What are the deep evaluation system certification qualifications of Huawei?

Shamiyo 04-27-2018

We should try to know much benifits about Huawei certification before we select which direct we will work on. How many system certification we could select if we need?

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Huawei Certification Systems Including:
Routing and Switching Technology 
Wireless Local Area Network Technology
Network Security Technology
Unified Communication Technology
Contact Center Technology
Video Conference Technology
Storage Network Technology
Cloud Computing Technology
LTE Technology
Transmission Technology
Access Network Technology
Optical Network Technology
Microwave Product Technology
Mobile Soft Switch Technology
NGN Technology
MGW&SBC Technology
USC Technology
SG Technology
GSM Technology
WCDMA Technology
CDMA Technology
Wimax Technology
Microwave RNP
Site and Power System
Hybrid Power Supply
Telecommunication Equipment Survey
Hardware Installation Supervision(Exclude RF Product)
Hardware Installation Supervision (Include RF Product)

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