Practice on Change Management Foundation Dumps with Actual Exam Questions and Answers

Shamiyo 09-08-2023

Quite a few clients have inquired about the availability of the Change Management Foundation exam dumps, yes, we DumpsBase have completed and well-designed the Change Management Foundation dumps with actual questions and answers for your preparation. To ensure that you are fully prepared for the Change Management Foundation exam, it's essential to practice with actual questions and answers. DumpsBase offers real APMG-International Change Management Foundation dumps that are updated and closely resemble the real exam. With the help of actual Change Management Foundation exam questions from DumpsBase, you can be confident in your ability to pass the exam on the first attempt.

What is the Change Management Foundation?

We know change is inevitable in any organization, and those who are responsible for managing it must be fully equipped with the necessary skills. The Change Management Foundation certification is aimed at professionals who deal with organizational change, transition, and transformation.

The Change Management Foundation certification is designed for those who are interested in understanding the basic principles of achieving successful organizational change, transition, or transformation. It is also aimed at team members involved in organizational change, transition, or transformation projects, as well as professionals pursuing the Change Management Practitioner certificate, which requires the Change Management Foundation certificate as a prerequisite.

The Change Management Foundation certification covers several key topics, including the process of organizational change or transformation, the roles required to assemble teams for successful change, and strategies for keeping people motivated during the change process. Additionally, the certification teaches about the different types of change processes, how people react to organizational change, and how to help them adapt. Finally, it covers strategies for keeping stakeholders engaged during organizational change.

Practice With Change Management Foundation Dumps

The Change Management Foundation certification is highly valued in today's demanding IT industry. Obtaining the certification is evidence of your expertise and knowledge, and passing the exam demonstrates your dedication to continuous learning. Recruiters often prefer candidates with the Change Management Foundation certification, making it important for career growth and job opportunities. However, finding time for exam preparation can be challenging due to busy schedules and work commitments. DumpsBase offers carefully selected exam questions to help you prepare for the exam efficiently in a short amount of time.

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Which of the following statement about communication approaches that encourage engagement during change are true?

It is helpful to delay communication until all the information is avoiding the risk of misleading people with insufficient data.

An external communications agency should be asked to relay messages when dealing with a difficult change.

A. Only 1 is true

B. Only 2 is the true

C. Both 1 and 2 are true

D. Neither 1 or 2 is true

Answer: D

Which is an engagement level of Mayfield’s stakeholder radar technique?

A. Ideal

B. Required

C. Must have

D. Vital

Answer: B

According to Lewin’s Force-field analysis’ which action needs to occur if an organization desires to make change more quickly?

A. Driving forces need to be decreased

B. Driving forces need to be augmented

C. Restraining forces to be increased

D. Resisting forces need to be increased

Answer: B

Which statement about Senge’s system thinking model is correct?

A. Processes in organizations can either support or limit the effectiveness of change

B. Change can be planned and implemented using an eight-stage model

C. Change must e driven primary by senior sponsors

D. Leadership support is NOT required in the systems thinking model

Answer: A

Which of the following is a purpose of creating a change management plan when preparing for change?

A. Document the set of typically recurring actions that contribute to change readness’

B. Provide a detailed schedule of project and their dependencies

C. Capture of full list of issues to be resolved before change can start

D. Record a list of all the change risks and the responsive actions required.

Answer: D

According to Schein, which approach would decrease learning anxiety?

A. Reminding the stakeholders of all the times they have failed to change

B. Encourage staff to try new things

C. Penalising staff who make mistakes

C. Creating a sense that the organization might fail if the change is NOT made.

Answer: B

According to Tiompenaars and harronden-Turner, which example is a level three basic assumption’ expression of culture?

A. Meeting customer need is more important than profit

B. Senior management grades are entitled to ‘executive’ chairs

C. The team motto is ‘to deliver excellent service’

D. The required behaviors are set out in the employee’s guide

Answer: A

Which of the following statements about the change severity assessment ‘environment’ impact are true?

The amount of other activity happening at the same time as the charge is a factor The common values and behaviors in the organization is a factor.

A. Only1 is true

B. Only 2 is true

C. Both 1 and Z are true

D. Neither 1 or 2 is true

Answer: C

According to Glaser and Glaser, which element of team effectives enables team members to help each other address challenges?

A. Team mission, planning and goal setting.

B. Team roles

C. Team operating processes

D. Team inter-personal relationships

Answer: D

Which management approach is recommended to help people through the neutral zone’ phase of Gridges’ model of human transition?

A. Hold on to established routines wherever possible

B. Reduce gossip by limiting social occasions at work.

C. Direct feedback through the normal line management processes

D. Describe this period as an opportunity to learn

Answer: D