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Huawei Certification Instroductions

Huawei HCIA-5G certification exam program provides candidates with the ability to test their knowledge of what they have learned, and is able to consolidate what they have learned by taking exams and clarify their knowledge weaknesses and future learning directions.

Different Huawei certification directions will lead you to different professional fields.Select hottest certification you are interested in.

After passing request HCIA-5G exam corresponding to the training program, you can obtain an industry-approved, internationalized certification and gain more employment opportunities and ability recognition. The Huawei certification exam is conducted by Prometric Corporation, a Huawei contract testing agency. Prometric is the world's leading professional certification examination agency.

Huawei certification examination projects of different levels and directions have different examination requirements and processes. All certification examinations require an appointment in advance for the examination time and place. After paying the examination fees, they must go to the scheduled examination sites to take the exams. After passing Huawei HCIA-5G exam, apply for a certificate to the Huawei website.

Price: $58
HCIA-5G V2.0 Exam
343 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $58
HCIA-5G V1.0
143 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $158
HCSP-Field-5G RF V1.0
419 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $58
HCIA-5G V1.0
143 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $158
HCSP-Field-5G RF V1.0
419 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $158
HCSA-Field-5G RAN V1.0
213 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $158
HCSA-Field-5G RF V1.0
161 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $158
HCSA-Field-5G RF V1.0
161 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05
Price: $158
HCSA-Field-5G RAN V1.0
146 Q&A  Updated:2023-12-05

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