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Shamiyo 09-03-2022

Choosing the most updated Juniper JN0-231 dumps from DumpsBase is a suggested step to prepare for your Security - Associate (JNCIA-SEC) certification exam. We have updated the JN0-231 dumps with 65 practice exam questions and answers to help you prepare for the Security - Associate (JNCIA-SEC) exam and make sure that you will have full confidence to attend the actual Juniper JN0-231 exam. The Juniper JN0-231 exam dumps questions are prescribed to perform in your capacity. So if you would like to prepare for your Juniper JN0-231 exam, then you can choose the updated JN0-231 exam dumps offered by DumpsBase that also have correct answers then you definitely ought to straight forward get the Juniper JN0-231 PDF. We are recommending you the most updated Juniper JN0-231 dumps because we have verified all the Security - Associate (JNCIA-SEC) exam questions with the correct answer that aid you a lot to prepare and pass Security - Associate (JNCIA-SEC) exam in the very first attempt.  

Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Is The Associate-Level Certification OF Juniper Security Track

You need to pass the JN0-231 exam to achieve the Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) certification. Candidates should know that the Juniper Security Track is hot, which enables you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of security technology in general and Junos OS software for SRX Series devices. As the associate-level certification of the Security track, the Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) is designed for networking professionals with beginner-intermediate knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series devices. Earning this JNCIA-SEC certification, candidates must pass the JN0-231 exam successfully to verify their understanding of security technologies and related platform configuration and troubleshooting skills.

Juniper Security - Associate (JN0-231 JNCIA-SEC) exam consists of 65 multiple-choice questions that need to be completed in 90 minutes. The exam cost is $200. To pass successfully, you should have the updated Juniper JN0-231 exam dumps as the preparation materials, also, you should understand all the JN0-231 exam objectives as listed:

● SRX Series Devices

● Junos Security Objects

● Security policies

● Juniper Advanced Threat Protection

● Network Address Translation

● IPsec

● Unified Threat Management

● Monitoring/Reporting and Troubleshooting

All Juniper JN0-231 exam dumps questions are based on the exam objectives. With DumpsBase JN0-231 dumps questions and answers, you can understand all clearly and pass your Security - Associate (JNCIA-SEC) certification exam successfully.

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You are asked to configure your SRX Series device to block all traffic from certain countries. The solution must be automatically updated as IP prefixes become allocated to those certain countries.

Which Juniper ATP solution will accomplish this task?

A. Geo IP

B. unified security policies


D. C&C feed

Answer: A

What is the order of the first path packet processing when a packet enters a device?

A. security policies –> screens –> zones

B. screens –> security policies –> zones

C. screens –> zones –> security policies

D. security policies –> zones –> screens

Answer: C

You are asked to verify that a license for AppSecure is installed on an SRX Series device.

In this scenario, which command will provide you with the required information?

A. user@srx> show system license

B. user@srx> show services accounting

C. user@srx> show configuration system

D. user@srx> show chassis firmware

Answer: A

What are two features of the Juniper ATP Cloud service? (Choose two.)

A. sandbox

B. malware detection

C. EX Series device integration

D. honeypot

Answer: A,B

Which statement is correct about packet mode processing?

A. Packet mode enables session-based processing of incoming packets.

B. Packet mode works with NAT, VPNs, UTM, IDP, and other advanced security services.

C. Packet mode bypasses the flow module.

D. Packet mode is the basis for stateful processing.

Answer: C

Which IPsec protocol is used to encrypt the data payload?





Answer: A

Which two IKE Phase 1 configuration options must match on both peers to successfully establish a tunnel? (Choose two.)

A. VPN name

B. gateway interfaces

C. IKE mode

D. Diffie-Hellman group

Answer: C,D

Which two UTM features should be used for tracking productivity and corporate user behavior? (Choose two.)

A. the content filtering UTM feature

B. the antivirus UTM feature

C. the Web filtering UTM feature

D. the antispam UTM feature

Answer: A,C

Which two IPsec hashing algorithms are supported on an SRX Series device? (Choose two.)

A. SHA-1


C. MD5


Answer: A,C

Which statement about NAT is correct?

A. Destination NAT takes precedence over static NAT.

B. Source NAT is processed before security policy lookup.

C. Static NAT is processed after forwarding lookup.

D. Static NAT takes precedence over destination NAT.

Answer: D