DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam E20-594 Updated Dumps

Shamiyo 12-09-2019

Big chance to well-prepared E20-594 exam and pass Backup and Recovery - Avamar Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers exam with DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam E20-594 Updated Dumps. New Dell EMC E20-594 exam dumps were updated on December 7, 2019. It is the latest study materials online for DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam. New exam questions and answers in E20-594 dumps are verified by experts and specialists. It recommends you read DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam E20-594 Updated Dumps with pdf and software carefully to pass with 100% guarantee. 

What DELL EMC Certifications Are Available?

EMC was acquired by Dell in 2016, we know. Since the Dell/EMC merger, the Proven Professional program has operated alongside two other programs – the Dell EMC Certification program and the VCE Certified Professional program. Dell EMC certifications focus mainly on Dell hardware technologies, whereas Dell EMC Proven Professional certifications are based on EMC storage products and services. 

Currently, there are 8 subjects of DELL EMC Certifications available:

Most Dell EMC tracks come in three levels: Associate, Specialist and Expert. Specialist certifications require an Associate certification as a prereq, and Expert certifications require Associate and Specialist credentials. DELL EMC E20-594 exam can be found in Data Protection - Specialist level at Pearson VUE. It is a qualifying exam for the Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Avamar (DCS-IE) track. 

What is the preprequisite of Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Avamar Version 8.0 certification?

Passing E20-594 exam can gain Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Avamar Version 8.0 certification. E20-594 exam will benefit any Implementation Engineer and/or Avamar professional implementing or managing the Avamar product. To complete Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Avamar Version 8.0 certification, you also need to achieve one of the following Associate level certifications:

• Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 1.0

• Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 2.0

• Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 3.0

• Associate - Information Storage and Management Version 4.0

• Associate - Backup Recovery Version

• Associate - Data Protection and Management Version 1.0

If you have held one of above Associate-level certifications, you can come to complete E20-594 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam directly. If you also need to prepare for one of Associate level certification, you need to choose to pass the related exam. 

Most candidates still think that they need to pass E05-001 exam to complete the Associate level certifications we mentioned above. However, the English language version of the ISMv3 E05-001 exam retired October 04, 2019. Now you are recommended to pass DEA-1TT4 exam for your Associate level certifications. 

Why DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam E20-594 Updated Dumps is Valid For Passing?

E20-594 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam focuses on ensuring individuals are knowledgeable in Avamar concepts and terminology. It requires candidates to complete all questions in each topis:

• Avamar Fundamentals (15%)

• Avamar Virtual Edition (10%)

• Avamar Data Store Hardware Installation (10%)

• Avamar Installation and Configuration (27%)

• Avamar Management (38%)

DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam E20-594 Updated Dumps are based on real exam topics. We have full confidence that our E20-594 exam questions can help you answer all these exam questions about the knowledge required to implement and configure an Avamar backup solution in single and multi-node environments. This makes that DELL EMC IE Specialist Avamar Exam E20-594 Updated Dumps are valid and your sole companion for the preparation of E20-594 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Exam.

Check Valid E20-594 Free Dumps of E20-594 Updated Dumps

Which hash represents each data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?

A. atomic

B. root

C. composite

D. file metadata

Answer: A

Which port must be open on an EMC Avamar utility node to be able to browse a client file system?

A. 26000

B. 27000

C. 28001

D. 28002

Answer: D

In an EMC Avamar system, for each file that is backed up, how many SHA-1 hash bytes are added to the file cache?

A. 20

B. 24

C. 44

D. 48

Answer: C

What is an EMC Avamar object?

A. Variable-sized unit of deduplicated data

B. Unit of disk space for storing data

C. Server running Avamar software

D. One or more servers on a local, high-speed network

Answer: A

Which port on the Avamar server does the client connect to when performing a backup with no encryption?

A. 28001

B. 28002

C. 29000

D. 27000

Answer: D

Which client process listens for a work order from the EMC Avamar server?

A. avagent

B. avtar

C. avscc

D. mcs

Answer: A

In EMC Avamar, below which ratio is it considered unnecessary to compress a given chunk of data?

A. 15%

B. 20%

C. 25%

D. 30%

Answer: C

Which protocol is used to make the backup connection between the EMC Avamar client and the EMC Avamar server?





Answer: A

A multinode EMC Avamar server is backing up clients throughout the world. Each geographical area has a domain and a domain administrator to manage the backup clients in their domain.

What must each domain administrator keep in mind to help ensure that backup schedules do not conflict with the EMC Avamar server blackout window?

A. Time basis for a backup schedule is the local time of the Avamar Administrator console session

B. Time basis for clients is the local time of the Avamar server utility node

C. Time basis for the gsan and the administrator server is the local time zone where the server resides

D. Time basis for the maintenance schedules is always GMT

Answer: A

In which format will a Windows file be restored when using the EMC Avamar client Web interface?

A. uncompressed

B. zip


D. tagged

Answer: B

Which type of restore can a user perform with EMC Avamar Desktop/Laptop?

A. To the client from which the data originated

B. To any client managed by EMC Avamar

C. With Administrator privileges, to any client

D. To any client in the enterprise

Answer: A

Which EMC Avamar policies are part of a group?

A. Dataset, Schedule, and Retention

B. Profile, Dataset, and Schedule

C. Clients, Profile, and Retention

D. Clients, Schedule, and Dataset

Answer: A

Which processes are started automatically during an EMC Avamar Windows backup client installation?

A. avagent and avscc only

B. avtar and avagent only

C. avtar, avagent, and avscc

D. avscc and avtar only

Answer: A

Which mode(s) of EMC Avamar replication allows for many-to-one and bi-directional replication?

A. Normal

B. Full Copy

C. Root-to-root

D. Normal and root-to-root

Answer: A