Pass HPE0-S59 Exam With Real Dumps For HPE ASE - Compute Solutions V1 Certification

Shamiyo 09-22-2022

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Information About DumpsBase HPE0-S59 Dumps

Exam Code: HPE0-S59

Exam Name: HPE Compute Solutions

Exam Version: V8.02

Exam Q&As: 60

Certification: HPE ASE - Compute Solutions V1

Exam Language: English

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DumpsBase believes in customer satisfaction and is committed to helping candidates in HPE Compute Solutions certification HPE0-S59 exam preparation and success. The DumpsBase HPE0-S59 dumps are valid, these HPE0-S59 exam questions will surely repeat in the upcoming HPE Compute Solutions HPE0-S59 exam and you can easily pass the final exam with good scores. 

What is the HPE0-S59 HPE Compute Solutions certification exam?

DumpsBase has committed to ace the HPE0-S59 exam preparation and enables you to pass the HPE0-S59 exam with good scores. But before getting the real HPE0-S59 dumps from DumpsBase, you need to know what is the HPE0-S59 HPE Compute Solutions certification exam. HPE0-S59 exam is for the HPE ASE - Compute Solutions V1 certification. This certification validates that you know how to plan and design HPE compute solutions based on industry-standard computing technologies and workloads and demonstrate implementation expertise of HPE compute solutions within a customer environment.

How to earn the HPE ASE - Compute Solutions V1 certification? 

Candidates who have the HPE ASE - Server Solutions Architect V4 (inactive) or the HPE ASE - Composable Infrastructure Integrator V1 (inactive), can choose to pass the HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Compute Solutions exam to upgrade to the HPE ASE - Compute Solutions V1 certification. 

Candidates who are new to the HPE ASE - Compute Solutions V1 certification must meet the following requirements:

Prerequisite: (Must have one of the following certifications)

● HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V2

● HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V1 (inactive)

Requirement 1: Pass the HPE0-S59 HPE Compute Solutions exam

Requirement 2: Pass one of the following exams

● HPE2-T37 Using HPE OneView

● HPE2-N69 Using HPE AI and Machine Learning

● HPE2-N68 Using HPE Containers

If you are a candidate for the HPE0-S59 exam, you need to know that the HPE0-S59 exam validates your ASE level technical skills regarding HPE compute solutions. Successful candidates will demonstrate knowledge of design principles and implementation expertise of HPE compute solutions within a customer environment. Real HPE0-S59 exam contains 60 questions, candidates will answer all these questions and answers in 90 minutes. 

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Which statement about manual orchestration during the firmware update is true?

A. It is supported only for logical enclosures with at least three frames

B. It provides an ability to select and update one side of the Interconnect topology at a time

C. It provides the ability to install an older firmware version than currently Installed In the interconnect

D. It allows all the interconnect modules to be activated manually at the same time.

Answer: B

Your customer added a new Ethernet network in HPE Oneview mat is used to manage their HPE Synergy platform.

When the customer tries to connect one of the compute nodes to this network through the server profile, this network is not available.

What must be done to fix this issue?

A. Check the Logical Enclosure settings and verify if the maximum number of networks allowed for this LE is reached.

B. To make this network available to use in the server profile, the customer must enable the Smart Link feature within network definition.

C. The newly created network must be added to the uplink set within the LIG, and Logical interconnect configuration must be updated from the LIG.

D. Check within the server profile which server hardware is used and perform the Refresh operation on this compute node to get the latest adapter information.

Answer: C

Which compute node parameters are captured within server hardware type?

A. Number of the CPUs

B. installed operating system

C. Mezzanine card configuration

D. Size of the memory Installed

Answer: B

Which statement about login redistribution is true?

A. Login redistribution is available only If HPE Primera or HPE Alletra is connected directly to the HPE Synergy frame

B. Login redistribution is a licensed feature and the number of licenses required depends on the number of active ports

C. Login redistribution is supported only on the HPE Synergy Virtual Connect SE 32Gb FC Modules

D. Login redistribution is used for login balancing when they are not distributed evenly over the FC links

Answer: C

An administrator tries to open iLO interlace from HPE OneView Instead of being automatically logged in a login prompt displays

Where should you start the troubleshooting process?

A. At the iLO interface to verify whether the ILO Advanced license is properly applied

B. At HPE OneView Interface to verify whether the server is In the maintenance mode

C. At the iLO interface to verify whether the SSO certificate is removed from an iLO.

D. At HPE OneView Interface to verify whether the iLO processor is disabled

Answer: A

Which statement about HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus platform is true?

A. It is equipped with HPE Persistent memory by default

B. It can support a single processor only and up to 4 per chassis

C. It is fully managed using HPE OneView including all connections

D. It offers servers with AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs

Answer: B

You need to configure a RoCE network to enable lossless networking for HPE J2000 Flash Enclosure support Which interconnects are required to support this connection? (Select two.)

A. HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for HPE Synergy

B. HPE Virtual Connect SE 16Gb FC Module for HPE Synergy

C. HPE Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Module for HPE Synergy

D. HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb FC Module for HPE Synergy

E. Brocade 16Gb Fibfe Channel SAN Switch Module for HPE Synergy

F. Brocade 32Gb Fibre Channel SAN Switch Module for HPE Synergy

Answer: B,D

A logical interconnect group can span on multiple HPE Synergy frames for which interconnect type?

A. Brocade 32GB Fibre Channel Switch Module for HPE Synergy

B. HPE virtual Connect SE 32 Gb FC Module for Synergy

C. HPE Virtual Connect SE 100 Gb F32 Module tor Synergy

D. HPE Synergy 12 Gb SAS Connection Module

Answer: C

Your customer wants to add dedicated Fibre Channel connectivity to the HPE Synergy frame running HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 compute modules, each with one CPU socket populated Currently they use two 12 Gb SAS switches and two HPE Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Modules for HPE Synergy installed in third fabric.

What must be done to enable dedicated FC connectivity for this HPE Synergy frame?

A. A second CPU must be installed for all HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 compute nodes.

B. For Brocade switches, a logical interconnect group must be created in HPE OneView.

C. For VC-FC modules, all of server facing ports must be property licensed.

D. SAS switches must be moved to second fabric and FC modules Installed in the first one.

Answer: D

Which statement about the HPE D3940 storage module is true?

A. SATA drives requires redundant 10 adapters to be installed in this module

B. Up to five modules can be installed in a single frame with Gen10 servers

C. it is configured through CLl available from HPE Synergy console

D. Only one type of drives (SATA, SAS, SSD) can be installed in each module

Answer: C