Do you really know Huawei certification exam?

Shamiyo 04-28-2018

The Huawei certification exam was conducted by Prometric Corporation, a Huawei contract testing agency. It passes the exam to give network professionals the opportunity to prove their networking knowledge and expertise.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Huawei") has many years of experience in the cultivation of information and communication technology talents, and understands the development of the industry. Based on the life cycle of individual career development in the ICT industry chain, Huawei's "Taking Huawei as the guideline" is guided by a layered professional and technical certification. The cloud-tube-end fusion technology, which is a certification system covering IP, IT, CT, and ICT convergence technologies, is the only authentication system in the entire ICT field.

In the market, Huawei also has two types of training that are well known to all. Huawei training and Huawei training. It seems that both of these are Huaweis. Actually, Huawei Huawei-3com joint venture was acquired by HP. Huawei training programs no longer have any relationship. Huawei certification is not only an assessment of its own technology, but also Huawei's certification is a pass to enter Huawei. To enter Huawei, you must have Huawei certification. Huawei's company has exceeded 150,000 so far, and it enters Huawei every year. The number has grown year by year.

In addition to Huawei's access to Huawei's certification system, it is also a priority for enterprises to purchase Huawei equipment. Many large-scale enterprises adopt Huawei's equipment and solutions, and Huawei's certification can be given priority. Therefore, Huawei certification can test our skills, and it also allows us to have more layers of aura at work, which is favored by companies.

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