Find Valid SOFQ Dumps for Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) Exam

Shamiyo 06-15-2021

Good news, the ICMA certification SOFQ dumps questions have been completed for Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) certification exam. We know, the SOFQ exam is in demand these days in this competitive IT market. So most candidates are planning for Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) certification to prove that they are professional in ICMA SOFQ exam. Now, you can find the valid SOFQ dumps for Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) certification at DumpsBase. We have collected 50 practice exam questions and answers for all candidates. We ensure that you can pass ICMA Certification SOFQ exam in the first attempt.

What is Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) exam?

Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) certification exam is one of ICMA certifications, which is an introductory level programme intended for anyone entering a career in the securities operations area of the financial markets. Do you know ICMA? ICMA is a not-for-profit membership association, committed to serving the needs of its wide range of member firms active in the international debt capital markets. ICMA certifications are to promote good relations among its members and to provide a basis for joint examination and discussion of questions relating to the international capital and securities markets and to issue rules and make recommendations governing their operations, also, to provide services and assistance to participants in the international capital and securities markets.

Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) certification exam is so popular, which is directly relevant to people entering the world of securities operations and personnel currently working within this field who wish to gain a broader view of the subject. Candidates who earning the great Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) certification can prove their position in IT area.

What will be tested in actual ICMA Certification SOFQ exam?

ICMA certification SOFQ exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions of which candidates must answer a minimum of 30 questions correctly, with a score of 45 or more earning a distinction. The actual Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ) exam test the main objectives below:

● An Introduction to International Securities

● The Pre-trade environment

● Trade Execution and Immediate Post-trade

● Trade Clearing and Settlement

● Position Management

● Regulatory reporting

● Asset Servicing

After test SOFQ Securities Operations Foundation Qualification certification exam, you will be able to:

● Identify the similarities and differences between equities and bonds

● Demonstrate an understanding of how equities and bonds are brought to the marketplace

● Identify and understand the roles of the major securities market participants

● Recognise the primary components of the securities trade life-cycle

● Demonstrate how Operations manages the securities through its various activities

● Identify fundamentals of trade management, including repo and securities lending & borrowing transactions

● Recognise and identify corporate actions

How to check DumpsBase SOFQ Dumps are valid?

DumpsBase have listed all SOFQ dumps questions in the pdf file as the practice exam. How to check the DumpsBase SOFQ dumps are valid? You can check the SOFQ free dumps below:

A bond which permits the issuer to redeem the bond prior to its maturity date is known as a:

A. Demandable bond

B. Callable bond

C. Requestable bond

D. Askable bond

Answer: B

Within internal books and records, the recording of the trading book on a securities trade facilitates:

A. Reconciliation of settled positions, per trading book and per security - between the trading department and operations

B. Reconciliation of settled positions, per trading book and per security - between operations and the firm's custodian

C. Reconciliation of trading positions, per trading book and per security - between the firm's counterparty and the firm's custodian

D. Reconciliation of trading positions, per trading book and per security - between the trading department and operations

Answer: D

The divisors applicable to the calculation of bank interest are:

A. EUR = 360, USD = 360, GBP = 365

B. EUR = 365, USD = 360, GBP = 365

C. EUR = 365, USD = 365, GBP = 360

D. EUR = 360, USD = 365, GBP = 360

Answer: A

The market in which debt is issued over the long-term describes:

A. The money market

B. The foreign exchange market

C. The capital market

D. The equity market

Answer: C

The two choices for the settlement method utilised within a securities market are:

A. 'Account Settlement1 and Tumbling Settlement'

B. Tumbling Settlement' and 'Continuing Settlement'

C. 'Continuing Settlement 'and' Account Settlement'

D. 'Rolling Settlement' and 'Account Settlement’

Answer: D

The date on which a securities trade is intended to settle is:

A. The actual settlement date

B. The contractual trade date

C. The value date

D. The trade date

Answer: C

The following are examples of money market instruments:

A. Zero coupon bonds and Floating-rate notes

B. Convertible bonds and Mortgage-Backed Securities

C. Fixed-rate bonds and Step-up bonds

D. Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposit

Answer: D

Thefollowing is an inaccurate statement:

A. Warrants have a variable exercise price

B. Warrants are exercisable by the warrant holder

C. Warrants will expire if not exercised by the expiry date

D. Warrants are detachable from the original security

Answer: A

The type of organisation that provides securities underwriting services is known as a

A. Investment bank

B. Insurance company

C. Commercial bank

D. Pension fund

Answer: A

The Clearstream Group includes:

A. The ICSD 'Clearstream Banking Paris' and the NSCD 'Clearstream Banking Munich'

B. The ICSD 'Clearstream Banking Brussels' and the NCSD 'Clearstream Banking Berlin'

C. The ICSD 'Clearstream Banking Luxembourg' and the NSCD 'Clearstream Banking Frankfurt'

D. The ICSD 'Clearstream Banking Amsterdam' and the NSCD 'Clearstream Banking Luxembourg'

Answer: C