What is the annual income of CCIE? How is the CCIE value?

Shamiyo 07-03-2018

I am the technical director of a well-known domestic technology company. In 1999, I began to contact Cisco. I have spent about $1000 on the learning material and exam fees by 5 years. I also get certified by the CCIE routing and switching. I am very satisfied with my certification and could get annual income about $7000. From your own experience, I could share some CCIE's annual revenue growth and the value of CCIE in the market with every new Cisco candidate.

CCIE Network Certificate

CCIE Income

I remember that in 2002, because of Cisco had just emerged in China, there were not many people involved. Coupled with the lack of learning materials, there is no experience of the predecessors less than 1,000 people who get the CCIE certificate. At that time, I will receive calls from many companies and invite me to work. And the salary has already reached $25,000 at that time. It could be said as the high salary then. However, 200,000 salary recruitment CCIE talent is very common in the talent market currently.

After more than 10 years of hard work in the workplace, I am now responsible for the overall planning of the network and the preparation of the project in a well-known technology company, leading a group of very good network groups. From the actual work to the position of overall management, my annual income has reached a gratifying 400,000. In the pyramid of technology, such annual income is very normal. With the accumulation of experience, technology will become an older and more fragrant craft, it can let you achieve your own breakthrough, but also a turning point in life.

Promotion, Salary Increase

CCIE Value

No matter which direction you get CCIE certification, you can fully explain that you have fully mastered the technical capabilities in this field through your own efforts. As large as various industries, the competition for each position is very fierce, but when you get the CCIE certification with high gold content, the situation will reverse, and you have many opportunities to choose a professional position freely. And when you post your resume, there will be a lot of technology companies that will get in touch with you and invite you to join the work.

CCIE Employment

Since the current network is very developed, the acquisition of information becomes very convenient. From CCIE to exams, there is a lot of information available on the web. For example, go to Amazon to buy books, go to the video website to find training videos, and go to DumpsBase to find dumps questions. These rich materials have helped more people successfully obtain CCIE certificates. As a result, the overall gold content of CCIE has shrunk a lot compared to before, but it is still the standard for many companies to measure the technical level.

CCIE Interview

The value of CCIE is recognized by the market mainly because of its examination mechanism. The CCIE exam is divided into two parts: written test and experiment. The written test is to register with VUE, and then complete the theoretical knowledge on the computer in the examination room. The lab exam is to go to the location designated by Cisco, to eliminate and solve the actual network problems alone, and it is impossible to pass the rote memorization. And the exam costs are very expensive, generally not fully grasped, very few people will easily sign up.

CCIE Value
Written at the end, in fact, I want to tell you that people who pay attention to the income and value of CCIE are often people who have not yet become CCIE. In the actual work, CCIE pays more attention to the improvement of technology and the accumulation of experience, because only with the technology and experience can it be realized as its own income and value.