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Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis Skills


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Question No : 1

Which two options are examples of external sources of information about a customer organization? (Choose two.)
A. An annual report and accounts on the customer's web site
B. An interview of the customer's CFO published on cfo.com
C. An internal briefing from your company's customer account manager
D. A Gartner Magic Quadrant for the customer's industry
E. A corporate organization chart provided by the customer's HR department
Answer: B, D

Question No : 2

What is a viewpoint?
A. A perspective from which a view is taken
B. The beliefs and opinions of one or more stakeholders
C. A definition of a job role and how it is impacted by a technology implementation
D. The representation of a related set of concerns
Answer: A

Question No : 3

Which three options are business benefits that may be realized from the implementation of business outcomes focused technology intervention? (Choose three.)
A. Reduced time to market for new products
B. Reduced number of servers required in the data
C. Reduced technology management overhead
D. Improved customer relationships
E. Improved communications between departments
F. An increase in the proportion of services delivered in the cloud
Answer: A, D, E

Question No : 4

Which two options describe why is it important to develop a trust relationship with stakeholders? (Choose two).
A. In order for them to share relevant information with you
B. In order to make the sales process easier
C. In order to make them like you
D. In order for them to listen to your proposals
E. In order to maximize the revenue you can get from the relationship
Answer: A, D

Question No : 5

How can a customer-centric business model design help uncover new business opportunities?
A. It can uncover inefficient processes which the organization may be able to make more efficient through the use of technology.
B. It allows the organization to focus more on its sales and marketing strategy.
C. It assists with understanding how technology relates to the products and services that the organization provides.
D. It can uncover new or additional customer needs for which the organization may be able to innovate new products and services.
Answer: D

Question No : 6

Which option describes a key performance indicator?
A. A measurement that shows whether the activity has achieved its core purpose
B. Any measurement taken for management reporting purposes
C. Performance estimates based upon historical data
D. Any measurement taken to determine a performance level
Answer: A

Question No : 7

Which option describes Step 2 of Cisco's outcome-based sales approach?
A. Get a lead, find a customer who may be interested
B. Assemble your sales team and determine your objectives
C. Gather what you know about the customer
D. Meet with your customer to uncover, validate and help them prioritize their business care-abouts
Answer: C

Question No : 8

Which option describes the 4 Ps that help sales teams understand what the customer needs?
A. Problem, Pattern, Path and Proof
B. Problem, People, Path and Proof
C. Problem, People, Path and Pattern
D. People, Process, Path and Proof
Answer: A

Question No : 9

How can Cisco Validated Designs help to support business outcomes?
A. provide a quick and easy way to implement technology
B. provide best practice solutions to common business challenges
C. provide a unique selling point that helps to differentiate from competitors' offerings
D. increase the perceived value of the proposed solution
Answer: B

Question No : 10

What two options explain why business outcomes focus with your customer is potentially of more value than a technology solutions focus? (Choose two.)
A. It tends to allow a greater focus on one specific business silo
B. It allows you to align technology to the organization's vision and strategies
C. It can combine CAPEX or OPEX models to maximize the TCO
D. It ensures greater relevance to the needs of LOB Heads and C level executives
E. It provides faster implementation times and TTTV (time to value)
Answer: B, D

Question No : 11

Which option is a trend, driving the adoption of an outcome-based sales approach?
A. Customers have more purely technical problems than they have had previously
B. Customers want to focus less on business needs and more on business outcomes
C. Customers are more empowered and skeptical, changing the way they assess and purchase technology
D. The increase in major technology innovations has led to a more siloed approach to technology purchasing
Answer: C

Question No : 12

Which option is an operational benefit resulting from defined outcomes?
A. Greater control over business decision making
B. Higher IT asset utilization
C. Improved business intelligence
D. Faster time to market for new products
Answer: B

Question No : 13

Which two options describe the qualities of a transactional leadership style? (Choose two.)
A. Democratic in nature
B. Leader provides rewards and incentives
C. Involves high level of communication
D. Motivate through encouragement
Answer: A, B

Question No : 14

What two key factors should you consider when determining business objectives and desired outcomes? (Choose two.)
A. Business priorities and goals
B. Cisco architectures and smart solutions
C. Cisco validated designs
D. Critical success factors and key performance indicators
E. Cisco and partner professional services offerings
Answer: A, D

Question No : 15

When using the Business Model Canvas, which two options would justify dividing customers into multiple customer segments? (Choose two.)
A. They purchase online or in-store
B. They are reached through different distribution channels
C. They use CAPEX or OPEX models for financing their purchases
D. They are willing to pay for different aspects of the offer
E. They require different levels of customer service
Answer: B, D

Question No : 16

What is the purpose of the Stakeholder Power/Influence Grid?
A. It acts as a CRM tool for managing stakeholders
B. It assists with understanding the viewpoints of each stakeholder
C. It assists with understanding the views of each stakeholder
D. It assists with determining what actions to take with each stakeholder
Answer: D

Question No : 17

Which two options are qualities of the guardian stakeholder decision making style? (Choose two.)
A. Formal process
B. Fact-based
C. Cautious
D. Middle-of-the-road
Answer: B, C

Question No : 18

Which three options are potential customer benefits of an outcome-based sales approach? (Choose three.)
A. Alignment of technology to business needs
B. Better quality security policy
C. Increased ability to mitigate risk
D. Enhanced end user support services
E. Improved financial control over technology spending
F. Focus on solutions
Answer: A, C, E

Question No : 19

Which option is the recommended approach to gain access to additional key stakeholders within the customer organization?
A. Approach the stakeholder through their gatekeeper
B. Approach the stakeholder direct
C. External referral from a C level executive
D. Internal referral from an existing contact
Answer: D

Question No : 20

What is a business capability?
A. An organization's capacity to successfully perform a business activity.
B. A description for a business process leading to a specified outcome.
C. A view of the business from the perspective of a particular strategy.
D. An analysis of the organization's value chain.
Answer: A
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