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Shamiyo 12-16-2021

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HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-527-ENU Exam Is A Part OF Huawei Cloud Certification

Nowadays, cloud computing technology is evolving very quickly. For a company or vendor offering cloud expertise or doing cloud development, their employees that are “cloud certified” signifies not only a commitment to knowledge excellence, but a deeper understand of cloud offerings as compared to their non-certified peers. Huawei Cloud Computing certification is one part of Huawei Cloud certification under the category of Huawei Cloud Service & Platform, which requires to complete the HCIA-Cloud Computing, HCIP-Cloud Computing and HCIE-Cloud Computing successfully.

HCIP-Cloud Computing certification is the professional level, which requires candidates to have the HCIA-Cloud Computing certification in advanced. The HCIP-Cloud Computing certified will be able to deploy and manage Huawei FusionSphere cloud operating system and FusionAccess desktop solution. Additionally, besides completing the HCIA-Cloud Computing certification, candidates are required to be familiar with operation system basic knowledge and applications, server basic knowledge and applications, network security basic knowledge and applications, storage basic knowledge and applications, and virtualization basic knowledge.

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The current version of HCIP-Cloud Computing certification exam is V4.0. It is required to candidates to complete H13-527 exam for achieving HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 certification. HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 exam need to be registered at Pearson VUE. But you can find there are two exam codes while registering:

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Huawei HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-527-ENU Exam Dumps Updated To Ensure Your Success

Based on the exam outline, the HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 exam requires candidates to be familiar with the following content:

● Technical principles and troubleshooting methods of FusionCompute and FusionAccess

● Overview of Huawei server virtualization, compute virtualization, network virtualization, and storage virtualization technologies

● O & M and troubleshooting of server virtualization products

● Overview of the Huawei desktop solution

● Desktop cloud architecture

● Concepts and provisioning of linked clone desktops and full copy desktops

● O & M and troubleshooting of desktop cloud systems

Huawei HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-527-ENU Exam Dumps have been updated according to the exam outline, which ensure that you can pass the exam successfully. Valid H13-527-ENU exam dumps offered by the DumpsBase are one of the finest and top rated HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 certification exam that should allow you to in passing the exam on the 1st try. Updated H13-527-ENU dumps of DumpsBase includes the top 100% real H13-527-ENU exam questions and answers which unquestionably guarantees your results inside the HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 certification exam. 

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If Tools are not installed on the virtual machine on FusionCompute, which of the following functions can be implemented?

A. Create a virtual machine snapshot

B. Virtual machine live migration

C. Safely shut down the virtual machine

D. Configure an IP address for the virtual machine 

Answer: D

The large page memory of the host is configured in FusionComute, which can optimize the efficiency of host internal training access and improve system performance.



Answer: A

FusionCompute is a basic component in FusionSphere, which is mainly responsible for the virtualization of hardware resources and the centralized management of virtual resources, business resources, and user resources.



Answer: A

The storage resources in FusionCompute correspond to IP-SAN, FC-SAN, NAS, FusionStorage and local hard drives.



Answer: B

After FusionCompute sets HA resource reservation, when the cluster resources are extremely tight, the reserved resources will be preferentially allocated to virtual machines to ensure the normal operation of the business.



Answer: B

Which of the following descriptions about FusionCompute memory reuse is incorrect?

A. The FusionCompute system turns on the memory reuse technology by default, and can only be turned off using the command line in the background.

B. Memory replacement technology is to dump the data that has not been accessed for a long time in the memory to the hard disk, and then read it when needed.

C. Memory sharing allows multiple virtual machines to share memory pages with the same data content.

D. Memory reuse technology can reduce hardware procurement costs.

Answer: A

In FusionCompute, when the virtual machine's disk mode is in subordinated type, which of the following descriptions is correct?

A. The subordinated disk is not included in the snapshot, and the changes will be written to the disk immediately and will become invalid after restart.

B. The subordinated disk is not included in the snapshot, and the changes will be written to the disk immediately and permanently.

C. The subordinated disk is included in the snapshot, and the changes will be written to the disk immediately and permanently.

D. The subordinated disk is included in the snapshot, and the changes will be written to the disk immediately and become invalid after restart.

Answer: C

Which of the following disk modes can be used to store user personal data and be shared among multiple virtual machines like a USB flash drive?

A. Normal

B. Independent - non-persistent

C. Independence - Enduring

D. Subordination

Answer: C

What is the incorrect description about virtio?

A. Compared to full analog devices, virtio has better performance.

B. The use of virtio devices requires the installation of special device drivers.

C. The virtio drivers of FusionCompute are all included in Tools.

D. When I/O is frequent, the server CPU usage rate is high.

Answer: B

Which memory reuse technology can reclaim physical memory temporarily not used by virtual machines and allocate them to virtual machines that need to reuse memory?

A. Memory bubbles

B. Memory replacement

C. Memory transparent huge pages

D. Memory sharing

Answer: A

Which of the following descriptions about storage hot migration is wrong?

A. Support the migration of non-persistent disks.

B. Support for real-time migration of virtual machine disks without affecting user usage, so that planned storage maintenance and storage migration can be performed without interrupting business.

C. Storage hot migration can be migrated between different storage devices within the same storage device under storage virtualization management.

D. It does not support hot migration of mounted " shared " disks and disks of linked clone virtual machines.

Answer: A

In FusionCompute, which of the following descriptions of virtual machine templates is incorrect?

A. The virtual machine is cloned as a template: After the cloning is completed, the virtual machine can still be used normally.

B. Template cloning as template: After cloning is completed, the original template still exists.

C. Convert the virtual machine to a template: After the conversion, the virtual machine can still be used normally.

D. Import template: Some parameter settings can be adjusted to make it slightly different from the local virtual machine template.

Answer: C

In the FusionCompute system, which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

A. If it is bound to a USB device, the virtual machine cannot be migrated to another host.

B. Virtual machine export is a kind of virtual machine hot migration.

C. If the " Bind with selected host " option is not checked, the virtual machine will not be able to add pass-through devices.

D. Support the migration of virtual machines across clusters.

Answer: B

When FusionCompute converts the template to a virtual machine, the attributes such as the operating system type and version number of the virtual machine are inherited from the template, and the attributes such as the number of CPUs can be customized.



Answer: B

On FusionCompute, the premise that the DP M function is available is that the BMC information of the host is configured.



Answer: A