HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps Questions

Shamiyo 08-16-2019

HCIP-Transmission V2.0 certification is one of Huawei Career certifications, which is a professional level ICT Infrastructure Certification. This certification requires you answer H31-341 exam. Most candidates are looking for valid study materials for clearing HCIP-Transmission H31-341 exam. Now, HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps Questions are available for your best preparation. DumpsBase gives you the best HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps Questions for your preparation. More, we have collected all you need to know for HCIP-Transmission V2.0 certification.

Huawei HCIP-Transmission Certification

HCIP-Transmission certification is targeted at the capacity training and capability certification of senior engineers at Huawei transmission network field. Most IT professionals want to enhance their position by HCIP-Transmission certification. With HCIP-Transmission certification, they demonstrate the ability to commission, configure, maintain, perform tests on Huawei transmission equipment, and handle common faults. More, with HCIP-Transmission certified engineers, enterprises have the ability to build and maintain a transmission network composed of Huawei MSTP and OTN equipment.

HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Exam Content

Before you getting one IT certification, you need to know the exam content and exam knowledge points. It is the key step for success. The HCIP-Transmission V2.0 exam includes a range of knowledge of NG WDM and some technical topics of MSTP. Two main blocks for clearing HCIP-Transmission certifications, NG WDM knowledge and MSTP technical topics.

NG WDM Exam Knowledge

● NG WDM System Hardware

● NG WDM Equipment Networking and Application

● NG WDM Optical and Electrical Layer Grooming

● NG WDM service configuration

● NG WDM Equipment Commissioning

● NG WDM Equipment Protection

● NG WDM Alarm Signal Flow

● NG WDM System Troubleshooting

● SOM/FD System Introduction

● MS-OTN Technology Introduction

● New Transmission Technologies

MSTP Technical Topics

● Clock Protection

● ECC Maintenance and Pointer Adjustment

● PCM technology

● Board Replacement

● Discrete Service Analysis and Handling

● MSTP equipment troubleshooting

● ASON Introduction

● Ethernet Service Common Indicator Test

HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps Questions are cracked according to all the two blocks and all the exam knowledge and technical topics. Huawei H31-341 exam dumps questions ensure your success in HCIP-Transmission V2.0 at first attempt.

H31-341 HCIP-Transmission Certification Exam

Great to complete HCIP-Transmission certification, you will be required to answer H31-341 exam successfully. Huawei H31-341 exam is available in Chinese and English, which costs you 300USD. You need to answer the whole exam in 90 minutes. The passing score is 600, while the total score is 1000.  

HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps Questions

Which of the following are limitations of the alarm and performance analysis methods? (Multiple Choice)
A. Field maintenance personnel cannot understand the current operating condition of the equipment.
B. The network administrator cannot obtain the current notifications of the device, the alarm occurrence time, and the historical alarm of the device.
C. When some faults occur, there may be no obvious alarms or performance events reported, and sometimes no alarms or performance events are found.
D. In the case of complex networking, service, and fault information, many alarms and performance events may occur along with the occurrence of faults. Due to too many reports and performance events, maintenance personnel are unable to analyze.
Answer: CD

Which of the following is the data that needs to be collected and saved in the event of a failure? (Multiple Choice)
A. Equipment alarms and performance events
B. Running status data of the NE and the board
C. Operation log of the network management
D. Configuration data of the NE and the board
Answer: ABCD

After the signal of the standard Ethernet frame length of 64 Bytes is connected to the Ethernet board, if the QinQ function is enabled, what is the actual frame length of the signal inside the board?
A. 64 Bytes
B. 84 Bytes
C. 68 Bytes
D. 80 Bytes
Answer: C

The length range of the DATA field in the Ethernet frame structure is ().
A. 46-1500 bytes
B. 46-1518 bytes
C. 64-1518 bytes
D. 64-1500 bytes
Answer: A

Which of the following is a good way to avoid creating discrete paths? (Multiple Choice)
A. The path with the protected route is to be broken or switched. Ensure that the configuration is complete and standardized.
B. Try to use the path function to configure.
C. Guide users to learn business configuration specifications.
D. The service of the single-station configuration should perform path search on the network to ensure that the service configuration is complete and standardized.
Answer: ABCD

Which of the following description of discrete services is correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. For the cross-connections, after a path search, either a discrete service or forming a path with other cross-connections, which is impossible to be a discrete service, and forming a path with other cross-connections.
B. Perform path search on the U2000 network management. Cross-connections that do not form a path are called high-bandwidth services.
C. Discrete service management requires the U2000 license to have path management functions.
D. A service is searched for a discrete service, indicating that the service is not working properly on the NE side.
Answer: AC

Which step is more when the the single board replacement operation of main control board single configuration than main control board double configuration?
A. Download the original configuration data
B. Ensure that the version of the host software is the same before and after the replacement.
C. Consistency check of network management and network element data.
D. Query the alarm of the board and confirm that the original alarm has been cleared.
Answer: A

The main application scenarios for board compatible replacement are (). (Multiple Choice)
A. Expanding the board
B. Change the board ID
C. Change the board IP
D. Replacement board
Answer: ABD

Which of the following operating modes does the AT8 board support? (Multiple Choice)
A. Reverse 2E2M
B. 2E2M
C. 1E1M
D. Reverse 1E1M
Answer: ABC

Which of the following description of the extended ECC is correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. Extended ECC recommends to use manual basis, which reduces mutual negotiation between network elements.
B. The scale of the extended ECC network (the sum of the server and the client) must not exceed 8.
C. Extended ECC is divided into automatic extended ECC and manual extended ECC. One network element can only support one mode at the same time. These two methods cannot be directly docked.
D. In the automatic extended ECC mode, you need to connect the Ethernet ports of the two NEs with a direct-connected network cable (or a standard network cable through B), extend the ECC, and specify the server and client.
Answer: ABC