How to pass the VCP 2V0-602 exam and the benefits of passing the exam?

Shamiyo 10-21-2020

On July 27, 2018, I successfully passed the VCP 2V0-602 exam which lasted for half a year, and I learned all the time. Now I am waiting for the VCP6.5-DCV Badges , I am very happy. I personally realized that it is not easy to reach the goal of passing 2V0-602 exam. I want to share with you and let you experience the joy of passing the VCP 2V0-602 exam. There are also benefits to pass the exam, hoping to motivate you to pass the exam.

Successfully Passed VCP 2V0-602 Exam

VCP6.5-DCV Badges 2V0-602 Exam Information

First, find out what the VCP 2V0-602 exam is. It is short for VMware vSphere 6.5 Foundations exam. It is an intermediate difficulty in the VMware Certification Series exam and is an exam included in all VCP technical certifications. If you plan to get VCP6.5-DCV, VCP6-DCV, VCP6-CMA, VCP7-CMA, VCP6-DTM, VCP7-DTM and VCP6-NV, then it will become a hurdle on your certification road. The following is an introduction to how I can get past it.

2V0-602 Exam Information

VCP 2V0-602 learning method optimization

VCP 2V0-602 has a variety of ways to learn, mainly self-study and training. I chose to study by myself in an online course offered by VMware. First, on the VCP 2V0-602 exam introduction page, download the exam guide, take some time to focus on the introduction of 2V0-602 exam guide and use it to understand the topics and knowledge points covered in the VCP 2V0-602 exam, which will be a very good starting point. VMware also offers official online training, a series of training courses for each topic, and you can also see it on the exam introduction page. Click to download: VCP 2V0-602 exam outline

  2V0-602 Exam Points
The choice of learning style is to find a suitable learning path, and the mastery of learning methods is more important. After we have learned new knowledge, I suggest that you assess your situation in a timely manner, summarize theoretical knowledge, and structure it. Just like building a house, the stability of the substory is the foundation of the superstructure, so that it can be built layer by layer and eventually become a high-rise building. The construction quality of the sub-building needs to be tested from time to time, and feedback is also required for the same learning situation. Here I suggest that you understand the 2V0-602 exam questions, which can be used as a tool to evaluate learning.

2V0-602 exam questions
The 2V0-602 exam questions material is the sum of the questions in the VCP 2V0-602 exam, with answers and some questions. How to use it? Very simple. After completing the learning of a topic, by reading the contents of the 2V0-602 exam questions and practicing the questions in DumpsBase, you can evaluate the results of your current learning based on the answer. Because of the large number of problems in the exam questions, it is actually the concrete expression of abstract theoretical knowledge. Learning feedback is really important, you can use this method as the focus of learning.

2V0-602 real exam questions

VCP 2V0-602 exam preparation method

I have been studying for 5 months while I was motivated to take the VCP 2V0-602 exam. After that, it took less than a month to prepare for the exam. Exam preparation is actually a summary and improvement of the content of the previous study. I will take all the study notes and combine the 2V0-602 exam questions and answers to conduct a comprehensive test and systematic evaluation. The problem of answering the mistakes and the relevant knowledge points that are not deeply impressed and difficult to understand, combined with the official teaching video of VMware to learn and consolidate. I feel that my exam preparation is well done. In half a month, I reviewed all of my five months of study and made a second consolidation. The efficiency is far beyond my expectations.

vSphere 6.5 Foundations 2V0-602 Exam Prep

I passed the exam on July 27th, just one week before the exam, I believe I can pass the exam 100%. This confidence comes from the fact that I received an update from DumpsBase on the 2V0-602 exam questions and answers at the time, updating to the version of the VCP 2V0-602 exam that I am about to participate in. This is a very timely and good news for me. So I was studying the new version of the question set for a week. The personal feeling version update brings about 15% of content changes. I have understood and remembered the issues of new and changed within two days. As expected, July 27th was my joy to harvest, and I successfully passed the VCP 2V0-602 exam.

Benefits of passing VCP 2V0-602 exam

After passing VCP 2V0-602 exam, you can apply to VCP6.5-DCV Badges at VMware officially. The other directions of the VCP also have corresponding Badges, which will receive an official email reminder after you pass the corresponding certification exam, which will give you the method of application, the purpose of Badges and the impact on your follow-up.

VMware introduces the benefits of Badges as follows:

• Single source that combines your credential and a complete overview of your skills
• Way for you to easily share your accomplishments in social media
• Provides employers with easy, valid verification of VMware credentials

Get VCP6.5-DCV Badges through VCP 2V0-602 exam

Simply put, a badge is a description that combines your identity and combines it with your skill level. Because it is officially provided by VMware, authority is trusted. This is recognition of personal skills and proof of ability. And you can share it in major online media and emails, and let more people know through various channels. This is an awesome way to expand your own contacts and bring more development opportunities to yourself. Can you feel its value and the glory that brings me?

Finally, there is a problem that I want to understand that it can bring you more benefits. When you need to make feedback during your studies, you need to conduct a comprehensive assessment before the exam and you can't do without a lot of exam practice. If you choose the latest version of 2V0-602 exam questions at the beginning of your studies, will it be possible to save even the exam preparation?