HCIA-AI V3.0 Certification Exam H13-311_v3.0 Dumps Questions

Shamiyo 09-25-2020

Most candidates are planning for H13-311_v3.0 exam to complete the HCIA-AI certification. Now, you do not need to worry about your HCIA-AI V3.0 certification, we have released new H13-311_v3.0 dumps questions to help you and all the candidates to prepare for HCIA-AI certification. New HCIA-AI V3.0 Certification Exam H13-311_v3.0 Dumps Questions contain 369 practice exam questions, the most important is, all the answers have been proved and verified by our customers and experienced team. We ensure that it is necessary to choose DumpsBase new H13-311_v3.0 dumps questions for passing HCIA-AI V3.0 certification exam in the first go.

Currently, there are three versions for HCIA-AI certification

Engineers who need to master AI technologies, learn and use deep learning algorithms, and master Huawei AI-related product technologies can choose to be a HCIA-AI certfied. Completing the Huawei HCIA-AI certification will indidate you:

● have mastered the AI development history, the Huawei Ascend AI system, the full-stack all-scenario AI strategy,and the algorithms related to traditional machine learning and deep learning. 

● are able to build, train, and deploy neural networks by using development frameworks TensorFlow and MindSpore. 

● competent for sales, marketing, product manager, project management, technical support, and other AI positions.

There is no prerequisite for HCIA-AI certification, but currently, there are three versions for HCIA-AI certification, you need to make sure you have registered the version you need and have the right study materials for learning.

H13-311 V1.0 is the earliest version for HCIA-AI certification. HCIA-AI V1.0 certification exam will be officially offline on June 30, 2021.

H13-311 V2.0 is the latest version for HCIA-AI certification. 

H13-311 V3.0 is the new version, which is highly recommend for getting the HCIA-AI certification.

HCIA-AI V3.0 H13-311_v3.0 Exam Contents

The HCIA-AI V3.0 exam covers: AI Overview, Machine Learning Overview, Deep Learning Overview, Mainstream Development Frameworks for AI, Huawei AI Development Framework MindSpore, Huawei AI Computing Platform Atlas, Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Devices, HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform, Comprehensive AI Experiment.

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