New SVC-19A Dumps For Apple Service Fundamentals Exam

Shamiyo 03-05-2020

Yesterday, one customer made an order for SVC-16A Apple Service Fundamentals Exam. However, SVC-16A exam is not long available any more. Currently, you need to complete SVC-18A or SVC-19A for your Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2019 certification. We newly released SVC-19A exam dumps on 3/3/2020, it is so lucky that we send the new Apple Service Fundamentals Exam instead. New SVC-19A dumps was written by the professional team, who collected all real SVC-19A exam questions based on the exam objectives. More, they spent a lot time answeing all these questions and, they have verified and proven that SVC-19A exam dumps is valid. We highly recommend that new SVC-19A dumps is great for your Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2019 certification. More, to avoid the same mistake, we will collect the latest information of AppleCare service certifications for all.

AppleCare service certifications have 2019 certification programs for iOS technicians and Mac technicians

Apple certifications are designed for individuals interested in becoming Apple service technicians, help desk, desktop support, or Macintosh consultants who need all-around experience in servicing Macintosh computers. In all Apple certification programs, AppleCare is responsible for service and support of Apple products. Currently, AppleCare service certifications have 2019 certification programs for iOS technicians and Mac technicians. This includes the Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) certification, Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) certification, and individual product qualifications. They verifiy that you understand operational safety and have the skills to repair and troubleshoot iOS and/or macOS devices. 

Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT)

Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2019 is a program to become Apple-certified as an iOS technician. To get this certification, you need to pass the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-19A or SVC-18A) and the ACiT 2019 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-19A). Currently, all these three exams are available at Pearson VUE. By the way, you need to pay more attention, you should complete the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-19A or SVC-18A) first, then go on for the ACiT 2019 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-19A). 

Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT)

AppleCare Mac Technician (ACMT) 2019 is a new version of the Apple Certified Mac Technician certification. Also, you need to pass two exams for the ACMT 2019 certification.  First, pass Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-19A or SVC-18A) successfully, then complete ACMT 2019 Mac Service Certification Exam (MAC-19A). 

Apple Service Fundamentals Exam is required for both the Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2019 and AppleCare Mac Technician (ACMT) 2019. So if you have completed AppleCare Mac Technician (ACMT) 2019 certification, you just need to complete iOS-19A exam for ACiT 2019. The same, if you have completed the Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) 2019, you juest need to pass the MAC-19A for ACMT 2019. 

New SVC-19A Dumps is great for Apple Service Fundamentals Exam

Apple Service Fundamentals Exam SVC-19A is very important for your AppleCare certifications. New SVC-19A dumps is great, which can be your valid preparation materials for Apple Service Fundamentals Exam. We have collected 70 practice exam questions and answers in new SVC-19A dumps. You can practice them with the pdf file and free software. PDF version is a file which you can print out to read and study all the SVC-19A dumps questions anywhere, and you can also use mobile phone to study them. It is very convenient. And software is a simulation version, you can test SVC-19A questions in real exam environment. It is free. 

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Which of the following is a valid ESD safety precaution?

A. You should place ESD-sensitive circuits on top of metal work surfaces.

B. Keep ion generators away from circuit board or assembly containing ESD-sensitive circuits.

C. Do not wear polyester clothing while working on ESD sensitive components.

D. Always handle logic board by grasping the heat sinks.

Answer: C

A computer service technician says, "I don't use ESD precautions and have never had a problem." 

Which of the following is the correct response to this statement?

A. ESD damage may not appear immediately.

B. ESD happens only to inexperienced technicians.

C. ESD only occurs in very rare circumstances.

D. ESD damage is really not as bad as everyone thinks.

Answer: C

Which of the following statements are correct when considering the effects of ESD damage on a given product? (Choose two.)

A. ESD damage might immediately affect the equipment.

B. ESD damage presents itself within an hour of discharge.

C. ESD damage invariably prevents equipment from powering on.

D. Not all internal assemblies with circuit boards are ESD sensitive.

E. ESD damage might only show itself as an intermittent failure at a later time.

Answer: AD

Which equipment is used to check if an AC power outlet is properly grounded?

A. A conductive workbench mat

B. A ground polarity tester

C. A grounding cord with alligator clips

D. A nylon probe tool (black stick)

Answer: C

After iCloud Backup has been turned on, iCloud can automatically back up the iOS device each day over Wi-Fi.

Which of the following criteria must be met before these daily backups can be made automatically?

A. iTunes is open on the host computer.

B. The iOS device is plugged into the host computer via USB.

C. The iOS device is in Airplane Mode.

D. The iOS device is connected to a power source.

Answer: D

Which of the following features of iOS require an Apple ID to use?

A. Maps

B. Game Center

C. Siri

D. Split View

Answer: B

April states she would like to use the cellular network from her iPhone to access the Internet for free on her Mac.

What true statement can you give April?

A. "Personal Hotspot can come with additional charges. You should contact your carrier."

B. "You must enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone before the feature can work for free."

C. "Personal Hotspot only works on CDMA networks."

D. "Personal Hotspot is a great way to access the Internet for free!"

Answer: A

Which of the following are required to setup iTunes backup with an iPhone 8? (–°hoose two.)

A. Encrypted volume on Mac or PC

B. Lightning to USB Cable

C. iCloud account

D. Computer compatible with iTunes

E. iTunes Store account

Answer: CE

In which of the following circumstances should a technician ensure that he or she is grounded to minimize ESD?

A. The technician is conducting a current test on a device.

B. The technician is working on a device that is plugged in to AC power.

C. The technician is cleaning the display on a device after reassembly.

D. The technician is replacing a circuit board inside a device.

Answer: D