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Question No : 1

Which memchanism incorporates the channel capacity into the CAC determination and gives a much more accurate assessment of the current call carrying capacity of the AP?
A. Static CAC.
B. Reserved roaming bandwidth (%).
C. Expedited bandwidth.
D. Metrics collection.
E. Load-based AC.
F. Max RF bandwidth (%).
G. Admission control.
Answer: E

Question No : 2

You have received a new Cisco 5760 Controller and have gone through the initial startup wizard. You are now trying to add APs to the controller, but these are not joining.
Which three checks should you do next? (Choose three.)
A. Check that the radios are not in a shutdown state.
B. Check the country code of the controller. The APs do not join the controller if the country code does not match.
C. Check that the correct time is set on the controller.
D. Check that option 53 has been set in the DHCP scope.
E. Check that the controller has enough AP licenses.
F. Check that the controller has been configured with the correct hostname. Otherwise, DNS resolution fails.
Answer: BCE

Question No : 3

Which four options are the HTTP methods supported by a reset API?
Answer: B C D F

Question No : 4

On a Cisco 5760 WLC, which of the below is not part of the initial setup script?
A. Wireless management interface
B. Host name
C. HTTP server login account
D. SNMP Network Management
E. NTP server
F. Enable password
G. Default routing protocol
Answer: G

Question No : 5

VLAN Trunking Protocol is a Cisco proprietary protocol that propagates the definition of VLANs over the local area network. Which two statements are true?(Choose two.)
A. VTP requires access mode interfaces to propagate.
B. VTP requires trunk mode interfaces to propagate.
C. VTP transparent mode forwards VTP packets and can act as a client or a server.
D. VTP config revision increases base on switch uptime.
E. When Cisco switches are started from scratch, they are in server mode and their domain is set to null.
Answer: BE

Question No : 6

With the introduction of mDNS policies in AireOS release 8.0, the administrator can configure to identify who uses the Bonjour service instances and in which location. Based on user 802.lx authentication. aAAA server/lSE can be configured to return which two possible values in the form of a "CISCO-AV-PAIR"? (Choose two.)
A. Client-role
B. User-role
C. User-ID
D. Bonjour-profile
E. Client-location
Answer: BD

Question No : 7

Which statement about the integration of ISE with Cisco Prime Infrastructure version 2.2 is true?
A. Cisco Prime Infrastructure can display ISE profiling attributes for authenticated and un authenticated clients.
B. Cisco Prime Infrastructure can collect client authentication details from up to three configured ISE servers.
C. ISE can be added to Cisco Prime Infrastructure only using user credentials of admin user configured locally on ISE
D. When two instances of ISE are added to Cisco Prime Infrastructure. One must be working in secondary mode.
Answer: D

Question No : 8

Which IEEE protocol can help a wireless client device to identify nearby APs that are available as roaming targets?
A. 802.11h
B. 802.11ac
C. 802.11k
D. 802.11n
E. 802.11w
Answer: C

Question No : 9

Which three types of ACLs are supported by the Cisco 5760 WLC? (Choose three.)
A. Port ACLs.
B. VLAN ACLs(VLAN maps).
C. Router port ACLs.
D. AP Radio ACL Switch port ACLs.
E. Router ACLs.
Answer: ABE

Question No : 10

You are getting the following error message. Which reason for this issue true?
%DOT11-4-CANT_ASSOC Interface Dot 11 Radio0. Cannot associate NO Aironet Extension IE.
A. ¡°dot11 extension¡± is missing under the interface Dot11Radio 0 interface.
B. When repeater mode is used, unicast-flooding must be enabled to allow Aironet IE communications.
C. The parent AP MAC address has not been defined.
D. Repeater mode only works between Cisco access point.
Answer: A

Question No : 11

Which three conditions can trigger a client exclusion policy?(Choose three.)
A. Excessive 802.11 probe request failures
B. Excessive 802.lx authorization failures
C. IP theft or IP reuse
D. Excessive 802.lx authentication failures
E. Excessive 802.11 association failures
F. Excessive 802.11 packet retries
Answer: CDE

