Is Huawei certification exam popular?

Shamiyo 04-27-2018

We may wonder whether the Huawei certification test is popular or not.  According to our data statistics we should say Huawei certification is most universally welcomed. 

Huawei certification covers ICT technology areas. Through meeting the competence development requirement of ICT talent at different levels, Huawei Certification can facilitate personal career development and enhance organization performance.

The rapid growth of the ICT industry represents the great demand on ICT talent. Meanwhile, the revolution in the industry sets more requirements for the knowledge and skills to be acquired by professionals. Individuals have to master “knowledge convergence, multi-disciplinary skills and evolved standards” in order to be a qualified ICT talent.

To cope with the market requirement, Huawei launches certification service, to cover the major technologies of ICT area. It is a core part of individual career development and organization performance enhancement.

Huawei certification is the same as the Cisco certification. It belongs to the manufacturer certification, and all of them are certified internally by the company. They are empowered to perform training at the agency. The final authorization center participates in the examinations specified by the manufacturer. After passing the specified series of subject tests, the college can Acquired the corresponding level of qualification certification, both the organic certification and written examination of the two parts. Huawei certification was launched in 2001. So far, more than 3 million people have participated in Huawei training. Training and examination services have covered 160 countries around the world. It is one of the largest technology certifications in the industry and the only one in the industry. ICT certification system in the entire technical field.

Huawei is the second largest telecommunications equipment supplier in the world. Its products and solutions have been applied to more than 140 countries and serve 1/3 of the world's population. Not only that, but 45 of the top 50 global operators have adopted Huawei. The equipment, which also shows that Huawei equipment exists in the world, exists in various companies, as long as the company has Huawei equipment, Huawei equipment maintenance personnel, and most of these talents are Huawei certification, because they want to enter Huawei technical support Large and medium-sized enterprises must have Huawei certification. In order to meet the needs of a third of the world's population, Huawei certification training is indispensable. According to current statistics, at least 50 students every hour participate in Huawei training every hour.