Huawei H35-660-ENU Real Exam Dumps For HCIA-5G V1.0 Certification

Shamiyo 10-26-2020

Do you know 5G? In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019, and is the planned successor to the 4G networks which provide connectivity to most current cellphones. Based on the details, 5G is designed to do a variety of things that can transform our lives, including giving us faster download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices—especially in the areas of virtual reality (VR), the IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI). So most candidates come to be a 5G certified, and Huawei HCIA-5G certification becomes more and more popular. Huawei H35-660-ENU Real Exam Dumps For HCIA-5G V1.0 Certification is available online, which help you pass HCIA-5G certification exam in the first attempt. 

Huawei 5G Certification Is A Hot ICT Vertical Certification

We know ICT Vertical Certification is a hot Huawei certification category, which is focusing on industry applications and ICT's typical applications and best practices in the industry, and cultivate cross-border and integrated “expert” talents who understand the industry and understand technology and innovation. More, 5G certified is a hot ICT Vertical Certification. 

You can find, HCIA-5G certification is a associate level of 5G certification. It always demonstrates a systematic understanding of and proficiency in the basic knowledge of 5G networks and its use cases in industries, and the basic knowledge and skills required for positions such as industry solution engineers and pre-sales solution engineers. HCIA-5G certification is intended for users of industries, colleges, and carriers. And there is no prerequisite currently, you just need to take and pass Huawei H35-660-ENU exam successfully to make sure you have complete Huawei HCIA-5G certification.

Generally speaking, HCIA-5G certification is positioned to validate the knowledge about 5G networks and the applications of 5G technologies in various industries, and facilitate talent cultivation for business transformation, application transformation, solution design and application of ICT industry players in the 5G era. So we highly recommend to take your HCIA-5G to prove yourselves. It always tests your skills in following areas:

● 5G Basic concepts and development (33 %)

● 5G Network Capabilities and Key Technologies (25 %)

● 5G Use Cases (17 %)

● 5G Industry Applications and Solutions (25%)

New Huawei H35-660-ENU real exam dumps are based on the H35-660-ENU HCIA-5G V1.0 certification exam objectives. There are 143 practice exam questions with the verified answers, which are great to help you pass Huawei H35-660-ENU exam successfully. 

Seven 5G Exams Are Available Online Now

Including H35-660-ENU HCIA-5G V1.0 certification exam, currently, there are seven 5G exams are available online now. 


The current HCIA-5G version is V1.0, which requires you take and pass H35-660-ENU exam.


The current version of HCIA-5G-RAN certification is V2.0, which requires you to take and pass H35-480 exam successfully.


The current version of HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO certification is V1.0, which requires you to take and pass H35-580 exam successfully.


The current version of HCIA-5G-Bearer certification is V1.0, which requires you to take and pass H35-670 exam successfully.


The current version of HCIA-5G-Core certification is V1.0, which requires you to take and pass H35-650 exam successfully.


The current version of HCIP-5G-RAN certification is V1.0, which requires you to take and pass H35-481 exam successfully.


The current version of HCIP-5G-RNP&RNO certification is V1.0, which requires you to take and pass H35-581 exam successfully.

No matter which 5G exam you are preparing for now, please make sure you have enough preparation. Choosing online study materials is a great way to get success.