Real HPE0-J68 Dumps Questions Are Available For Passing HPE Storage Solutions Exam

Shamiyo 07-06-2021

Taking and pass HPE0-J68 HPE Storage Solutions certification exam is guaranteed now. Real HPE0-J68 dumps questions are available for passing HPE Storage Solutions certification exam. You definitely can prepare with HPE0-J68 exam dumps. In the event you often prepare with DumpsBase HPE0-J68 dumps then HP HPE0-J68 exam questions make sure you are in a position to take the HPE0-J68 HPE Storage Solutions exam. The successfull customers have proven that the real HPE0-J68 dumps questions are the best preparation materials, it is highly recommended to choose DumpsBase HPE0-J68 exam questions online.

HPE Storage Solutions (HPE0-J68) is for HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4 certification

HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J68 exam is a hot HPE ASE exam, which tests your knowledge and experience with HPE Storage platforms and products, including the ability to size, design, install, configure, optimize, upgrade, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain HPE storage solutions. It will demonstrate that you can assess business requirements and develop and implement a solution to meet customer needs. 

HPE0-J68 exam is associated with the HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4 certification. This certification validates that you can identify, recommend, and explain HPE Enterprise Storage Solutions architectures and technologies, and translate business requirements into storage solution designs that support applications and data across physical, virtual and cloud environments with a common architecture and converged management. This certification also shows that you can design HPE Backup Solutions including the right Backup, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) strategies for various customer scenarios.

The Path OF Getting HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4 Certification

There are two paths of getting HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4 certification. If you have HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3 (inactive) or  HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator V2 (inactive), you can upgrade to HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4. Just choose to take and pass HPE0-J69 Delta - HPE Storage Solutions first, then go on taking any one of the following tests:

● HPE2-K45 Using HPE SimpliVity

● HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView

If you are new to HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4 certification, please make sure you have HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V2 certification as the prerequisite, then choose to pass HPE0-J68 HPE Storage Solutions certification exam first, then pass HPE2-K45 Using HPE SimpliVity or HPE2-T36 Using HPE OneView. 

HPE Storage Solutions (HPE0-J68) Exam Tests Your Related Skills

Real HPE Storage Solutions (HPE0-J68) contains 60 questions and answers. All the questions validate that you can:

● Foundational storage architectures and technologies  20%

● Functions, features, and capabilities of HPE Storage products, solutions, and warranty service offerings    20%

● Planning and designing HPE Storage solutions   20%

● Installing, configuring, setting up, and validating HPE Storage solutions   20%

● Performance-tuning and optimizing HPE Storage solutions     10%

● Managing, monitoring, operating, and troubleshooting HPE Storage solutions   10%

HPE0-J68 Free Dumps Questions Can Be Checked Online

Real HPE0-J68 Dumps Questions Are Available For Passing HPE Storage Solutions Exam at DumpsBase. You can read HPE0-J68 free dumps online:

Users are complaining about poor performance with their Data Warehouse application.

What is an effective solution to increase their performance at minimal cost?

A. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Flash Cache

B. HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization

C. HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization

D. HPE 3PAR Adaptive Optimization

Answer: B

Which statement describes HPE StoreVirtual Network RAID functionality?

A. Redundancy is managed on a per-volume basis.

B. With Network RAID 10+2 data is striped and mirrored across two or more storage systems.

C. Network RAID 10 requires an even number of storage nodes.

D. Volumes remain available if an odd number of nodes are available.

Answer: A

A customer has a large deployment of HPE Synergy compute modules, HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage, and HPE StoreOnce systems in a single data center. They are concerned about the risk of data loss due to site disaster.

What is the reason to propose HPE CloudBank?

A. To easily move workloads to AWS or Azure in the event of site disaster.

B. To improve RPO/RTO objectives by automating snapshot-based integrating between 3PAR and StoreOnce.

C. To regularly send backups to the cloud for the purposes of DR protection.

D. To leverage 3PAR snapshots and utilize StoreOnce recovery capabilities to minimize data loss and downtime.

Answer: C

An HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000 All-Flash Array customer plans to deploy a secondary array 20 km away from their primary array to enable storage replication over a dark fibre. Their existing environment consists of one HPE Synergy Frame 12000, HPE SN6000B Fibre Channel Switches, HPE FlexFabric 5700 Switch Series, and HPE StoreOnce Systems.

Which HPE license is required to meet the customer’s technical requirements?

A. Intelligent Resilient Framework licenses

B. HPE StoreOnce Replication

C. Extended Fabric

D. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy

Answer: D

A customer needs to be manually map out preferred paths within a multi-switch fabric, based on application ,priority ,and topology, while allowing failover to a non-preferred path if the preferred path fails, Which B-series FC switch functionality should be used to provide this?

A. Quality of services

B. Enhanced group management

C. Frame filtering

D. Traffic isolation Zones

Answer: D

What are two advantages of HPE Recovery Manager Central? (Select two.)

A. Enables automatic transparent failover

B. Less expensive than traditional backup

C. Includes Peer Copy asynchronous replication

D. Manual data provisioning and policy-based copy protection

E. Integration capabilities utilizing HTML

Answer: B,C

A customer need a new storage system for visual desktop infrastructure environment to reduce the time required to provision new desktop.

Which HPE solution should you recommended to fulfill this customers requirements?

A. Snapclones on HPE MSA 2040

B. SmartClone on HPE store virtual VSA(54)

C. Storage pool on HPE store Easy

D. Virtual Copy on HPE 3Par storeServ

Answer: B

A customer currently has a CS1000H and wants to upgrade to a CS3000.

What must be considered before upgrading?

A. This upgrade is disruptive and needs planned downtime.

B. A capacity upgrade to a fully populated array has to be performed first.

C. Timeless storage support is not offered for CS1000H entry-level systems.

D. A controller upgrade to a CS1000F has to be performed first.

Answer: B

You are planning a single-site Nimble solution with iSCSI connectivity. Two 10GbE SFP+ dual port NICs are included in the configuration. You designed an Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) stack with HPE FlexFabric 5900CP switches.

Which statement is correct when discussing the IRF limits for this configuration?

A. When connecting an iSCSI storage to an IRF stack, a minimum of four 10GbE ports must be used per switch.

B. A maximum of two switches can be used in an IRF stack when connecting storage.

C. In an IRF stack with storage connectivity, the 40GbE ports cannot be used.

D. The used IRF ports for iSCSI traffic have to be configured as 10GbE converged ports.

Answer: A

A customer wants to expand his cascaded B-series based SAN but is concerned about latencies within the SAN backend. You recommend changing the topology to a full mesh.

Which switch feature will ensure that the latencies in the backend are at the lowest possible level?





Answer: C