New PEGACPDC88V1 Dumps are Available - Compare All Pegasystems Version 8.7 with Version 8.8

Shamiyo 08-29-2023

In today's fast-paced world, businesses need professionals who can quickly learn and adapt to new data for better decision-making. Pegasystems certifications and exams provide professionals with the tools they need to automate across systems and channels, streamline the total experience, and continuously innovate. We recently completed three Pegasystems exams based on the version 8.8 as listed:

● PEGACPDC88V1 Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1

● PEGACPSA88V1 Certified Pega System Architect (V8.8)

● PEGACPDS88V1 Certified Pega Data Scientist 8.8

The Pegasystems PEGACPDC88V1 exam for Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant certification is particularly noteworthy. Newly available PEGACPDC88V1 exam dumps can help professionals prepare for the Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1 exam and become certified Pega Decisioning Consultants. We DumpsBase understand your worries and have collected the correct PEGACPDC88V1 dumps questions to help you start learning. We guarantee that if you choose DumpsBase’s exam dumps for the preparation materials, you can achieve the success you want.

Pegasystems Certifications and Exams: Empowering

Pegasystems certifications and exams are designed to empower professionals to become certified Pega Decisioning Consultants, Pega System Architects, and Pega Data Scientists. These certifications not only demonstrate a professional's expertise in the Pega platform but also provide them with the skills and knowledge to automate processes, manage variations, and adapt instantly for continuous innovation.

Certified Pega Decisioning Consultants can learn how to build and implement decision strategies that optimize customer interactions across channels. Certified Pega System Architects can design and build scalable and secure Pega applications that meet business needs. Certified Pega Data Scientists can learn how to use predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize business outcomes.

How Many Pegasystems Certifications and Exams are Available Online Currently?

Pega Academy™ has successfully cultivated a global community comprising numerous Pega Certified Professionals, united by their dedicated pursuit of excellence in enhancing the efficacy of Pega solutions. The inception of the Professional Certification Program is aimed at validating that individuals possess the requisite skills and comprehensive knowledge necessary to play a pivotal role in ensuring the triumph of Pega implementations and deployments. This attestation underscores their capacity to significantly contribute to the accomplishment of successful Pega projects.

Currently, there are 7 Pegasystems certifications available for choosing. Each certification has two exams based on different versions.

Certified Pega Business Architect

The Certified Pega Business Architect certification examination serves as a validation mechanism to affirm that a certified professional, engaged in the design and development of a Pega application, possesses foundational and imperative Pega skills and knowledge. These competencies are essential for ensuring the prosperous execution of Pega projects.

Certified Pega System Architect

The Certified Pega System Architect professional certification track is tailored for developers and technical personnel seeking to acquire expertise in Pega application development. This certification offers a foundational assessment of your comprehension of the Pega Platform, serving as a benchmark to gauge your proficiency in this domain.

Certified Pega Senior System Architect

The Certified Pega Senior System Architect certification examination is designed for individuals already holding the Certified Pega System Architect credential, who aspire to further enhance their Pega expertise. This certification affirms your capability to leverage Pega for designing and constructing solutions that exhibit reusability across diverse lines of business.

Pega Lead System Architecture

The Pega Certified Lead System Architect certification is tailored for individuals holding the Certified Pega Senior System Architect designation and possessing a minimum of 36 months of practical experience. It marks a transition to an advanced level of expertise in developing Pega-centric applications. The Pega Architecture Exam represents the initial component of a two-part examination series requisite for obtaining the Pega Certified Lead System Architect certification. Successful accomplishment of the Pega Architecture exam is a prerequisite for progressing to the subsequent stage, which is the Lead System Architect Application Build examination.

Certified Pega Robotics System Architect

The Certified Pega Robotics System Architect exam is tailored for software developers and system architects who have fulfilled the prerequisite Robotics training. This examination is purposefully crafted to authenticate competencies, expertise, and responsibilities pertinent to automating Robotic solutions.

Certified Pega Data Scientist

The Certified Pega Data Scientist certification is designed for data scientists seeking to familiarize themselves with the requisite skills and knowledge essential for effectively implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Pega Customer Decision Hub and Pega Customer Service environments.

Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant

The Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant certification is intended for professionals actively engaged in the planning and creation of Pega Decision Management or Customer Decision Hub solutions. The proficiencies and knowledge domains necessary for these roles serve as the foundational elements for the certification examination.