Updated Professional Scrum Master I PSM I Dumps Questions

Shamiyo 04-29-2020

It must be clear that PSM I Professional Scrum Master I is the most recognized and multi-leveled Scrum Master certification. Real PSM I online exam dumps will be the widely recognized study materials for preparation of Professional Scrum Master I certification. To meet all the candidates' requirement, we newly updated Professional Scrum Master I PSM I Dumps Questions on November 16. 2019. It is the most updated online dumps questions. All the PSM I exam answers are verified that are accurate. Based on the reviews from November 16 to November 19, there are 5 candidates have completed their PSM I Professional Scrum Master I certification already. Updated Professional Scrum Master I PSM I Dumps Questions will give you everything for real PSM I exam.

6 Kinds of Professional Scrum Certifications 

Scrum Certification is a course and a series of exams that professionals undertake to validate their knowledge, skills and aptitude in Scrum. Currently, there are 6 kinds of Professional Scrum certifications as listed:

● Professional Scrum Master

● Professional Scrum Product Owner

● Professional Scrum Developer

● Scaled Professional Scrum

● Professional Scrum with Kanban

● Professional Agile Leadership

Amony all these 6 Scrum certifications, Professional Scrum Master certifications validate and certify your knowledge of Scrum and ability to apply that knowledge. 

Currently, there are three levels of Professional Scrum Master exams:

● PSM I demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery. Candidates who hold PSM I certification prove that they understand Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide and how to apply Scrum in Scrum Teams.  Also they have a consistent terminology and approach to Scrum.

● PSM II demonstrate an advanced level of Scrum mastery. Candidates who have earned PSM II certification have an understanding of the underlying principles of Scrum and can effectively apply Scrum in complex, real-world situations.

● PSM III demonstrate a distinguished level of Scrum mastery. Hoders have a deep understanding of the application and practices of Scrum and the Scrum Values in a variety of complex team and organizational situations.  

PSM I is one of the top Scrum certifications

Scrum certifications can help you gain many benefits in your life and carreer, especially PSM I Certification exam. It is available to anyone who wishes to validate his/her depth of knowledge of the PictureScrum framework and its application. Successfully passing PSM I certification offers access to the PSM II and PSM III certifications.

PSM I is one of the top Scrum certifications. As the most widely-used framework for agile development, Scrum PSM I certified employees are held in high demand and typically command a high salary as a result. Besides, Microsoft uses the PSM I certified to validate knowledge as part of its Silver and Gold Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) competencies.

You need to know the PSM I exam details before taking

We suggest you know clearly about the PSM I exam details before taking it:

Fee: $150 USD

Passing score: 85%

Time limit: 60 minutes

Number of Questions: 80

Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False

Difficulty: Intermediate

Language: English only

Now we recommend you get Updated Professional Scrum Master I PSM I Dumps Questions for good preparation. Read and study all Dumpsbase Scrum PSM I exam dumps questions, you can pass Professional Scrum Master I test in the first attempt.

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