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Question No : 1

The Central Management Console appliance can scale to support a range of Steelhead appliances and is available in the following physical form factor(s):
A. Desktop, 1U and 3U
B. 1U and 3U
C. 3U only
D. 1U only
E. 1U, 2U, 3U
Answer: D

Question No : 2

The interface used by the Steelhead appliance for system management and datastore synchronization is:
A. WAN0_0
B. LAN0_0
C. Inpath0_0
D. Primary
Answer: D

Question No : 3

Which Datastore Segment Replacement Policy can be selected to overwrite data that has resided in the segstore for the longest duration of time?
A. LRU (Least Recently Used)
B. FIFO (First In First Out)
C. LIFO (Last In First Out)
D. MRU (Most Recently Used)
E. ADH (Arbitrary Data Hits)
Answer: B

Question No : 4

In an in-path deployment, when a Steelhead appliance fails to wire, the Steelhead appliance acts as a:
A. Straight-through cable
B. Crossover cable
C. Router
D. Firewall
E. None of the above
Answer: B

Question No : 5

When upgrading a Steelhead appliance from the Management Console, the new image is always installed on the:
A. Booted partition
B. Backup partition
C. Both the boot and backup partitions
D. The image is only installed into a partition after a reboot (from a temporary location)
E. Upgrades can only be done from the CLI
Answer: B

Question No : 6

Which of the following local accounts are available by default on a Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)
A. admin
B. riverbed
C. monitor
D. rvbd
E. root
Answer: A,C

Question No : 7

When performing a logical in-path deployment, which interface needs to be physically cabled for optimization to occur?
D. Primary
Answer: C

Question No : 8

Which of the following is NOT a valid in-path rule on the Interceptor appliance?
A. Redirect
B. Pass-through
C. Discard
D. Deny
E. Fair-peering
Answer: E

Question No : 9

When deploying a Steelhead appliance server-side out-of-path in the data center, what will be the source IP address seen by the destination server in the data center?
A. The client PC's IP address
B. The client-side Steelhead appliance's Primary IP address
C. The client-side Steelhead appliance's In-path IP address
D. The server-side Steelhead appliance's Primary IP address
Answer: D

Question No : 10

What is the maximum datastore size?
A. 15 MB
B. 5 GB
C. 20 GB
D. 10 TB
E. 50 TB
Answer: C

Question No : 11

What happens to "new" data that a Steelhead appliance has not seen before? (Select 2)
A. Drop the new data
B. Create a tunnel to optimize the data
C. Scalable Data Referencing creates and sends new reference pointers to the peer Steelhead appliance
D. Compress the data using Lempel-Ziv and sends it to the peer Steelhead appliance
E. Sends only the references for the data to the counterpart Steelhead appliance
Answer: C,D

Question No : 12

All of the following are types of peering rules, except:
A. Pass
B. Accept
C. Discard
D. Auto
Answer: C

Question No : 13

Which of the following is a benefit of the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) on the Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)
A. Optimizes VoIP flowing through proxy servers
B. Removes the need for specific servers in the branch offices
C. Allows for continued operations of specific functionality in the event of a WAN failure
D. Provides parallel forwarding domains for asymmetrical routing
Answer: B,C

Question No : 14

What platform of VMware enables you to run the Central Management Console as a virtual appliance? (Select 2)
B. Desktop
Answer: A,D

Question No : 15

To help secure the server private key on the server-side Steelhead appliance, which of the following features can be used?
A. TACACS+ authentication
B. RADIUS authentication
C. Secure Vault
D. Datastore encryption
Answer: C

Question No : 16

After deployment of Steelhead appliances, a certain backup application shows poor bandwidth reduction. After disabling the backup application's native compression algorithm, the bandwidth reduction statistics on the Steelhead appliances suddenly improve significantly.
Which of the following are likely causes for the increased bandwidth reduction?
A. The native compression algorithm of the backup application could not be compressed further
B. The application-level protocol used by the backup application is not recognized by the Steelhead appliances
C. The Steelhead appliances were not able to effectively perform TCP optimizations
D. There should be no difference between compressed and uncompressed traffic
Answer: A

Question No : 17

Which of the following is not a policy type available on the CMC appliance?
A. Optimization policy
B. SDR policy
C. Security Policy
D. Networking policy
Answer: B

Question No : 18

Which of the following management or monitoring methods are supported by the Steelhead appliance? (Select 4)
A. SNMP / SNMP traps
B. Email notification
C. HP Open View Console plug-in available on Riverbed support site
D. Central Management Console
E. Syslog
Answer: A,B,D,E

Question No : 19

When configuring CIFS prepopulation, which of the following parameters must be configured for prepopulation to function? (Select 3)
A. Remote path
B. Username
C. CMC hostname
D. Password
E. RADIUS authentication
Answer: A,B,D

Question No : 20

Which trunking protocols are supported by the Steelhead appliance?
A. 802.1Q
B. 802.1P
C. 802.1AD
D. Dynamic Etherchannel
Answer: A
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