JN0-230 Exam Is A New One For Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Certification

Shamiyo 07-17-2020

What exam should be taken to complete Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Certification now? You need to take JN0-230 exam to complete your Juniper JNCIA-SEC certification exam. How to prepare for Juniper JN0-230 exam well? We highly recommend you to choose DumpsBase new JN0-230 exam dumps as the preparation materials today. The helpful and acutal Juniper JNCIA-SEC JN0-230 exam dumps are written by the great team, who spent a lot time and energy in Juniper JN0-230 exam dumps. They have verified all the JN0-230 exam questions and answers, which cover the Juniper JN0-230 exam objectives to ensure your success in JN0-230 Juniper Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Exam in the first try.

JN0-230 Juniper Exam Is Associate Level OF Juniper Security Certification Track

We know that Juniper Networks is a famous company, which helps companies build high-performance networks by providing networking equipment, services and its own network operating system, Junos. Earning Juniper Networks certification can distinguish you from noncertified peers, provide career growth opportunities, give you greater insight into Juniper Networks' products and services and benefit your customers. Currently, Juniper Networks certification program offers seven certification tracks at the Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert levels.

JNCIA-SEC certification exam is the associate level of Security certification track. Juniper Networks Security certification track is a program that allows participants to demonstrate competence with Juniper Networks technology. Successful candidates demonstrate thorough understanding of security technology in general and Junos software for SRX Series devices. 

Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC)

Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) certification requires you to take and pass JN0-230 exam. JNCIA-SEC certification is designed for networking professionals with beginner-intermediate knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series devices. JN0-230 exam verifies your understanding of security technologies and related platform configuration and troubleshooting skills. No prerequisite for Juniper JNCIA-SEC certification, you just need to pass Juniper JN0-230 exam successfully.

Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC)

After complete Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) certification, you can go on for your Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) certification. It is designed for experienced networking professionals with intermediate knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series devices. Passing JN0-334 exam verifies your understanding of security technologies and related platform configuration and troubleshooting skills.

Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC)

Go on for your Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) certification now. Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) is designed for experienced networking professionals with advanced knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series devices. Currently, you can choose to pass JN0-634 exam to complete Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) certification. However, on July 27, 2020, JN0-635 exam should be the new exam for the Juniper Networks Certified Professional, Security (JNCIP-SEC) certification.

Security, Expert (JNCIE-SEC)

Finally, you can choose to complete Security, Expert (JNCIE-SEC) certification for Juniper Security certification track. You are required to pass JPR-934 exam. JPR-934 exam is designed to validate the networking professionals’ ability to deploy, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Junos-based security platforms. Throughout this 6-hour practical exam, candidates will build a secure enterprise network consisting of multiple interconnected sites and services using firewall devices. 

Juniper JN0-230 JNCIS-SEC Exam Covers 8 Exam Sections To Test Your Skills

Juniper Security, Associate (JNCIA-SEC) Exam JN0-230 should be registered at Pearson VUE. To pass JN0-230 exam, you need to answer 65 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes. Juniper JN0-230 exam covers 8 secitons to test your skills in Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Series:

● SRX Series Devices

● Junos Security Objects

● Security Policies

● Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

● Network Address Translation

● IPsec

● Unified Threat Management

● Monitoring/Reporting

New JN0-230 exam dumps are written by the great team based on the exam sections. We have full confidence on helping you test the knowledge of understanding of security technology in general and Junos software for SRX Series devices. 

JN0-230 Free Dumps Are Online For Checking JN0-230 Exam Dumps

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You want to automatically generate the encryption and authentication keys during IPsec VPN establishment.

What would be used to accomplish this task?

A. IPsec

B. Diffie_Hellman

C. Main mode

D. Aggregate mode

Answer: B

BY default, revenue interface are placed into which system-defined security zone on an SRX series device?

A. Trust

B. Null

C. Junos-trust

D. untrust

Answer: D

On an SRX device, you want to regulate traffic base on network segments.

In this scenario, what do you configure to accomplish this task?

A. Screens

B. Zones



Answer: B

Which two segments describes IPsec VPNs? (Choose two.)

A. IPsec VPN traffic is always authenticated.

B. IPsec VPN traffic is always encrypted.

C. IPsec VPNs use security to secure traffic over a public network between two remote sites.

D. IPsec VPNs are dedicated physical connections between two private networks.

Answer: AC

Which flow module components handles processing for UTM?

A. Policy

B. Zones

C. Services

D. Screen options

Answer: C

Which two match conditions would be used in both static NAT and destination NAT rule sets? (Choose two.)

A. Destination zone

B. Destination interface

C. Source interface

D. Source zone

Answer: BD

Which statement about IPsec is correct?

A. IPsec can be used to transport native Layer 2 packets.

B. IPsec can provide encapsulation but not encryption

C. IPsec is a standards-based protocol.

D. IPsec is used to provide data replication

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about the null zone? (Choose two.)

A. All interface belong to the bull zone by default.

B. All traffic to the null zone is dropped.

C. All traffic to the null zone is allowed

D. The null zone is a user-defined zone

Answer: AB

Which statements is correct about Junos security zones?

A. User-defined security must contain at least one interface.

B. Security policies are referenced within a user-defined security zone.

C. Logical interface are added to user defined security zones

D. User-defined security must contains the key word ‘’zone’’

Answer: C

What should you configure if you want to translate private source IP address to a single public IP address?

A. Source NAT

B. Destination NAT

C. Content filtering

D. Security Director

Answer: A