What tips of the Huawei exam must be taken care of for the first time?

Shamiyo 06-01-2018

Pay attention to the tips of taking Huawei exam at your first time. Hope the tips could help you pass your Huawei certification exam easily.

Just take Huawei HCAN and HCNP for an example:

1. The HCNA and HCNP test questions are for single-choice, multiple-choice, and judgment questions. The questions that are not met during the test can be marked first, the first will be done, and then you can back back and do the questions that were not done before, and finally answer the questions. After the question, there is a summary table, each question is not done, there is no mark, this table, click on the title number, it is possible to go to the title, if you submit the test paper, then you can not go back and change again, only You can come back and modify the check before you hand in the roll.

2. Please read the exam instructions carefully before the exam. There are multiple choices on the items that indicate the options. The circle is a single choice. At the time of the test, the pass or not will be displayed on the screen. These are all my IT coffee teachers mentioning us. The main teacher must select and then come out with the examiner to get the transcript. He can print it out (free) and take it away. It shows the score of your exam and other detailed information.

We do suggest that you should master the above two key points tips of taking your Huawei exam is not very hard. DumpBase also could give you high confidence to prepare for your Huawei certification exam like a cork.