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Shamiyo 03-10-2022

Candidates who are planning to achieve the HCIP-Video Conference certification should know that the current version of Huawei HCIP-Video Conference is V2.0, so they need to register H11-861_V2.0 exam at Pearson VUE. To meed the requirements of candidates, the latest HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 H11-861_V2.0-ENU Dumps of DumpsBase are available to ensure that they can get success in actual H11-861_V2.0-ENU exam. The professional team have curated 465 practice questions and answers for candidates, they can practice H11-861_V2.0-ENU exam dumps questions to prepare for HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 certification exam well. The latest H11-861_V2.0-ENU exam dumps will be your good study materials, which effectively help you pass Huawei H11-861_V2.0-ENU exam in the first attempt. 

HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 H11-861_V2.0-ENU Exam Overviews

HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 is the professional level of getting Huawei Enterprise Communication certification. The Huawei Enterprise Communications (EC) solution integrates multiple media capabilities including voice, HD videoconferencing, content sharing, and multimedia to implement IP telephony (IPT), mobile office, and remote collaboration applications for enterprises of all sizes. It helps customers build a media-rich communications system needed for more effective communication and collaboration both inside and outside of the enterprise to achieve better business outcomes.

To earn Huawei Enterprise Communication certification successfully, candidates are required to complete all the three levels:

HCIA-Video Conference (Associate Level)

The current version of HCIA-Video Conference is V3.0, candidates need to register H11-851_V3.0 exam and pass successfully. After passing the HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 certification, you will have a good command of understanding and mastering the video conferencing technologies, video conferencing protocols, video conferencing endpoint features and O&M, IdeaHub product features and O&M, MCU product features, SMC product features, recording product features, and basic O&M management of the video conferencing system, be able to operate, maintain and manage video conferencing system. You will be qualified for video conferencing engineers.

HCIP-Video Conference (Professional Level)

The current version of HCIP-Video Conference is V2.0. To earn the HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 certification successfully, candidates are recommended to learn HCIA-Video Conference in advance, then attend H11-861_V2.0 exam. Earning HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 certification makes candidates are able to master the video conference call process and advanced features. and are able to independently deploy, maintain, and manage medium- and large-sized video conference systems.

The HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 H11-861_V2.0 exam covers Wireshark packet capturing introduction, H.323 protocol, SIP protocol, RTP and RTCP protocol, audio encoding technology, video encoding technology, basic principles of integrated videoconferencing system, HD video terminal-advanced, multipoint control unit (MCU)-advanced, service management center-advanced, network monitoring tools, videoconferencing system troubleshooting, videoconferencing Public-Private network traversal solution, Huawei videoconferencing recording solution and network recording & streaming server ,etc.

The latest H11-861_V2.0-ENU dumps are based on the exam outlines, which could be your good materials for 100% passing.

HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Expert Level)

When entering the HCIE-Enterprise Communication certification, candidates are recommended to learn HCIP-Video Conference and HCIP-Unified Communication in advance. Five years relevant work experience is suggested. The current version of HCIE-Enterprise Communication is V1.0. Candidates are required to pass two exams:

● H11-879_V1.0 HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written)

● H11-886 HCIE-Enterprise Communication(Lab)

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It is recommended to read H11-861_V2.0-ENU exam outlines, also choose the latest H11-861_V2.0-ENU dumps as the preparation materials. DumpsBase shares H11-861_V2.0-ENU free dumps to help you check the quality. We ensure that you can get success in HCIP-Video Conference V2.0 H11-861_V2.0-ENU exam with the latest Huawei H11-861_V2.0-ENU dumps.

The video signal starts from the input terminal equipment, encodes and compresses it and sends it to the network, and finally displays it. It has undergone many images processing links in the middle, mainly including: IP camera, preprocessing, compression encoding, data encapsulation and transmission, decoding, Image format changes, playback. 



Answer: A

Full HD image resolution is? 

A. 1408 X 1152

B. 1920x1080

C. 1280x720

D. 704X576

Answer: B

Illuminance, expressed by the luminous flux received per unit area, expressed in lux (Lux, lx). 



Answer: A

Loudness indicates the strength of the sound, and which can determine the loudness? 

A. The material of the sounding body

B. Sound intensity

C. Amplitude of sound waves

D. sound frequency

Answer: C

The basic concept of white balance technology is "regardless of any light source, white objects can be restored to white", and the color cast phenomenon that occurs when shooting under a specific light source is compensated by strengthening the corresponding complementary color. 



Answer: A

In H.460 networking, the RTP keep-alive code stream is? 

A. Sent from the private network terminal to the public network terminal

B. The data sent by the public network terminal to the private network terminal

C. Sent by private network terminal to Ts

D. Sent by the public network terminal to Ts

Answer: A

Under the static NAT network, which is wrong about the signaling description of the public network terminal calling the private network terminal?

A. Callee Cs addr is the NAT address

B. Caller Cs addr is the NAT address

C. The DST address actually processed by the firewall is the private network terminal address

D. The DST address of the public network terminal is the NAT address

Answer: D

The basic functions of the firewall include: content filtering, user authentication, VPN, application proxy, NAT, packet filtering & state detection, IDs and alarms, logs, etc. 



Answer: A

According to the H.323 protocol, the signaling required to complete the process of capability exchange is?





Answer: C

The Call-ID header field is used as a unique identifier for a series of messages. In the dialog, in all requests and responses sent by each UA, the Call-id must be the same. 



Answer: A