NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam New SuiteFoundation Dumps Questions

Shamiyo 11-01-2021

To meet the requirements of NetSuite candidates, new SuiteFoundation dumps questions are available providing with actual SuiteFoundation exam questions and answers to ensure that you can pass NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam. The powerful SuiteFoundation dumps coming with 66 practice exam questions, as the top resource for preparation, could help you learn and answer the exam questions first before taking actual NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam. With new SuiteFoundation dumps questions, you can very easily pass the SuiteFoundation exam as SuiteFoundation dumps offer you the detailed evaluation to the each SuiteFoundation exam details. 

What is NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam exactly?

Currently, the demand of NetSuite experts is growing repidly. More and more companies are looking for professionals who have validated NetSuite expertise for seeing more effective deployments and a greater return on their investment. NetSuite SuiteFoundation Exam is the foundational-level exam, which confirms that you have the foundational knowledge necessary to navigate around the NetSuite system and understand core NetSuite functionality. Also, it could be the prerequisite of getting the higher level NetSuite certifications. 

SuiteFoundation exam is a proctored exam, which requires you answer 66 multiple-choice questions in 80 minutes. The holder can work with the NetSuite product and has a basic understanding of the following concepts and features which are covered on the exam:

● Features and standard modules (i.e., CRM, ERP)

● Company and user preferences

● Relationship of users, roles and permissions

● Customization options of the user interface

● Dashboards, reports, and searches

● Standard record types and how they are structured

● NetSuite product release process

What are the main exam sections of SuiteFoundation exam?

New SuiteFoundation dumps questions provided by DumpsBase cover every subject of the SuiteFoundation exam objectives. All the practice exam questions and answers of DumpsBase SuiteFoundation pdf dumps have been verified by the top team based on the SuiteFoundation exam sections as listed:

● Setup and Administration

● NetSuite User Interface

● Standard NS process flows

● SuiteAnalytics

● Maintenance, Resources, and Data Security

SuiteFoundation dumps covering each above exam section to identify the relevant skills and knowledge. The SuiteFoundation exam dumps questions of DumpsBase help you in getting a better understanding of the SuiteFoundation exam. Get SuiteFoundation dumps in pdf file for opening SuiteFoundation exam dumps anyplace in your laptop or on mobile. 

You may also read the demo of the SuiteFoundation dumps questions to obtain a far better evaluation of the SuiteFoundation Certification practice questions:

On which custom object can an Administrator disable system notes?

A. Field on a Custom Record

B. Custom Record

C. Custom Transaction Body Field

D. Custom Entity Field

Answer: C

Which feature provides information about a specific field and can be accessed while ending or viewing a record? The Internal ID of the field can also be seen here.

A. Help Guide

B. Help

C. Field Description

D. Field Level Help

Answer: D

When using the Global Search to find records, how can users display inactive records in the search results?

A. Re-activate the record so that it appears in the Global Search results set.

B. Change the Display Type on the record.

C. Prefix the search keyword with the correct record type (for example, “cu” for Customer).

D. Enable the user preference Include Inactives In Global & Quick Search.

Answer: B

Which feature cannot be disabled once it is enabled?

A. Expense Allocation

B. Advanced Revenue Management

C. Vendor Prepayments

D. Consolidated Payments

Answer: D

Which portlet shows a graphical representation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data?

A. Key Performance Indicators

B. KPI Meter

C. KPI Scorecard

D. Trend Graphs

Answer: D

Where should additional restrictions be added to further refine the results of a Saved Search?

A. Available Filters

B. Highlighting

C. Criteria

D. Results

Answer: D

Which criteria are required for a field to be available for Mass Update? (Choose two.)

A. For custom fields, the field must not be stored and must have a sourcing relationship.

B. For standard fields, the field must have dependencies on other fields.

C. The field must be displayed on the preferred form for the record type being updated.

D. The field must support inline editing.

Answer: A,C

Which Select All checkbox under the Audience subtab defaults to checked when a Saved Search is set to Public?

A. Roles

B. Employees

C. Partners

D. Subsidiaries

Answer: B

Which statements describe the behavior for assigning territories to cases? (Choose two.)

A. Setting the Default Round-Robin territory to Inactive marks unmatched cases as Unassigned.

B. The Default Round-Robin territory always has last priority.

C. Re-assigning existing cases to case territories is not allowed.

D. NetSuite assigns cases to the best match after reviewing all case territories.

Answer: A,D

Which statement is true about NetSuite sessions?

A. Administrators can configure the Idle Session Timeout per user, on the user’s Employee record.

B. The absolute NetSuite user interface session timeout is 180 minutes.

C. A warning with a 180-second countdown shows before an idle session timeout occurs.

D. Due to session synchronization, logging out of one tab ends the session for all other tabs in the same account.

Answer: A