Real HCIA-WLAN Certification Exam H12-311-ENU Dumps Updated

Shamiyo 11-12-2020

Most ICT professionals or students are interested in wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies, so they come to register for HCIA-WLAN certification. DumpsBase has updated H12-311-ENU exam questions On November 11, 2020 to ensure that you can complete Huawei HCIA-WLAN certification. If you are the one who is registering for HCIA-WLAN certification exam, we highly recommend to choose Real HCIA-WLAN Certification Exam H12-311-ENU Dumps from DumpsBase to make sure you can pass Huawei certification H12-311-ENU exam successfully. The most updated Huawei HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU exam dumps are providing 298 practice exam questions and answers, you are encouraged to read all H12-311-ENU exam practice questions and try to understand each answers for good preparation.

What is the current version of HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU exam?

Huawei has upgraded most exams's version to make sure the prgress. The current version of H12-311-ENU HCIA-WLAN exam is Version 2.0, which is highly recommended. There is no prerequisite, just come to register H12-311-ENU exam and try to prepare HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU exam well. 

By the way, HCIA-WLAN exam is available in English and Chinese. Simultaneously, DumpsBase has two pages for HCIA-WLAN certification exam. H12-311 exam dumps page is for Chinese, and H12-311-ENU dumps questions page is for English. Please search your correct HCIA-WLAN certification exam dumps at DumpsBase.

What are the main HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU V2.0 exam knowledge points?

It must be clear that HCIA-WLAN H12-311-ENU V2.0 exam covers WLAN Basis and principle, Huawei WLAN product introduction and configuration, Fat AP and Fit AP architecture, WLAN Networking Introduction, Huawei WLAN product features and access security configuration, WLAN network planning and troubleshooting and so on.

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If a wireless client connecting the same SSID wants to roam from one AP to another, what is the area of the signal overlap between the two APs?

A. 50%

B. No need to overlap

C. 100%

D. 10%-15%

Answer: C

How many channels can the 2.4 GHz band be divided into?

A. 14

B. 13

C. 11

D. 3

Answer: A

The 802.11 physical layer standard defines some common operations of the wireless network at the physical layer: operations such as QoS, security, and roaming.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Which of the following rates is not the rate supported by the 802.11a protocol?

A. 6Mbps

B. 12Mbps

C. 24Mbps

D. 30Mbps

Answer: D

The Barker code is an 11-bit sequence (for example, 10110111000), which has advantages in wireless transmission, which can effectively reduce interference, but reduces efficiency.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

What are the two basic service sets included in BSS (Select 2 Answers)?

A. Independent basic service set

B. Infrastructure mode basic service set

C. Extending the basic service set

D. Extending the structure mode basic service set

Answer: A B

Which of the following standards organizations is proposed by the CAPWAP protocol?





Answer: B

What is the Chinese name of SSID?

A. Basic service set

B. Basic service area

C. Extended service set

D. Service set identifier

Answer: D

IEEE is the standard organization responsible for the use of wireless frequencies in the United States.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Spread-spectrum technology is the basis for transmitting wireless data using the ISM band.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A