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Designing the Cisco Cloud


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Question No : 1

A UCS Director administrator must migrate a VM from a hypervisor to a public cloud In which two ways can this task be accomplished? (Choose two)
A.You can perform vMotion and Storage vMotion simultaneously on a running VM.
B.VH Migration can occur using the Migrate VM wizard.
C.You can add the Mutate VM task from the Cisco UCS Director task library to a workflow for migration.
D.vMotion or Storage vMotion can be triggered through Virtual > Migration menu.
Answer: AC

Question No : 2

Which statement about file-level storage is true?
A.It is well suited for bulk file storage.
B.Support external boot-up of systems connected to them.
C.It is complicated to implement.
D.It can store files and provide storage required for special applications like database VMFS.
Answer: A

Question No : 3

From which module must a manager or supervior review and authorize the service when end user submits an order in the prime service catalog?
A.Order Management
B.Service e Request
Answer: A

Question No : 4

Which three network services are offered by Microsoft Azure? (Choose three.)
A.elastic load balancing
B.traffic manager route incoming traffic for high performance and availability
C.intrusion detection systems, load balancing, firewalls
D.virtual private networks to be deployed and managed
E.virtual network provision private networks, optionally connect to on-premises datacenters
F.express route dedicated private network fiber connections to Azure
Answer: BEF

Question No : 5

A UCS Director administrator must convert a VM to an image. Which option lists the steps to accomplish this task?




A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: B

Question No : 6

A cloud administrator is considering deep packet inspection to secure the cloud infrastructure. Which three statements about DPI are true? (Choose three)
A.The use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute, or block packets with specific data or code payloads.
B.DPI does not require updates and revisions to remain optimally effective.
C.DPI is an advanced method of packet filtering that functions at the application layer of the OSI.
D.DPI examines only packet headers.
E.DPI is essential in protecting the cloud against malicious threats such as web exploits, zeroday attacks, data exfiltration, and malware-based botnets.
F.DPI can increase compute, speed because it decreases the burden on the processor.
Answer: ACE

Question No : 7

Which two ports are used by Intercloud fabric tunnel ports? (Choose two.)
A.TCP 6644 and 6646
B.TCP 6000 and 7010
C.UDP 6644 and 6646
D.TCP 7000 and 7010
Answer: AC

Question No : 8

Which three options are benefits of Cisco Intercloud Fabric? (Choose three.)
A.integration of third-party solutions into the Cisco UCS Director management platform with a publicly available software development kit
B.provides a choice of cloud prowlers such as Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, and Cisco Intercloud services
C.provides a single point of management and control (or virtual workloads across multiple prowler clouds
D.enables workload mobility to and from service provider clouds for virtual workloade
E.extensive enhancements for VMware. VCE, and EMC solution components
F.support for Hewlett Packard Onboard Administrator to install bare-metal blades and manage them using Cisco UCS Director's task library
Answer: BCD

Question No : 9

Which three options are the primary security architectural principles for VMDC data center security? (Choose three.)
A.threat defense
D.secure separation
Answer: BDE

Question No : 10

ABC Company wants to increase developer productivity and decrease the application tame to market. Which service will accomplish this task?
Answer: B

Question No : 11

A system administrator must use Cisco UCS Director to migrate several virtual machines from one host to another without disrupting the workload In which two ways can the administrator accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A.migrate VM policy
B.migrate VM wizard
C.hot VW migration wizard
D.hot VM workflow task
E.migrate VM workflow task
Answer: BE

Question No : 12

Service providers can use mute tenant data centers to efficiently and economically provide cloud services using shared hardware and network infrastructures. Which two options does this approach require? (Choose two)
A.partial segregation of network components by tenant
B.complete separation of network traffic by tenant
C.strict access control policies
D.complete separation of hardware infrastructure per tenant
Answer: BC

Question No : 13

Which three options ate examples of resiliency in the data center? (Choose three.)
A.infrastructure hardening
B.IPS appliances
C.pokey enforcement and access control
E.application redundancy
F.cyber-threat -detection applications
Answer: CDF

Question No : 14

When considering a private cloud integrated infrastructure, which solution is prebuilt and tested before being delivered to a customer only using Cisco, and VMware?
Answer: B

Question No : 15

A cloud administrator is considering storage for a deployment. The admin needs a solution that is durable and reliable and fits the need for storing media, web assets, and backups. Which solution meets this need the best?
A.Cloud file storage
B.Cloud block storage
C.Cloud hybrid storage
D.Cloud NFS storage
Answer: C

Question No : 16

Which three options describe how isolation can be achieved for VMDC data center security? (Choose three)
A.access control lists
B.intrusion prevention appliances that inspect traffic and detect security events on a per-VLAN basis
C.proper infrastructure hardening
D.role-based access and authentication
E.application redundancy
F.pokey enforcement and access control
G.virtual routing and forwarding tables
Answer: ABG

Question No : 17

A cloud administrator is migrating a VM to the Intercloud Fabric Cloud. What option lists the steps that are needed to achieve this task?




A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: D

Question No : 18

Which two statements about designing an application stack using Stack Designer are true? (Choose two)
A.Using Stack Designer, application stack se-vices ate created by removing the application component in containers.
B.Using the Slack Designer module in the prime service catalog, the application stacks can be designed as a template and published as orderable services in the Service catalog storefront.
C.When an application template order b completed, all provisioned applications are displayed in My Stuff > Designer Template.
D.The Application Slack-as-a-Service feature enables you to design Product-as-a-Service templates and services.
Answer: BC

Question No : 19

A cloud administrator is designing role-based access control security policies for a private Cloud. Which two statements are the goals of these policies?
(Choose two).
A.to ensure that no known security vulnerabilities are present
B.to protect data center integrity in case of a link failure in any layer
C.lo provide content security services
D.to (educe security risks when accessing the data center
E.to control access so that administrators have access only to systems for which they have administrative responsibilities
Answer: AB

Question No : 20

An administrator is designing a cloud environment lo support multi-tenancy. The customs will share infrastructure, applications. Which two design concerns should have priority? (Choose two)
A.core layer segmentation
B.to ensure that proper upgrade protocols are planned out
C.VM segmentation and database segmentation
D.to ensure that proper security and isolation protects tenants from the risks they pose to one another
E.data center infrastructure segmentation
Answer: BD
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