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Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert -cloud


HCIE-Cloud H13-531 Exam Content

The HCIE-Cloud exam covers planning, design, optimization and troubleshooting of Huawei Server Virtualization, Cloud Data Center, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Host Migration Service and Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

HCIE-Cloud H13-531 Key Points

1) Cloud computing plan and design
2) FusionStorage planning, optimizing and troubleshooting
3) FusionSphere Server Virtualization solution planning, optimizing and troubleshooting
4) FusionSphere OpenStack Cloud Data Center solution planning and implementing
5) FusionCloud Desktop solution planning, optimizing and troubleshooting
6) ManageOne planning, optimizing and troubleshooting
7) OceanStor BCManager eBackup solution planning, implementing and troubleshooting
9) Rainbow Service Migration Tool planning and troubleshooting

HCIE-Cloud H13-531 Passing Scores

You should complete Huawei HCIE-Cloud H13-531 in 90 mins. Your HCIE-Cloud H13-531 exam scores should be more than 600/1000.

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Question No : 1

About the discription of the interaction flow between FusionStorage major modules, which are correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. When the system starts, the MDC (Metadata Controller) interacts with the ZooKeeper to determine the MDC. The master MDC and the other MDC monitor the heartbeat mutually, and the master MDC determines the successor after some MDC failure. The other MDC discovers that the master MDC fails and interacts with the ZooKeeper to determine o be promoted to the master MDC.
B. When the OSD (Object Storage Device) starts to query the MDC for the affiliation MDC, it reports the status to the affiliation MDC, and the affiliation MDC sends the status change to the VBS. When the affiliation MDC fails, the master MDC designates an MDC to take over the OSD. The same MDC can have up to two affiliation resource pools.
C. When the VBS (Virtual Block System) starts to query the primary MDC, register with the master MDC(the primary MDC maintains a list of active VBS, primary MDC synchronize the VBS list to other MDC so that the MDC can inform the VBS of the OSD state changes), confirm whether they are leaders to the MDC; VBS obtain IO View from the main MDC, the main VBS obtain metadata from the OSD, other VBS obtain the metadata from the main VBS metadata.
D. The number of MDC and the number of ZooKeeper are always the same.
Answer: ABC

Question No : 2

In Huawei's cloud computing solutions, when creating distributed switches, which mode can switching types choose? (Multiple choice)
A. Normal mode
B. pass-through mode
C. SRIOV mode
D. SRIOV pass-through mode
Answer: ABD

Question No : 3

Which of the following network plane divisions and use does the FusionSphere cloud datacenter scenario involve? (Multiple choice)
A. Tunnel_Bearing
B. Internal_Base
C. External_OM
D. External_API
Answer: BCD

Question No : 4

Under the scenarios of Huawei FusionAccess application virtualization, which of the following way can the client through to get to the application list?
A. HDC returns to the application list according to the MAC address of the client
B. HDC returns to the application list according to the IP address of the client
C. HDC returns to the application list according to the client's user name
D. HDC returns to the application list according to the user's user group name
Answer: C

Question No : 5

In the FusionCompute to export the template to the shared directory fails, which of the following recommended to repair the fault? (Multiple choice)
A. Make sure the network connection is OK
B. Make sure that FusionCompute is able to read and write shared directories
C. Make sure there is enough space in the shared directory
D. Restart FusionCompute
Answer: ABC

Question No : 6

What virtualization platform migration does Huawei business migration tool Rainbow support? (Multiple choice)
B. XenServer
D. Hyper-V
Answer: BCD

Question No : 7

Huawei FusionSphere solutions, which is wrong?
A. CNA can manage virtual machines on compute nodes.
B. VRM can dynamically adjust the resources within the cluster.
C. VSA can provide virtual firewall, DHCP function of the system service components, do not rely on FusionManager services for virtual machine deployment.
D. FusionManager northbound interface, provide common resource management, virtual machine management, backup management, disk management, network management and other business functions.
Answer: C

Question No : 8

Which of the following software is Huawei ServerSAN products?
A. FusionSphere
B. FusionCube
C. FusionStorage
D. FusionInsight
Answer: C

Question No : 9

Which of the following views is not used in FusionStorage?
A. IO View
B. OSD View
C. Partion View
D. System View
Answer: D

