What are the Process of Taking CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Exams?

Shamiyo 05-07-2018

Before taking Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE exams, you will want to know what processes are. Let me show you the detaile below. 

CCNA Exams Process

Before CCNA exams start, there will be a questionnaire survey, which is mainly to collect some of the candidates' basic information, professional experience and so on. After the investigation was completed, the questions were drawn from the server and the test began.

In CCNA exam, it is not allowed to go back and answer the questions that were not done before. Therefore, everyone is asked to seriously answer each question. After finishing the last question, click on End Exam in the lower right corner. The final page will show your result.

After the CCNA exam is over, you can immediately know if you passed or not. The result will show your Cisco ID number, grades, and accuracy of each knowledge point in the exam. You can also check your CCNA exam result at Pearson VUE.

CCNP Exams Process

The registration of CCNP exams are based on earning CCNA certificate, that is, candidates must pass CCNA to participate in CCNP exam! Candidates who need to take the exam first need to select the testing center. CCNP is an international certification that can be tested at the Prometric or VUE test center around the world.

After the examination room is selected, candidates can directly contact the test center to register for the test. After passing the test, they will register on the Cisco official website. After signing the agreement, they will receive CCNP certificate from the US Cisco headquarters one month later!

CCIE Exams Process

1. Take CCIE written exam First, which can be taken in the Cisco authorized examination room;
2. After completing the written test, the CCIE-LAB exam can be conducted. 
After completing one certification of CISCO (5 to 10 days after the exam), you need to register on the CISCO official website.