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Shamiyo 10-29-2020

Do you want to pass 2V0-41.20 Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center exam and be a VCP-NV 2020 certification? Complete Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center certification exam now. Real 2V0-41.20 dumps questions are online at DumpsBase to help you learn 2V0-41.20 VCP-NV 2020 certification exam well. An comprehensive and elaborative study with DumpsBase real 2V0-41.20 dumps questions is essential to successfully prepare for Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center exam as each and every topic has to be prepared in detail to clear each of the related concepts. Read and study all Dumpsbase VMware VCP-NV 2020 2V0-41.20 exam dumps questions and answers, you can pass the Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-41.20 test in the first attempt.

Everything you need to know about 2V0-41.20 Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center Exam

2V0-41.20 Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center exam leads to VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization 2020 (VCP-NV 2020) certification. A professional who earned VMware VCP-NV 2020 certification can prove he/she can transform the economics of network and security operations for your company. It validates your ability to install, configure, and administer NSX virtual networking implementations, regardless of the underlying physical architecture.

Most candidates choose to take and pass 2V0-41.19 exam to complete the VMware VCP-NV 2020 certification. Please make sure you have enough time to do the preparation. Because VMware 2V0-41.19 exam will be retired on October 31, 2020. It only remains 2 days. You will be highly recommended to take and pass 2V0-41.20 Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center exam to achieve VCP-NV 2020 certification. 

Real 2V0-41.20 exam has 70 questions, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given an appointment time of 105 minutes, which includes five-minute seating time and adequate time to complete the exam for non-native English speakers. Actual exam time is 100 minutes. Real 2V0-41.20 dumps questions are useful, which offer 70 practice exam questions with the verified answers. Additionally, Dumpsbase provides both PDF and Software for VCP-NV 2020 2V0-41.20 dumps. PDF version is file which you can print out to read and study all the 2V0-41.20 dumps questions anywhere, and you can also use mobile phone to study them. It is very convenient. Software is a simulation version, you can test 2V0-41.20 questions in real exam environment. It is for free. 

Main skills should be mastered and related experience should have

When taking 2V0-41.20 exam, you should have related experience as listed:

● Should have 6 months or more experience installing, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting NSX-T Data Center 3.0 solutions. 

● Should be knowledgeable of the features, functions, and architectures of NSX-T. 

● Should have at least 6 months hands-on experience with Linux and KVM. 

● Should have 1 year of experience working in IT and with VMware vSphere and its command line. 

Additionally, you should master the full 2V0-41.20 exam objectives:

Section 1 – Architecture and Technologies

Section 2 – Products and Solutions

Section 3 – Planning and Designing

Section 4 – Installing, Configuring, and Setup

Section 5 – Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades

Section 6 – Troubleshooting and Repairing

Section 7 – Administrative and Operational Tasks 

Read 2V0-41.20 Free Dumps To Check The 2V0-41.20 Dumps Questions

An NSX administrator noticed that the nsxclicommand times out after 600 secs of idle time.

Which CLI command disables the nsxcli time out value on NSX Manager?

A. set cli-timeout 0

B. set cli-timeout enabled

C. set cli-timeout disabled

D. set cli-timeout 1

Answer: A

An NSX administrator is configuring the KVM hypervisor host as a transport node and wants to apply the Failover Order as a NIC teaming policy.

Which profile allows the administrator to configure the NIC Teaming policy as Failover Order?

A. N-VDS/VDS Profile

B. Transport Node Profile

C. Host Switch Profile

D. Uplink Profile

Answer: D

Which two choices are prerequisites to configure NSX-T on VDS? (Choose two.)

A. MTU 1500

B. MTU 1400

C. vSphere Distributed Switch 6.5

D. vSphere Distributed Switch 7.0

E. MTU 1600

Answer: DE

Which command is used to display the network configuration of the Tunnel Endpoint (TEP) IP on a bare metal transport node?

A. ifconfig

B. tcpdump

C. debug

D. ipconfig

Answer: A

Which three steps are required to create an IPsec VPN tunnel? (Choose three.)

A. Create an IPsec service.

B. Add a local endpoint.

C. Configure an IPsec session.

D. Configure a distributed firewall policy.

E. Add a logical switch.

Answer: ABC

An NSX administrator wants to create a Tier-0 Gateway to support equal cost multi-path (ECMP) routing.

Which failover detection protocol must be used to meet this requirement?

A. Beacon Probing (BP)

B. Host Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

C. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)

D. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

Answer: C

What are two supported N-VDS modes? (Choose two.)

A. DPDK Datapath

B. Overlay Datapath

C. Secure Datapath

D. Enhanced Datapath

E. Standard Datapath

Answer: DE

A user is assigned these two roles in NSX Manager:

- LB Admin

- Network Engineer 

What privileges does this user have in the system?

A. read permissions on all networking services and full access permissions on load balancing features

B. full access permissions on all networking services and full access permissions on load balancing features

C. full access permissions on all networking services and read permissions on load balancing features

D. read permissions on all networking services and read permissions on load balancing features

Answer: B

An NSX administrator has configured a KVM hypervisor as a transport node.

Which kernel module on KVM implements a N-VDS?

A. openvswitch

B. etherswitch

C. nsx-vswitch

D. dyswitch

Answer: A

Which CLI command should be executed on a KVM hypervisor to retrieve the VM interface UUID?

A. virsh dumpxml <VM Name> | grep interfaceid

B. virsh get-interface <VM Name>

C. virsh show <VM Name> | grep interfaceid

D. virsh list-interface <VM Name>

Answer: A