Question No : 10

In the cloud operation and maintenance management, the main security threats, which included? (Multiple choice)
A. Fine-grained control is not supported by administrator privileges.
B. use a weak password, and long-term without modification, resulting in password leakage.
C. Administrator malicious behavior can not be monitored and backtracking.
D. Virtualization antivirus.
Answer: ABC

Question No : 11

In Huawei FusionCloud desktop cloud solution, which of the following description is wrong about the virtual machine iCache function?
A. Valid only in linked-clone scenarios.
B. When this feature is turned on, the virtual machine will continuesly perform the operation.
C. Can support NAS storage.
D. the virtual machine that is created before openning iCache function, this feature will not automatically take effect; the virtual machine that is created after openning iCache function, it will be effective.
Answer: B

Question No : 12

On FusionStorage deployment patterns, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. When Fusion Fusion is deployed in conjunction with FusionSphere, it supports both converged and split deployments.
B. FusionStorage and VMware co-deployment, support the integration of deployment and separate deployment two modes.
C. FusionStorage's converged deployment means that applications or virtual machines and storage are deployed on the same server.
D. When FusionStorage use a separate deployment, compute nodes and storage nodes are separate servers, but computing node failures will affect the state of the storage pool.
Answer: ABC

Question No : 13

Huawei FusionSphere OpenStack proceeds the commercial enhancement based on the OpenStack community version, which of the following services belong to Huawei's developed enhanced features? (Multiple choice)
A. Cloud Start Service CBS
B. Cloud Distribution Service CPS
C. Graphical business management interface
D. OpenStack Cascading Scheme
Answer: ABC

Question No : 14

Huawei ManageOne OperationCenter is the data center unified monitoring and management platform. Which of the following are the correct descriptions of the OperationCenter? (Multiple Choice)
A. When the management is FusionCompute of Huawei, FusionManager collects the object information, alarm information, capacity information of virtualization environment on the FusionCompute, and report to OperationCentere.
B. When the management is Huawei FusionSphere OpenStack, FusionManager collects the the alarm of virtualization environment on the FusionSphere OpenStack and report to OperationCentere.
C. When the management is VMware virtualized environment, the object information is collected by the VMware vCenter and escalated to the OperationsCenter through the FusionManager.
D. When the management is the physical equipment, use FusionManager as a monitoring management software, the FusionManager will report the physical equipment object, performance, alarm, event information to OperationCentere.
Answer: ABC

Question No : 15

About the description of Domain 0 in FusionSphere solution, which is wrong?
A. 10GE network is suitable for the scenarios of high network bandwidth requirements, Domain 0 memory size need to add 6GB on the basis of the original.
B. host operating system installed in the U disk scenarios, Domain 0 memory size need to add 2GB on the basis of the original.
C. in the host disaster recovery scenario, Domain 0 memory size need to add 4GB on the basis of the original
D. Choosing 200 nodes to install, the default allocation of 6 VCPU, 8G memory.
Answer: D

Question No : 16

Which of the following are HA scenarios that FusionCompute supports? (Multiple choice)
A. HA after host failure
B. HA after storage link interruption
C. HA after the network link is interrupted
D. HA after virtual machine blue screen
Answer: ACD

Question No : 17

Which of the following description about the FusionStorage MDC module is wrong?
A. MDC (Metadata Controller) is a highly reliable cluster, through HA (High Availability) mechanism to ensure the high availability and high reliability of the entire system.
B. MDC through the ZooKeeper cluster, to achieve the reliable preservation of metadata.
C. The MDC communicates with the VBS (Virtual Block System) to realize the capacity expansion, status query and maintenance of the system.
D. MDC through message exchange between the OSD (Object Storage Device), VBS to implement the acquisition and notification of the OSD, VBS node status changes.
Answer: C

Question No : 18

Huawei FusionCloud desktop cloud solution, use full-memory virtual desktop, will bring the problem of storage IO bottleneck, but can get higher utilization in the storage capacity.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

Question No : 19

What kind of data of customer's existing system should be investigated before the project needs analysis? (Multiple choice)
A. Equipment
B. Network
C. Operating System
D. Application
Answer: ABCD

Question No : 20

In Huawei cloud computing solution, which of the following servers does the virtualization platform support to deploy on? (Multiple choice)
A. RH2288 V2 server
B. RH2288 V3 server
C. E9000 server
D. X6000 server
Answer: ABCD

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