PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam Real DEP-3CR1 Dumps Questions [2022]

Shamiyo 09-02-2022

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Why so many candidates are planning to take the DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam?

DEP-3CR1 exam is for PowerProtect Cyber Recovery (DC) certification. This certification validates the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and the integration with other products and vault design. The DEP-3CR1 exam assesses the knowledge and skills to deploy and manage PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and covers the concepts, features, implementation and administration, and integration with other products. Candidates are eager to pass the DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam to prove that they have the knowledge skills in the PowerProtect Cyber Recovery area. 

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By looking at these DEP-3CR1 dumps questions you can be sure regarding the authenticity of your DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Exam. You'll have the option to take advantage of the chance to practice these DELL EMC DEP-3CR1 dumps questions using demo questions below:

Which Cyber Recovery REST API section allows a user to create log bundles?

A. Notifications

B. Actions

C. Systems

D. Authentication

Answer: A

Which operating system is supported when installing Cyber Recovery as an application?

A. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12SP 3

B. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12SP 5

C. CentOS Linux 7SP 3

D. CentOS Linux 7SP 5

Answer: A

While performing the post-checks for a newly restored Avamar server from the CR Vault, which Avamar command needs to be run to configure the Avamar management console?

A. mcserver.sh--mccli

B. av maint-mccli

C. dpnctl_mccli

D. avsetup_mccli

Answer: D

Which TCP port is used to upload or download the Docker container image?

A. 14779

B. 14780

C. 14777

D. 14778

Answer: C

What should the solution architect used to determine a customer's Cyber Sense server requirements based on their environment?

A. Index Engines site

B. Sizing Calculator

C. Workload calculator

D. Cyber Recovery product guide

Answer: D

What are the possible connection states of the CR Vault?

A. Acked, Unlocked, Unknown, Secured, and Downgraded

B. Open, Locked, Secured, Promoted, and Unknown

C. Degraded, Down, Up, Running, and Maintenance

D. Locked, Unlocked, Unknown, Secured, and Degraded

Answer: A

Which statement is true for a policy?

A. Only multiple sequenced actions can be run

B. Sync and Lock actions are unable to run concurrently

C. Only single actions can be run

D. A policy can only be modified by the cr so user

Answer: B

What is the result of running the ie restart-r command?

A. the Cyber Sense v App is restarted

B. the Cyber Sense software is unpacked

C. the docker containers are removed and created

D. the docker image is successfully loaded

Answer: B

What are the required components of a CR Vault Environment?

A. Power Protect DD, Dedicated Network, and CR management host

B. NTP, Cyber Recovery management host, and DNS

C. Network connection, DNS, and Power Protect DD

D. DNS, Power Protect DD, and NTP

Answer: A

Before performing a NetWorker recovery, what command needs to be run to determine the UID required?

A. crcli policy show-n{Policy_Name}

B. crcli policy show-p{Policy_Name}

C. crcli policy get-n{Policy_Name}

D. crcli policy get-p{Policy_Name}

Answer: A