Choose Valid HPE0-J58 Dumps Questions [2022] To Prepare HPE Master ASE HPE0-J58 Exam

Shamiyo 04-02-2022

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HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam Will Be Inactive on August 15, 2022

HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions exam is related to HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification. HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification validates that you can translate customer business requirements into an enterprise, multiple site storage solution across physical, virtual, and cloud or IT as a Service (ITaaS) environments. Additionally, it validates your competencies around converged management for storage with HPE OneView, understanding of complex HPE SAN solutions and mission critical apps with all-flash Tier 1. Also it validates understanding of Nimble hardware, software, configuration, volumes, snapshot and replication.

For a new candidate, he/she requires to have one of the following certifications as the prerequisite:

● HPE ASE - Storage Solutions V4

● HPE ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1

● HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3 (inactive)

● HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator V2 (inactive)

Then, the candidate needs to pass HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions exam successfully. 

If a candidate who has earned the HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2 certification wants to upgrade to the HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification, he only needs to pass HPE2-K42 Designing HPE Nimble Solutions certification exam.

According to the latest exam information, all the related certification and exams, including HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification, HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions exam and HPE2-K42 Designing HPE Nimble Solutions exam will be inactive on August 15, 2022.

HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam Overviews

HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam tests knowledge and skills required for Storage Architects and Storage Consultants. It tests the ability to design and deliver a complete and supported multi-site, multi-array and/or complex storage solution that meets customer requirements. Real HPE0-J58 exam contains 60 questions for answering in 2 hours. Candidates are required to get 66% score or more to make sure they have passed HPE0-J58 exam. 

Real HPE0-J58 exam validates that you can:

● Describe, evaluate, and apply advanced storage architectures and technologies

● Describe and evaluate HPE Storage portfolio and associated service offerings and apply to complex customer use cases

● Present the strengths of the HPE storage portfolio relative to market and competitive trends

● Plan and design complex HPE Storage solutions

● Validate the installation, configuration, and setup of complex HPE Storage solutions

● Performance-tune, optimize, and upgrade HPE storage solutions

● Troubleshooting multi-site or complex HPE Storage solutions

● Manage, monitor, administer, and operate multi-site or complex HPE storage solutions

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A customer has a two-node HPE 3PAR array with three additional drive enclosures. There is a single CPG setup for RAID 5 (3+1). One of the drive enclosures has failed and must be replaced.

What needs to be considered before starling the repair?

A. The enclosure I'O modules will need to be paired with the replacement enclosure

B. A node rescue will need to be performed after the enclosure replacement.

C. The array must be powered down to perform the enclosure replacement.

D. HA cage availably will be lost during the enclosure replacement process.

Answer: D

A customer has a Tier 1 application that has high bandwidth and is sensitive to latency.

The customer needs a solution to support this application. The solution must support replication between two sites over dark fiber links and support an RPO of zero.

Which solution meets the customer requirements?

A. dual HPE 3PAR 9450 arrays with data replicated using RCFC

B. dual Nimble AF40 arrays with data replicated over FC

C. dual HPE 3PAR 8400 arrays with data replicated using iSCSI

D. dual Nimble HF20 arrays with data replicated over iSCSI

Answer: A

You are starting an assessment to design a new multi-storage environment for a customer.

You have collected data on all the current arrays using SAF collector.

What should be the next step in your design process?

A. Open the .zip file with NinjaSTARS

B. Import the .zip file into OCA

C. Send the .zip file to [email protected]

D. Upload the .zip file to the SAF Portal

Answer: A

You are developing reports for a new proposal. You try to use SAF Analyze to upload the customer data you collected, but you receive an error.

What must you do first to begin the process?

A. Export me data as xml.

B. Create a new opportunity.

C. Create a gatekeeper on the SAF utility server

D. Create a single .zip file of all data exports

Answer: D

A startup company is considering an HPE Nimble solution. They have a small IT budget, and they need to be future-proof for changing performance requirements.

How does the Nimble architecture meet the company needs? (Select two.)

A. native support for block and file services

B. minimal downtime technology refresh

C. Support for FCoE

D. non-disruptive technology refresh

E. ability to mix-and-match All flash and hybrid nodes

Answer: C,E

A customer needs to analyze performance and capacity of their storage environment. Their environment consists of HPE 3PAR, EMC VNX, and Pure Systems.

Which tool should you use to begin your assessment of their environment?

A. HPE Infosight

B. DD Analyzer

C. NinjaCrawler

D. SAF Collect

Answer: D

A customer needs to replicate multiple HPE 3PAR source arrays to a single HPE 3PAR target array at a Disaster Recovery sue.

What is required to support a 31 fan-in for Remote Copy?


B. a 4-node HPE 3PAR array

C. HPE SN4000B SAN Extension Switches

D. 4-poit 16 Go Fibre Channel Adapters

Answer: A

An HPE Nimble customer needs to consolidate storage and scale performance. They are looking to purchase additional hardware to meet these requirements.

What is the best solution to offer this customer?

A. Add additional SSDs to the cache

B. Use multiple single-array storage pools

C. Add additional HBAs in the arrays

D. Use multi-array storage pools

Answer: D

A customer wants to replace an EMC storage array. You want to provide as much Information about the EMC configuration as possible to propose an HPE 3PAR or HPE Nimble Storage array.

Which HPE tool will meet your needs?

A. HPE SAF-Collect

B. HPE Storage Sizer

C. HPE Ninja Stars for 3PAR

D. HPE NinjaPiotecled-

Answer: A

You want to use FCAP authentication in an environment with FOS 7.3 running switches with no extra licenses.

What should you do to use this feature?

A. Switches must be upgraded to FOS 7.4 or higher

B. Certificates must be obtained from Brocade

C. A Secure Fabric license must be added to all switches in the fabric

D. Certificates must be obtained from a third-party vendor

Answer: A