The real feelings from a Chinese Huawei candidate.

Shamiyo 05-08-2018

The previous year, I started my network engineers with confusion and ignorance like many people who embarked on network engineering. Perhaps the simple perception of network engineering at that time was only to stay in the cyber cafe management network, pull the cable, and connect the crystal head. Today, ICT is destined to change my life.

At the beginning of my study of the Internet, it can be said that I came from the dark step by step, and what is the C language? Where is the digital logic in the alien language? The principle of computer composition group to go to the principle of how to say did not say the same kind? Perhaps this kind of confusion will cause people to lose interest in professional residuals. Because it is difficult to program, the algorithm is difficult, even if the principle, listening and listening will also be lethargic in the past. Can universities only be able to do this? I spend my time in confusion, but with my own professional learning, I can't afford to drop the slightest bit of knowledge to ensure that I don't worry about it. Later, he slowly began to come into contact with the real network knowledge. The "computer network" began to come into contact with ip addresses, gateways, routing protocols, and OSI's seven-layer reference model. It seemed to be a little unprepared, but compared to programming, this allowed I'm interested in network times. Followed by "integrated cabling" "ccnp routing technology" "ccnp switching technology" "network security." Gradually getting used to the city can not help but open Cisco packet tracert or GNS3 software, full of great sense of accomplishment.

A lecture will completely change my understanding of network engineering. At that time, I have to listen to a lecture on ICT knowledge. In the hard requirements, still insist on listening. It was also because of this lecture that I became acquainted with Huawei and I learned that in China, the internet industry is slowly changing. In China, there is a very big company called Huawei! In this lecture, I learned that after Snowden had revealed the secret of the United States, domestic mainstream communications products were tilted toward Huawei, and government agencies were also pushing for the selection of Huawei, the world's top 500 company.

On one side is Cisco, and on the other is Huawei. In the end, which direction is better? At that time, he had already won a national inspirational scholarship. For this scholarship, he wanted to make good use of it to research, and he began to pay attention to the research. And the roommate weighed the pros and cons of the two vendors, and finally, with the support and encouragement of the department head teacher, the training of Huawei's HCNP mathematics-oriented courses was chosen under trade-offs. Not only because Huawei's products are being developed, some documents are explained in Chinese and it is easier to understand and accept. It is also because Huawei's NA/NP tests are conducted in Chinese. It is not like the same as in Cisco. operating. Under the trade-off, Huawei was selected.

15 days of learning, from a simple seven-layer reference model, networking type, IP address, TCP three-way handshake, STP, RSTP, MSTP, smart-link, DHCP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, multicast, routing strategies, policies All routes are mastered. After learning the theoretical knowledge every day, it is to open the eNSP software and follow the topology and requirements in the book to implement the experimental phenomenon step by step. After HCNP learning, although the understanding knows, but they are not only satisfied, although the HCNP is a mid-level, to achieve the configuration, basic understanding, and why the agreement should be configured, why there are different configurations between the agreement Differences, what fields in the message identify what is meant, etc. Some problems have been plagued by learning NP. The last summer vacation before graduation was devoted to the HCIE-RS lab exam. Both the HCIE theory exam and the LAB exam were passed. This summer vacation is a complete refueling.

When I saw the word "Congratulations"on the mobile email alert interface, I really wanted to cry, because at that moment, I thought everything was worth it. At that moment, I feel that what I have done and paid for over the past few years is worth it. There is a saying: keep walking until you find the answer.

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