Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer PCCSE Dumps Questions Released

Shamiyo 03-16-2021

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Role based Palo Alto Networks Certifications

There are 3 levels Palo Alto Networks Certifications,PCCET is the entry level, then you can go for PCNSA administrator level, last you can get PCNSE,PCCSE or PCSAE Certification path.Getting Palo Alto Networks Certifications can help 75% of individuals certify to increase their credibility,80% of individuals certify to gain competitive advantage and 75% of individuals certify to obtain salary increases.

What is the Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer (PCCSE)?

The Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer(PCCSE) certification validates the knowledge, skills and abilities required to onboard, deploy and administer all aspects of Prisma Cloud.  PCCSE-certified individuals have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud technology and resources.

The PCCSE program is a formal, third-party proctored certification. Success on the PCCSE exam shows that you possess the in-depth skills and knowledge about administering cloud solutions, visibility, data loss prevention, security and compliance, web application and API security, and Dev SecOps Security, and demonstrate the highest standard of deployment methodology and operational best practices associated with the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud. The exam is not intended to trick you with its questions or to test obscure detail. However, a nuanced understanding, and the ability gained through significant experience to make subtle technical distinctions, will help you make better answer choices. 

Anyone interested in demonstrating knowledge, skill and abilities with Prisma Cloud including cloudsecurity, customer success, DevOps, cloud support, professional services and Appsec  engineers,cybersecurity architects, and team leads。

What is the format of the PCCSE exam?

The test format is 75-85 multiple-choice items. Candidates will have 5 minutes to complete the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), 90 minutes (1 hour, 30 minutes) to complete the questions, and 5 minutes to complete a survey at the end of the exam. 

  • Certification Name: Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
  • Delivered through Pearson VUE:
  • Exam Series: PCCSE
  • Total Seat Time: 80 to 90 minutes
  • Time for Exam Items: 70 to 80  minutes
  • Time for reviewing Palo Alto Networks Exam Security: 5 minutes and for Survey 5 minutes
  • Number of items: 75 to 85
  • Format: Multiple choice, scenarios with graphics, and matching
  • Language: English

Which topics does the PCCSE exam cover?

The PCCSE certification exam is for anyone interested in demonstrating knowledge, skill and abilities with Prisma Cloud. This certification covers the following topics:

  • Install and Upgrade    18%  
  • Visibility, Security and Compliance    20%
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platform     22%
  • Data Loss Prevention                   9%
  • Web Application and API Security       5%
  • Dev SecOps Security (Shift Left)       11%
  • Prisma Cloud Administration (Including Cloud Compute)    15%

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