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New 810-440 DTBAA dumps is released for clearing Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach exam. DumpsBase updated Cisco 810-440 exam dumps on July 16, 2019. 810-440 Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach dumps is much effective. If you prepare for Cisco 810-440 test with DumpsBase 810-440 exam dumps then we assure you 100% passing guarantee.

810-440 Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach exam is one of Cisco certification exams, which tests knowledge and skills of candidates as it relates to:

● Roles related to a Cisco Business Architecture lead sales process

● Specific responsibilities of a business architect

● Customer journey

● Customer credibility and rapport

Three Main Cisco Certifications

Cisco Business Architecture Analyst

Cisco Business Architecture Analyst is a certification program that prepares IT and line-of-business professionals to build and strengthen the bridge between technology solutions and critical business needs. There is no prerequisite for Cisco Business Architecture Analyst certification. It is the first step in preparing candidates to serve as trusted advisors who can engage customers and lead them through their digital transformation.

Required Exam: 810-440 Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA)

Cisco Business Architecture Specialist

Cisco Business Architecture Specialist is a certification program that picks up from the Business Architecture Analyst certification to continue your journey to becoming a full-fledged Business Architect. If you are planning for Cisco Business Architecture Specialist certification, you need to get valid Cisco Business Architecture Analyst (810-440) certification as a prerequisite. This certification continues the candidate's journey toward Business Architect.

Required Exam: 820-445 Applying Cisco Business Architecture Techniques (DTBAS)

Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner

The Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner is a certification program that builds and extends the skills inherent in the Cisco Business Architect. Valid Cisco Business Architecture Specialist certification can act as a prerequisite of Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner certification. Business Architecture Practitioners will demonstrate mastery of the tools and techniques that are essential to successful transformative business engagements. This certification is the ultimate destination of the Cisco Business Architect.

Required Exam: 840-450 Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline (DTBAD)

Above are the three main Cisco certifications that 810-440 exam covers. Actually, 810-440 Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA) exam is the requirment for most Cisco Speciailst certifications.

Cisco 810-440 Exam Details

810-440 Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach (DTBAA) exam is available in English and Japanese. It is a 90-minute, 55-65 question assessment.

New 810-440 Exam Dumps 

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During a business lead engagement, which role of the aspiring Cisco Business Architect is true?
A. to be more business focused
B. dedicated to running proof of value
C. to be more technology focused
D. to promote the business lead approach with other line of business
Answer: C

Which role has direct responsibility for the customer relationship?
A. Account Manager
B. Technical Solutions Architect
C. Business Architect
D. Systems Engineer
Answer: A

Which role is most important for engaging with the customer from a business perspective?
A. Systems Engineer
B. Technical Solutions Architect
C. Business Architect
D. Account Manager
Answer: C

Which role of a Project Sponsor is true?
A. stakeholder or stakeholders who have influence on the relationship between other stakeholders and the person delivering the message.
B. stakeholder or stakeholders who have the ultimate decision-making authority and influence
C. stakeholder or stakeholders for whom the decision may either directly or indirectly impact
D. stakeholder or stakeholders who have requested the communication
Answer: D

Which two activities are part of the business architect role? (Choose two.)
A. Respond to RFPs.
B. Develop bill of materials.
C. Engage with business leaders.
D. Coordinate customer technical proof of concepts.
E. Develop a customer business roadmap.
Answer: CD

Which value does Cisco Business Architecture provide to the account team?
A. Focus on discussing technical solutions
B. Establish preferred partner and vendor status.
C. Provide product updates proactively.
D. Increase post-sales support opportunities.
Answer: B

Which goal of the Cisco business architect in a business architecture engagement is true?
A. Lead post-sales technical support
B. Gain experience in developing low-level designs.
C. Convey Cisco relevancy to business capabilities and solutions.
D. Provide Cisco specific technology solutions.
Answer: A

Which advantage is gained from engaging with senior IT and LoB leadership of the Cisco Business Architecture approach?
A. to describe the latest product features offered
B. to position technology
C. to demonstrate the latest product features
D. to gain an understanding of their business
Answer: D

Which value does Cisco Business Architecture provide to the account team?
A. increased deferred revenue pipeline
B. hands-off approach to customer engagement
C. cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
D. technology-focused discussions with customer
Answer: C

Which two customer benefits of a Cisco Business Architecture engagement are true? (Choose two.)
A. It increases IT complexity.
B. It associates business value with defined business outcomes.
C. It ensures that solutions are aligned with long-term business strategy
D. It increases technology spend.
E. It provides a technology-centric approach to business problems.
Answer: BC

Within the Cisco Business Architecture, which three factors are considered by organizations when they execute on strategy? (Choose three.)
A. execution, timeframe, outcome
B. environment, resources, timeframe
C. environment, execution, resources
D. environment, timeframe, vision
E. execution, strategy, vision
Answer: B