How is Huawei's technical support development prospects?

Shamiyo 06-01-2018

The professional network engineer is a comprehensive subject. Based on network communication technology and computer technology, it focuses on learning computer network systems, network security technologies, and network management technologies, and ultimately adapts to the capabilities of network communications and computer systems. According to the statistics of the network engineer training school, the current employment of network engineering graduates is mainly based on network communications and network security, and network security is also more emphasis on frequent security issues in the near future, but there are not many employees. 60% of graduates in the network engineering profession are engaged in network communications, but network communications equipment is divided into Huawei and Cisco.

Cisco used to be the world's largest provider of Internet solutions. However, over time, Huawei and Cisco have shared the same world and have shown signs of surpassing Cisco. Among the top 50 companies in the world, 45 are using Huawei. With equipment and network solutions, Huawei has served nearly one-third of the world's population in more than 140 countries, and this proportion has been continuously expanding. In this form, Huawei will surpass Cisco's situation and it is just around the corner.

Huawei is not only involved in Internet solutions. It is also China's third-largest smartphone supplier. In the rapid development of the Internet, 4G projects have become the highest cost for domestic and foreign e-commerce equipment manufacturers to compete fiercely. In the first batch of 4G contracts, Huawei and ZTE jointly won over 50% of the shares. In this way, as far as the Internet is concerned, Huawei has almost everything involved. In the process of hunting, the most needed is Huawei technical support.

Huawei has its own independent technology certification and has a large number of learners. Moreover, the network security and network communication configuration among network engineers are all oriented towards Huawei. From this, it can be seen that Huawei is in both a large development trend and an educational environment. With a good foundation, the participation of 4G Internet and mobile smart terminals has enabled Huawei to open up new roads and create more employment opportunities. The development prospects of Huawei's technical support will eventually be promising.