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Shamiyo 05-27-2020

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You Need To Understand All Details OF 5V0-21.19 Exam Before Taking VMware Specialist - vSAN 2020 5V0-21.19 Exam

You can get the most updated 5V0-21.19 exam dumps with 100% pass guarantee. However, you need to understand all details of 5V0-21.19 exam before taking VMware Specialist - vSAN 2020 5V0-21.19 exam. 5V0-21.19 exam is associated with VMware Specialist - vSAN 2020 certification, which validates that an earner can properly design a vSAN cluster including the selection of supported hardware, compute and storage capacities, and performance profile.

Earning VMware Specialist - vSAN 2020 certification proves that you have ability to:

● Install and configure vSphere and vSAN according to business requirements and vendor recommendations.

● Manage and monitor a cluster to help ensure consistent performance and minimal downtime.

● Perform basic troubleshooting and problem resolution.

You will be required to answer 5V0-21.19 exam successfully to complete VMware Specialist - vSAN 2020 certification. 5V0-21.19 exam mainly tests the skills and abilities of designing, implementing, and administering a VMware vSAN [6.7] environment, including 7 sections as follows:

Section 1 – Architecture and Technologies

Section 2 – Products and Solutions

Section 3 – Planning and Designing

Section 4 – Installing, Configuring, and Setup

Section 5 – Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades

Section 6 – Troubleshooting and Repairing

Section 7 – Administrative and Operational Tasks

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It Is Necessary To Read 5V0-21.19 Free Dumps Online First

You may be still worried about the most updated 5V0-21.19 exam dumps, so it is necessary to read 5V0-21.19 free dumps online first.

Which two vSAN Health Check items are included for vSphere Update Manager integration? (Choose two.)

A. vSAN build recommendation

B. vSAN object health

C. Online health connectivity

D. vSAN release catalog up-to-date

E. Performance data collection

Answer: AC

What is a benefit of using vSphere Distributed Switches in a vSAN network?

A. Simplifies network abstraction

B. Enables network redundancy

C. Supports faster network adapters

D. Provides the ability to adjust the MTU

Answer: A

A single disk in a vSAN disk group suffers from an unrecoverable hardware failure. This causes vSAN to set the health status for all disks in the group to Permanent disk loss, indicating disk failure. 

Assuming all other disks have not suffered from a hardware failure, why would vSAN mark all disks in the group as failed?

A. The vSAN disk management service has failed.

B. The affected vSphere host is offline.

C. The key management server is offline.

D. Deduplication and compression are enabled on the vSAN cluster.

Answer: A

In stretched clusters, what is a benefit of implementing a virtual witness rather than a physical witness?

A. Reduced vSphere licensing

B. Shared metadata between separate clusters

C. Increased vSAN datastore capacity

D. Increased compute for running VMs

Answer: A

A storage administrator discovers vSAN is rebalancing components across a cluster randomly and faces degraded performance on the applications.

What should be done to avoid these issues?

A. Size at least two disk groups on each node

B. Maintain a minimum of 10 percent unused capacity

C. Keep total storage consumption <70 percent

D. Ensure there is sufficient queue depth on the I/O Controller

Answer: C

What is the purpose of slack space in vSAN?

A. Increases overall vSAN capacity

B. Allows for maintenance and failure operations

C. Stores vSphere HA heartbeats

D. Provides vSAN analytic data

Answer: B

The objects on a 4-node vSAN cluster are assigned a RAID-5 policy. A network outage occurs causing host one to lose connectivity with the rest of the cluster. Seventy-five minutes elapse.

What is the health state of the objects?

A. Reduced availability with no rebuild

B. Reduced availability with no rebuild – delay timer

C. Non-availability related incompliance [non-compliance]

D. Reduced availability

Answer: A

A vSAN 5-node cluster has two sets of VMs, each associated with a separate storage policy. -Group A (Storage Policy: FTT=0) -Group B (Storage Policy: FTT=2)

What are two possible results when two hosts in the vSAN cluster fail permanently? (Choose two.)

A. VMs in Group B will become inaccessible if a third host permanently fails.

B. vSAN will rebuild data associated with Group A.

C. VMs in Group A might experience data inaccessibility.

D. VMs in Goup B might experience data loss.

E. A host can be put into maintenance mode without impacting VMs in either Group A or B.

Answer: AC

A 3-node vSAN cluster will take which two actions, when a drive is physically removed from a vSAN node? (Choose two.)

A. Marks all components on that device as absent

B. Marks all components on that device as degraded

C. Waits for the configured delay timer before rebuild

D. Marks all components on that device as stale

E. Starts component rebuild immediately

Answer: AC

A vSAN cluster has this configuration: 

- 4 hosts with 1 disk group per host 

- Each disk group contains 1 cache device and 7 capacity devices

What are two ways to increase the vSAN datastore storage capacity? (Choose two.)

A. Add a host to the cluster

B. Add a cache device to each disk group

C. Add a capacity drive to each disk group

D. Replace a cache device with a larger cache device

E. Add a disk group to each host

Answer: AE