLFACN parameter to "NOLIST
B. Change the LOGCLPGM parameter to "NO
C. Change the LOG parameter to 4 00 'NOLIST
D. Change the LOGOUTPUT parameter to "JOBEND
Answer: B

Question No : 17

A subsystem description is configured as shown in the following screens; Users are assigned to each job queue to run their batch work. The users assigned to the ACCOUNTING job queue are complaining that their batch jobs are occasionally not running. Other users do not experience this issue.

Why are ACCOUNTING users experiencing this problem?
A. The jobs in the ACCOUNTING queue are run at the lowest execution pnonty based on the sequence number field Jobs from CORP and ENGR are consuming all the processing capability allowed for the subsystem.
B. The run priority of the job does not match the sequence number of the job queue entry.
C. The subsystem starts jobs up to the maximum allowed for each job queue starting with the lowest sequence number (SEQ NBR column)
D. The auxiliary storage pool group is not set to match the number of job queue entries in the subsystem.
Answer: B

Question No : 18

An IBM i guest LPAR is hosted by another IBM i LPAR. The administrator wants to save the virtual storage spaces.
Which command is used to save the virtual storage spaces?
Answer: D

Question No : 19

An auditor needs an administrator to show the differences between a file as it currently exists and as it existed in the past.
Which command can help the administrator determine the differences assuming that journaling for the file was active and the receivers for the timeframe in question exist?
Answer: C

Question No : 20

An administrator is trying to restore a journal receiver to a different system. The journal receiver library does not exist on the new system.
What is the result of restoring this journal receiver?
A. The restores fails and the receiver is not restored.
B. The job goes to a MSGW and requires a response before continuing.
C. The receiver is restored to the library where the journal is located.
D. The library is automatically created and the receiver restores.
Answer: A

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