Verified Huawei HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU Exam Dumps Is Available

Shamiyo 04-16-2020

In this week, we have received some reviews on Huawei exam dumps. On April 13, the latest reviews of Huawei H12-311-ENU HCIA-WLAN(Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Wireless Local Area Network) certification exam came, one of our customers passed his Huawei HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU exam after read DumpsBase H12-311-ENU exam dumps questions. It have proven that DumpsBase H12-311-ENU exam dumps questions is great and valid, all the questions and answers have been verified that they are valid for H12-311-ENU exam. We are confident in offering you Huawei HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU exam dumps as an easy solution to your problems and requirements for HCIA-WLAN(Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Wireless Local Area Network) exam. DumpsBase will help you materializing your dream of maximum score in Huawei HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU exam within the shortest possible time.

Which is the correct category of H12-311-ENU exam, HCNA-WLAN or HCIA-WLAN?

Even more than one year over passed since Huawei upgraded its certification architect and categories, still there are some candidates do not know the details. So they can not make sure which is the correct category of Huawei H12-311-ENU exam. They still think it is associated with HCAN-WLAN certification. Huawei upgraded the architect since January 2, 2019. The upgrade will allow the Huawei certification services to have the unified brand, follow the latest ICT technological trend, and meet the requirements of Huawei on long-term strategic development.

Huawei Certification Architecture Upgraded

Before upgrade, we know the Huawei certification architecture was divided into three categories, including ICT infrastructure certification, ICT developer certification and ICT vertical certification. After upgrade, new Huawei certification architecture came with ICT infrastructure certification, Platform and service certification, and ICT vertical certification.

ICT Infrastructure Certification

Candidates, who are successful in attaining ICT infrastructure certification will be able to demonstrate knowledge of ICT infrastructure planning, construction, and maintenance. It mainly focuses on both the hardware and software components of ICT infrastructure and provides certifications in 11 technical fields:

● Data Center

● Storage

● Server

● Routing & Switching


● Security


● Transmission

● Access


● 5G

Platform and Service Certification

Platform and Service Certification holders will be able to build and operate cloud platforms and architectures in addition to developing new technical applications based on cloud platforms, it mainly focuses on new ICT such as AI, IoT, and Cloud and provides certifications in six technical fields: 

● Cloud Computing

● Cloud Service

● Big Data

● AI

● IoT

● Enterprise Communication

ICT Vertical Certification

Obtaining Huawei ICT Vertical Certification indicates the holders have an understanding of ICT and other relevant industries. It focuses on an in-depth understanding of the ICT industry and provides certifications in two technical fields:

● Finance

● Public Safety

Huawei Certification Categories Upgraded

Huawei certification categories upgraded from nice(HCNA, HCNP, HCIE, etc.) to three , namely HCIA, HCIP, and HCIE.

So you can find, H12-311-ENU was associated with HCNA-WLAN certification before, but after upgraded, it is for HCIA-WLAN certification now. 

What should we know about Huawei Certified ICT Associate-WLAN(HCIA-WLAN) certification?

Most ICT professionals or students interested in wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies can choose to complete Huawei HCIA-WLAN certification. Earning HCIA-WLAN certification proves that you have a preliminary understanding of small and medium-sized WLANs, including general WLAN technologies, and the ability to assist the design of small and medium-sized WLANs and implement the designs using Huawei wireless controllers and AP devices.

There is no prerequisite for earning HCIA-WLAN certification, but a requirement of passing H12-311-ENU HCIA-WLAN certification exam. The current version of HCIA-WLAN certification is V2.0, and it is the highly recommended version, which covers WLAN Basis and principle, Huawei WLAN product introduction and configuration, Fat AP and Fit AP architecture, WLAN Networking Introduction, Huawei WLAN product features and access security configuration, WLAN network planning and troubleshooting and so on.

Verified H12-311-ENU HCIA-WLAN dumps from DumpsBase are collected by professional experts based on the basic knowledge and principles of the H12-311-ENU exam. 

What kind of language of HCIA-WLAN exam is available?

HCIA-WLAN V2.0 exam is available in Chinese and English. 

We also have two pages for HCIA-WLAN certification exam, H12-311 is for Chinese version, and H12-311-ENU is for English version. You can choose your requirement as you need.

How to check the verified H12-311-ENU dumps questions online?

Even we have presented the fact that H12-311-ENU dumps questions are valid for 100% passing, however, still there are some candidates who want to check the truth. Here, we share some H12-311-ENU free dumps online to let you read and check:

Which period of time does preliminary application of wireless networks begin?

A.During the First World War

B.During World War II

C.In the late 20th century

D.After 2000

Answer: B 

IEEE is the standards organization responsible for United States radio frequency use.



Answer: B 

Which of the following standards organization for the WLAN device is certified to achieve interoperability of WLAN technology()?

A.WiFi Alliance




Answer: A 

Which of the following protocol is set by IEEE 802.11 standard()?(Select 3 Answers)





Answer: A B D 

Which of the following standard is set by WiFi Alliance()?(Select 2 Answers)





Answer: B C 

CAPWAP protocol is proposed as a WLAN standard by IEEE standard organization in April 2009, used for communication between the AC and the AP.



Answer: B 

The following protocols which support 2.4 GHz frequency band()?(Select 3 Answers)





Answer: B C D 

How many channels do China support in 2.4 GHz frequency band()?





Answer: B 

In the following options which frequency band range belong to China supported 5 GHZ frequency band()?





Answer: D 

According to the different parameters of the control signal, what can be divided into by modulation mode()?(Select 3 Answers)





Answer: A B C