OutSystems Certification Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) Exam Pass - Use Architecture Specialist 11 Real Exam Dumps

Shamiyo 11-21-2023

Are you a student or professional looking to enhance your skills and boost your career prospects with the OutSystems certifications? OutSystems has recently introduced two new certifications that can help you stand out in the competitive tech industry:

● Architecture Specialist

● Professional Platform Ops Engineer

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Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) Certification Overviews

With the help of DumpsBase Architecture Specialist 11 exam dumps, you can prepare for the Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) exam with ease and confidence. However, before downloading the Architecture Specialist 11 dumps from DumpsBase, you must know the certification overviews of the Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) certification in detail.

What is the Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11)?

The Architecture Specialist (OutSystems 11) certification emphasizes the core principles of designing OutSystems Architecture. It is aimed at developers or architects who possess a level of independence in creating a robust OutSystems Architecture, with a focus on scalability and the goal of promoting an effective and sustainable application lifecycle. This certification serves as a significant milestone in your path toward becoming an OutSystems Professional Developer and/or Architect.

What are the details for Architecture Specialist certification?

To be eligible for the Architecture Specialist 11 exam and earn the OutSystems Architecture Specialization certification, you need to have the Associate Reactive Developer Certification as a prerequisite. The Architecture Specialist 11 exam consists of 30 questions and has a duration of 90 minutes. The exam assesses your practical knowledge and ability to handle scenarios that validate your professional experience. Each question has a single correct answer and incorrect answers do not impact your final score. To pass, you need to achieve a minimum score of 70%.

What objectives will be tested in the actual Architecture Specialist 11 exam?

The Architecture Specialist 11 exam evaluates the core principles of OutSystems application Architecture, including Architecture Canvas, design process and verification, architecture patterns, application composition, and style guide architecture.

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