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Question No : 1

What is the PRIMARY process for strategic communication with the service provider's customers?
A. Service catalogue management
B. Service portfolio management
C. Service desk
D. Business relationship management
Answer: D

Question No : 2

The addition, modification or removal of an authorized, planned or supported service or service component and its associated documentation is a definition of what?
A. A change
B. A change model
C. A change request
D. A change advisory board
Answer: A

Question No : 3

Which role is responsible for carrying out the activities of a process?
A. Process owner
B. Change manager
C. Service manager
D. Process practitioner
Answer: D

Question No : 4

Which of the following statements MOST correctly identifies the scope of design coordination activities?
A. Only changes that introduce new services
B. It is mandatory that all changes are subject to design coordination activity
C. Only changes to business critical systems
D. Any change that the organization believes could benefit
Answer: D

Question No : 5

Which one of the following is the BEST description of a major incident?
A. An incident which is so complex that it requires root cause analysis before a workaround can be found
B. An incident which requires a large number of people to resolve
C. An incident logged by a senior manager
D. An incident which has a high priority or a high impact on the business
Answer: D

Question No : 6

Which of the following would be examined by a major problem review?
Things that were done correctly
Things that were done incorrectly
How to prevent recurrence
What could be done better in the future
A. 1 only
B. 2 and 3 only
C. 1, 2 and 4 only
D. All of the above
Answer: D

Question No : 7

Which of the following is the best definition of IT service management?
A. An internal service provider that is embedded within a business unit
B. A complete set of all the documentation required to deliver world class services to customers
C. Technical implementation of supporting IT infrastructure components
D. The implementation and management of quality IT services that meet business needs
Answer: D

Question No : 8

Check, Act and Plan are three of the stages of the Deming Cycle.Which is the fourth?
A. Do
B. Perform
C. Implement
D. Measure
Answer: A

Question No : 9

How many people should be accountable for a process as defined in the RACI model?
A. As many as necessary to complete the activity
B. Only one - the process owner
C. Two - the process owner and the process enactor
D. Only one - the process architect
Answer: B

Question No : 10

What are the three service provider business models?
A. Internal service provider, outsourced 3rd party and off-shore party
B. Internal service operations provider, external service operations provider, shared service unit
C. Internal service provider, external service provider, outsourced 3rd party
D. Internal service provider, external service provider, shared service unit
Answer: D

Question No : 11

Which of the following areas would technology help to support during the service lifecycle?
1. Data mining and workflow
2. Measurement and reporting
3. Release and deployment
4. Process design
A. 2, 3 and 4 only
B. 1, 3 and 4 only
C. 1, 2 and 3 only
D. All of the above
Answer: D

Question No : 12

Understanding what to measure and why it is being measured are key contributors to which part of the Service Lifecycle?
A. Service Strategy
B. Continual Service Improvement
C. Service Operation
D. Service Design
Answer: B

Question No : 13

What type of baseline captures the structure, contents and details of the infrastructure and represents a set of items that are related to each other?
A. Configuration baseline
B. Project baseline
C. Change baseline
D. Asset baseline
Answer: A

Question No : 14

Which of the following statements MOST correctly identifies the scope of design coordination activities?
A. Only changes that introduce new services are included
B. All changes are mandated to be included
C. Only changes to business critical systems are included
D. Any changes that would benefit the organization are included
Answer: D

Question No : 15

Which of the following is the BEST reason for categorizing incidents?
A. To establish trends for use in problem management and other IT service management (ITSM) activities
B. To ensure service levels are met and breaches of agreements are avoided
C. To enable the incident management database to be partitioned for greater efficiency
D. To identify whether the user is entitled to log an incident for this particular service
Answer: A

Question No : 16

The definitive media library is the responsibility of:
A. Facilities management
B. Access management
C. Request fulfillment
D. Service asset and configuration management
Answer: D

Question No : 17

Which of the following would be most useful in helping to implement a workaround as quickly as possible?
A. A capacity database
B. A definitive media library
C. A request for change
D. A known error database
Answer: D

Question No : 18

Which of these statements about resources and capabilities is CORRECT?
A. Resources are types of service asset and capabilities are not
B. Resources and capabilities are both types of service asset
C. Capabilities are types of service asset and resources are not
D. Neither capabilities nor resources are types of service asset
Answer: B

Question No : 19

Which of the following are valid parts of the service portfolio?
1. Service pipeline
2. Service knowledge management system (SKMS)
3. Service catalogue
A. 1 and 2 only
B. 3 only
C. 1 and 3 only
D. All of the above
Answer: C

Question No : 20

In which document would you expect to see an overview of actual service achievements against targets?
A. Operational level agreement (OLA)
B. Capacity plan
C. Service level agreement (SLA)
D. SLA monitoring chart (SLAM)
Answer: D
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