What are the steps of taking Huawei certification exam? (2)

Shamiyo 06-01-2018

Continue to the last post about the steps (1). We still need to complete the following steps well then gain Huawei certification smoothly. 9 steps of taking Huawei certification tips you should know then gain your Huawei certification in a fast way is our finally goal.  We will try our best to share more latest valid Huawei certification exams all the time for Huawei candidates. Before you select your Huawei certification exam prep you also could serach which Huawei certification exam you need from DumpsBase clearly. So go through the rest stps we should know in the following:

Step 6: Interview appointment

1) Appoint HCIE to pass the HCIE test before the comprehensive interview;

2) The Huawei website fills in the HCIE interview appointment application and can make an appointment after 5 working days through the HCIE lab exam;

3) When making an appointment for the HCIE Comprehensive Interview, you need to provide an exam vouchers. The first interview after the LAB exam is passed, and you can use LAB+ interview vouchers. During the interview within 90 working days, please use the newly purchased interview vouchers.

Step 7: Participate in a comprehensive interview

1) After the comprehensive interview appointment is completed, Huawei will notify candidates of the interview location information.

2) Comprehensive interview time: Interviews usually last one hour and will be conducted during business hours on weekdays.

3) E-mail notification of interview results within 5 working days after the end of the comprehensive interview.

Step 8: Certificate application

1) 3 working days after completing the exam, apply for a certificate on the Huawei website;

2) After receiving the application, Huawei will complete the production and mailing of the certificate within 7 working days, and send the express mail to the application mailbox;

Step 9: Make-up policy

1) After the LAB results are released, if you pass, you can register for the interview within 90 days. Because the examination resources are limited, please register in advance. You are not allowed to delay the interview due to insufficient resources for Huawei.

2) If the LAB fails, and the written test result is still valid, you can apply for the LAB test 30 working days after the last LAB test time. The original LAB+ interview vouchers will be voided as a whole, and you need to pay LAB+ interview vouchers separately;

3) If the interview does not pass and the LAB score is still within the validity period, you may re-book an interview and need to pay for the interview fee again;

4) If the interview does not pass and the LAB result is invalid, you need to retake the LAB exam, but you must satisfy the written test result.