Huawei H13-523 exam frequently asked questions

Shamiyo 08-21-2018

With the rapid development of cloud technology on a global scale, enterprises and individuals are increasingly demanding cloud services. This has also led to the increasing popularity of cloud-related certifications. Among them, Huawei H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM has become the final choice of many people. What common problems do we encounter during the process of learn H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM and how to solve them? These are the people who want to learn H13-523 HCNP-Cloud-CDSM must face and solve.

HCNP-Cloud certification exam overview

HCNP-Cloud certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage cloud data center and desktop cloud system.

With HCNP-Cloud certification, you demonstrate the understanding of Huawei data center solution and desktop cloud products, the ability to deploy and manage solutions for these products, etc.

HCNP-Cloud curriculum includes but is not limited to the following parts: Virtualization, Huawei FusionCloud solution, Huawei FusionCloud Desktop solution introduction, deployment, troubleshooting and maintenance.

With HCNP-Cloud certified engineers, enterprises are able to deploy and manage Huawei FusionSphere cloud operating system and FusionCloud desktop solution.

H13-523 HCNP-Cloud exam information

The exam name for H13-523 is HCNP-Cloud-CDSM and the test duration is 90 minutes. A total of 1000 points, if you finally get above 600 points, then congratulations that you will successfully pass the H13-523 exam. The H13-523 Examination fee is $160 which could be a huge sum . However, if you can't pass the H13-523 exam once, you have to spend a lot of time and energy besides paying more.

Who is best for learn H13-523 and attending the H13-523 exam?


Planners and designers

Operators and Maintainers

Those who hope to obtain HCNP-Cloud certificate

Those who hope to become Cloud Computing engineers

What are the prerequisites for learning H13-523 exam?

Be familiar with virtualization basic knowledge

Be familiar with server basic knowledge and applications

Be familiar with storage basic knowledge and applications

Be familiar with operation system basic knowledge and applications

Be familiar with network security basic knowledge and applications

Should we use H13-523 exam dumps questions?

In general, H13-523 dumps are suitable for the following groups:

Expertise and skills are abundant, but they are easily affected by nervous emotions during the H13-523 exam

Rich in professional knowledge and skills, but easy to careless in the H13-523 exam process

Expertise and skills are abundant, but I don't have much confidence in my success in passing the H13-523 exam

Perhaps you have discovered that the most basic condition for using H13-523 dumps is that you have enough H13-523 expertise and skills.

If you are not rich enough in your knowledge and skills, use H13-523 dumps to deal with H13-523 exam. Although you can successfully pass the H13-523 exam, the foundation is not solid enough and will have a lot of negative impact on your future career.

H13-523 exam is just a test process, and it is most important to have enough professional knowledge and skills. This is something we all must understand.

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