Question No : 12

Which major block is not included in the ETSI Network Function Virtualization reference framework?
A. Network Function Visualization Infrastructure.
B. Network Function Virtualization Management and Orchestration.
C. Network Function Virtualization Policy Manager.
D. Virtualized Network Function/ Element Management Systems.
Answer: C

Question No : 13

Which three statements about enabling the wireless feature on Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8-E are true?(Choose three.)
A. Only the install boot method is supported.
B. Access points must terminate on the same chassis/SUP to join the wireless controller.
C. Visual Switching System must be disabled.
D. Maximum number of access points that can join the wireless controller is 200, and the maximum number of wireless clients that can be supported by wireless controller is 4000.
E. Bundle and install boot modes are supported.
F. Virtual Switching System must be enabled.
Answer: ABC

Question No : 14

Refer to the exhibit.

You are troubleshooting location accuracy problems on a customer deployment. You have done the wireless design and you are sure that the As are correctly placed on the Cisco Prime map. Everything is correctly synchronized between WLC, PI, and MSE but, you are sometimes getting elements tracked on the wrong floor. After you get this debug output from MSE, which step is next?
A. Reduce the confidence level on MSE when the last heard value is higher than 150 seconds.
B. Run a new calibration model and ensure that it is applied on the floor.
C. Discard RSSI values lower than ¨C 75 dbm.
D. Check it the AP with MAC address 001c 0f 4c 45 60 is physically located on the floor where the element was wrongly located and if the inter-floor attenuation is weak.
Answer: C

Question No : 15

Your customer has a Cisco Unified Wireless Network running AireOS 8.0 and wants to learn about the FlexConnect mode that is available on his APs. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. A newly connected AP can be booted in FlexConnect mode.
B. When an AP is changed from Local mode to FlexConnect mode, a reboot is required.
C. Enhanced FlexConnect mode allows to enable wIPS on FlexConnect APs.
D. When an AP is changed from Local mode to FlexConnect mode, reboot is not required.
E. Using CCKM with FlexConnect APs requires the use of FlexConnect Groups.
F. FlexConnect was previously know as "H-TEEP"
Answer: DE

Question No : 16

Which two features were added as part of the 802.llh amendment?
A. Dynamic Frequency Selection and Direct Link Setup.
B. Dynamic Frequency Selection and Transmit Power control.
C. Dynamic Frequency Selection and Wireless Performance Prediction.
D. Dynamic Frequency Selection and Inter-Access Point Protocol.
Answer: B

Question No : 17

Which enhancement was introduced in 802.11ac Wave 2 and was not present in 802.lln?
A. 64 QAM
B. 128 QAM
D. 40MHz channel width
E. four spatial streams
Answer: C

Question No : 18

Which event happens when a wireless client connects to a Cisco 5760 Converged Access Controller with a WLAN configured for AAA override enabled and an invalid VLAN (not configured on the Cisco 5760) is returned as part of RADIUS accept message by the Cisco ISE server?
A. The client is marked as associated and DHCP required state.
B. The client is marked as authenticated but does not get an IP address.
C. The client is put in exclusion list by the WLC.
D. The client is put in the RUN state and is mapped to the wireless management VLAN.
Answer: B

Question No : 19

Refer to the exhibit,

which is a configuration snippet of a Cisco 5760 controller running code IOS XE 3.6.3. Which statement about wlan 11 is true?
A. This configuration is for external WebAuth with an external RADIUS server.
B. This configuration is for WebAuth with local authentication.
C. This configuration is for custom WebAuth with local authentication.
D. This configuration is for WebAuth with an external RADIUS server.
E. This configuration is for custom WebAuth with an external RADIUS server.
Answer: D

Question No : 20

Which action is needed to edit the settings of an RF profile?
A. Disable both radio networks
B. Disable custom power level settings for all APs within the group to which the profile is linked.
C. Remove the desired RF profile from all AP groups
D. RF profiles cannot be edited. They must be removed and recreated with the desired values.
Answer: C

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