HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) H13-531 Real Dumps Questions

Shamiyo 12-18-2019

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H13-531 Is a Written Exam for HCIE-Cloud Computing Certification

Huawei Cloud Computing belongs to Platform and Service Certification, which has three levels of certification:

Associate Level - HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification

HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification is aimed at introducing the entry-level knowledge of cloud computing and how to use virtualization technology to realize the basic characteristics of cloud computing. HCIA-Cloud Computing certification requires you pass Huawei H13-511 exam without any specific prerequisite.

Professional Level - HCIP-Cloud Computing Certification

HCIP-Cloud Computing certification is suggested to achieve to indicate that you are able to deploy and manage Huawei FusionSphere cloud operating system and FusionAccess desktop solution. It aims to train and certificate senior engineers who are capable of operating and maintaining FusionCompute virtualization and FusionAccess desktop cloud.

Currently, there are two options to complete your HCIP-Cloud Computing Certification:

HCIP-Cloud Computing V3.0 is still available currently, which requires you pass H13-522, H13-523, H13-524 the three exams. However, HCIP-Cloud Computing V3.0 will be expired on 3/27/2020. We suggest you complete all the three exams mentioned before the expiration date. Or, you choose to complete H13-527 HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 exam. Huawei H13-527 exam questions will be available soon.

By the way, most candidates still think they need to complete HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification as a prerequisite for starting HCIP-Cloud Computing Certification. However, Huawei upgraded the certification architecure in February of 2019. Based on the changes, "The mandatory advance requirement between HCIA and HCIP has been cancelled, so that the HCIA certificate is not mandatory before obtaining the HCIP certificate." 

Expert Level - HCIE-Cloud Computing Certification

HCIE-Cloud Computing Certification is an expert certification to cultivate talents in the cloud computing industry in the IT technical field, which is aimed at incorporates cloud computing knowledge, and the end-to-end capabilities of Huawei FusionCloud including deployment, O&M, migration, troubleshooting, and backup & DR. 

HCIE-Cloud Computing Certification contains three exams as shown, and H13-531 is the written exam for HCIE-Cloud Computing certification. More, five years relevant work experiences is suggested.

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In the environment where FusionSphere OpenStack is connected to KVM, when virtual machine is created, ( ) will calculate a node suitable for establishing a virtual machine through a series of algorithms, and notify () to complete the creation of the virtual machine.

A. Nova-Conductor, Libvirt

B. Nova-scheduler, Nova-Compute

C. Nova-Compute, Nova-Conductor

D. Libvirt, Nova-Compute

Answer: B

In the FusionSphere private cloud solution, which of the following statements about the principle of virtual machine rapid release are incorrect? (Multiple Choice)

A. When issuing a virtual machine, there is need to create a new system volume in the storage and copy the full amount of the mirrored content to it.

B. When issuing a virtual machine, the system only needs to quickly create a lightweight sub-volume, and constitutes the complete system volume of the virtual machine with the existing parent-volume.

C. During the use of the virtual machine, all modifications to the system volume are written to the sub-volume

D. The system volume ID that the virtual machine presents externally is the ID of the parent-volume used by it.

Answer: AD

The control node of FusionSphere OpenStack can provide NTP service.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

When using the Rainbow migration, the source end can be a physical server, VMware or Hyper-V virtualization platform, and the destination end is the FusionSphere platform.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

The FusionStorage Block alarms: "VBS failed to load metadata". Which of the following are the possible causes? (Multiple Choice)

A. The OSD process is abnormal.

B. The MDC process is abnormal.

C. The communication between the main VBS process and the OSD process is abnormal.

D. Main VBS internal error

Answer: ACD

Regarding the description of the functions of each module of FusionSphere OpenStack, which of the following is incorrect?

A. CPS: Provides cloud data center PXE mode to install host OS function

B. Backup: Provides management data backup and recovery functions, and supports scheduled automatic backup management data.

C. HealthCheck: Provides health check and related information collection

D. LOG: Provides log management function, supports log level setting and log dump

Answer: A

FusionCompute uses IP SAN storage. When a disk is created, it fails probabilistically. Which of the following may cause this fault?

A. There are bad blocks in the LUN.

B. Unconfigured independent network plane bears virtualized SAN storage heartbeat traffic

C. Data consistency check is enabled on the storage resource.

D. The VLAN ID setting on the storage interface is incorrect. 

Answer: A

When an engineer designs Huawei BCManager eBackup backup for a customer, he finds that the production storage uses FusionStorage in the requirements research. Which of the following networking methods is more suitable for the customer?

A. LAN-Base

B. LAN-Free

C. Server-Free

D. Server-Less

Answer: B

Which of the following dimensions can be used by FusionSphere OpenStack to evaluate the performance of the logical host fc-nova-compute, select the logical host with the best overall performance, and schedule the cluster resources? (Multiple Choice)

A. Memory remaining resources

B. vCPU utilization

C. vCPU reservation rate

D. vCPU remaining resources

Answer: ABCD

In the FusionSphere server virtualization scenario, if the HA function is configured, which of the following requirements for the network are correct?

A. All hosts are connected to the same physical switch

B. Hosts in the cluster are connected to the same physical switch

C. All hosts are associated with the same DVS

D. Hosts in the cluster are associated with the same DVS 

Answer: D