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Shamiyo 10-18-2022

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The prerequisite of the PCNSC Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Consultant exam

The PCNSC Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Consultant exam is a partner certification. To register for a PCNSC exam, you must send an email to [email protected] and put PS REGIONAL TRAINING 2020 in the subject line. The certification team will review your eligibility and then provide you with a unique authorization code and direction on how to schedule a seat in Allen.

In order to take the PCNSC exam you must have completed the following prerequisites:

1. Have PCNSE certification in 'Active' status

2. Have successfully completed either the CSL Workshop or the PSA Workshop

How to check the Actual PCNSC Dumps?

When deciding to take the actual PCNSC dumps as the preparation materials, you can read the PCNSC demo questions below to check the details:

A session in the Traffic log is reporting the application as "incomplete”.

What does "incomplete" mean?

A. The three-way TCP handshake did notcomplete.

B. Data was received but wan instantly discarded because of a Deny policy was applied before App ID could be applied.

C. The three-way TCP handshake was observed, but the application could not be identified.

D. The traffic is coming across UDP, and the application could not be identified.

Answer: A

Which two subscriptions are available when configuring panorama to push dynamic updates to connected devices? (Choose two.)

A. User-ID

B. Antivirus

C. Application and Threats

D. Content-ID

Answer: B,C

What is exchanged through the HA2 link?

A. hello heartbeats

B. User-ID in information

C. session synchronization

D. HA state information

Answer: C

An administrator has been asked to configure active/active HA for a pair of Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. The firewalls use layer 3 interface to send traffic to a single gateway IP for the pair.

Which configuration will enable this HA scenario?

A. The firewall do not use floating IPs in active/active HA.

B. The two firewalls will share a single floating IP and will use gratuitous ARP to share the floating IP.

C. The firewalls will share the sameinterface IP address, and device 1 will use the floating IP if device 0 fails.

D. Each firewall will have a separate floating IP. and priority will determine which firewall has the primary IP.

Answer: D

A Palo Alto Networks NGFW just submitted a file lo WildFire tor analysis Assume a 5-minute window for analysis. The firewall is configured to check for verdicts every 5 minutes.

How quickly will the firewall receive back a verdict?

A. 10 to 15 minutes

B. 5 to 10 minutes

C. More than 15 minutes

D. 5 minutes

Answer: B

If the firewall is configured for credential phishing prevention using the "Domain Credential Filter" method, which login will be detected as credential theft?

A. Using the name user's corporate username and password.

B. First four lettersof the username matching any valid corporate username.

C. Matching any valid corporate username.

D. Mapping to the IP address of the logged-in user.

Answer: D

Which method will dynamically register tags on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW?

A. Restful API or the VMware API on the firewall or on theUser.-D agent or the ready -only domain controller

B. XML API or the VMware API on the firewall on the User-ID agent or the CLI

C. Restful API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID Agent

D. XML- API or lite VM Monitoring agent on the NGFW oron the User- ID agent

Answer: D

An administrator logs in to the Palo Alto Networks NGFW and reports and reports that the WebUI is missing the policies tab.

Which profile is the cause of the missing policies tab?

A. WebUI

B. Admin Role

C. Authorization

D. Authentication

Answer: B

Which feature prevents the submission of corporate login information into website forms?

A. credential submission prevention

B. file blocking

C. User-ID

D. data filtering

Answer: A

Which CLI command enables an administrator to view detail about the firewall including uptime, PAN -OS® version, and serial number?

A. debug system details

B. Show systemdetail

C. Show system info

D. Show session info

Answer: C