New Nutanix NCP-MCA Exam Dumps [2022] - Overviews of NCP-MCA Exam

Shamiyo 02-09-2022

NCP-MCA Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation (NCP-MCA) 5 Exam is a hot Nutanix Certified Professional certification exam. Most candidates choose to be a NCP-MCA certified to prove themselves because of obtaining the core expertise of the Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation to increase your probabilities of obtaining a high-level secure job. But how to pass the Nutanix NCP-MCA certification exam? New Nutanix NCP-MCA exam dumps of DumpsBase are available online with actual NCP-MCA questions and answers, which must be the best preparation materials online to make sure that you can learn all the NCP-MCA practice exam questions well and pass actual NCP-MCA 5 exam successfully. 

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What are the overviews of NCP-MCA Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation exam?

As a professional platform, we do not only provide you with new Nutanix NCP-MCA exam dumps, but also collect the exam details of NCP-MCA Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation (NCP-MCA) 5 Exam for reading and understanding. All Nutanix certification exams are divided into four levels, including associate level, professional level, master level and expert level. Nutanix NCP-MCA exam is one professional exam, which tests that candidates are comfortable with principles of automation, as well as the automation of infrastructure and single/multi-tiered applications within the Nutanix platform. The actual Nutanix NCP-MCA exam contains 75 questions, candidates are required to answer all these real multiple choice and multiple response questions in 120 minutes. 

Candidates choose to be a NCP-MCA certified to understand IT automation and how Nutanix multicloud solutions help to automate infrastructure and applications. Candidates for the NCP-MCA 5 certification will understand how to design single and multi-tiered applications and will be able to incorporate manual tasks in the automation process. While answering actual NCP-MCA Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation (NCP-MCA) 5 Exam, you need to make sure that you have mastered the objectives as listed:

Section 1 – Describe and Differentiate Automation Concepts and Principles

Section 2 – Deploy and Configure Calm and Related Components

Section 3 – Validate Blueprints, Playbooks, and Automation Settings

New NCP-MCA exam dumps are based on the objectives, which could be the best preparation. Below are the NCP-MCA free dumps as the demo which you can check before getting new Nutanix NCP-MCA exam dumps questions.

Prism Central reporting indicates that there are multiple memory-constrained VMs in multiple clusters. The target VMs have Memory Hot Add enabled.

Using X-Play, in what order should the Playbook actions be added to ensure the VMs are properly remediated?

A. VM add Memory, Take a VM Snapshot, Resolve Alert

B. Take a VM Snapshot, Power Off VM, VM Add Memory, Resolve Alert, Power on VM

C. Take a VM Snapshot, VM add Memory, Resolve Alert

D. Power off VM, Take a VM Snapshot, VM add Memory, Resolve Alert

Answer: B

A blueprint service needs to use scaling. 

The requirements are:

Windows 2019 VM (12 vCPU, 24 GB memory, 500 GB volume)

Minimum VMs needed at any time and at time of deployment is 2 VMs

VMs should not exceed the project quota of 100 vCPUs or 300 GB of memory

There are no other services in use within the project

Which scaling VM replica settings meet all requirements?

A. MIN: 2, MAX: 11, Default: 2

B. MIN: 2, MAX: 7, Default: 2

C. MIN: 2, MAX: 10, Default: 1

D. MIN: 2, MAX: 8, Default: 1

Answer: D

Which feature of Calm allows for the creation of task-based automation against dynamic lists of Windows or Linux VMs?

A. Projects

B. Blueprints

C. Playbooks

D. Runbooks

Answer: D

An administrator needs to configure a Prism Central automation task to be notified if production VMs exceed the CPU threshold of 70%.

How can this be achieved?

A. Create an NCC alert based on performance data.

B. Create an Alert policy for Category Env:Production.

C. Create an Alert policy for all VMs.

D. Create a script from the Guest OS for the alert.

Answer: B

Which two groups of operations can a Prism Admin or Super Admin role perform? (Choose two.)

A. Create, read, automate, or delete an action template in the action gallery

B. Create, read, update, or delete an action template in the action gallery

C. Create, read, automate, delete, enable, and run playbooks

D. Create, read, update, delete, enable, and run playbooks

Answer: B,D

What are two valid trigger types available for executing Playbooks? (Choose two.)

A. Manual

B. Alert

C. Report

D. Audit

Answer: A,B

An administrator had provided Linux VM console access to the OS Team. However, the team is unable to access one of the newly-created Linux VMs.

How can the administrator resolve this issue?

A. Create a local user in Linux OS and provide access to the OS Team.

B. Provide Prism Admin access to the OS Team Active Directory Group.

C. Create a role for the OS Team Active Directory Group and add the VMs to it.

D. Assign new VMs to a category and provide category access to the OS Team.

Answer: C

An Application team has provided an administrator the following high level requirements for infrastructure they require:

5 Application VMs

2 Database VMs

2 Web VMs

Which two pieces of information are needed, at a minimum, to effectively automate the scaling of the environment? (Choose two.)

A. SLA uptime of the application

B. Steady state resource utilization

C. Expected resource utilization under load

D. If the application needs to be highly available

Answer: A,C

An administrator manages a Nutanix cluster with 630 VMs, all of which are in production.

The Accounting department wants to be notified when any of their production VMs exceed 90% CPU usage or 90% memory usage. 

Their VMs are categorized as LOB: Accounting.

How should the administrator satisfy this request from the Accounting department?

A. Direct the VM users to generate alerts within the affected VMs.

B. Create a dashboard in Prism Central with the CPU Usage.

C. Create a category named Department with the value Accounting.

D. Create an Alert with the Accounting category assigned.

Answer: D