DELL EMC Proven Professional Certification Program Upgrade: New DELL EMC Certification Framework is Launching

Shamiyo 06-30-2023

Individuals who are familiar with DumpsBase know that we are professionally providing them with actual exam dumps to help them prepare for the IT certification exams well, including DELL EMC. So they always search their DELL EMC exam dumps at DumpsBase. For example, one searched the D-VXR-OE-23 dumps at DumpsBase to prepare for his/her Dell VxRail Operate 2023 exam. We all know this is a new DELL EMC exam which was transformed from DES-6332 Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Exam, and it will be available at DumpsBase soon. The most important thing is everyone who is eager to get the DELL EMC certifications need to know in February 2023, the DELL EMC Proven Professional Certification Program is launching a new certification framework that will include both skill and outcome-based solutions certifications. Today, we will introduce all the upgrades and transformation details about the DELL EMC certification.

How Many DELL EMC exams were transformed into new exams?

Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification program now offers certifications that align skills to outcomes rather than to specific applications, with ten offerings already available. The program collates skills and knowledge for outcomes in functional technology areas, reducing time spent on irrelevant skills and enabling IT professionals to achieve desired business outcomes. To continue Dell Technologies’ position as a leader in training and certification, we are proactively offering essential Education Services for modern IT organizations looking to drive better business performance and foster more productive teams. The new approach includes certifications from Dell and its partners, such as Microsoft and VMware.

Currently, we can check the transformation exam details from the chart below:

What are the new DELL EMC certifications and badges?

Transforming the new certifications and exams will help customers accelerate the adoption of new and emerging technologies and maximize their investment. The new certification framework will enable customers' workforce to become more productive and reduce the time to market of their products across many industry verticals, such as software, finance, or insurance.

DELL EMC Program Changes

● Expanded from role-aligned to skill-based certifications as the foundation for outcome-based solution certifications

● A simplified journey removes formal prerequisites and reduces class time, leading to faster certification achievement

● A more streamlined approach to validate skill sets and maintain certifications

● Increased flexibility to build a customized portfolio of certifications based on individual needs

The new certification framework includes a new program logo and badges for Skill and Solution Certifications. It will launch in phases on a quarterly basis in 2023, with Phase 1 launching in February. It includes the following: Achievement, Skill Certifications, and Solution Certifications. 

The Dell Technologies Proven Professional designation will remain unchanged. However, the legacy certifications, including Associate, Specialist, and Expert levels, will be gradually phased out and retired as they are transitioned to the new framework. The updated framework introduces certification names that align with a more targeted approach, emphasizing skills and outcomes within solution-based certifications.

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