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Shamiyo 08-17-2022

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Exam Code: 2V0-51.21

Exam Name: Professional VMware Horizon 8.X

Toward Certification: VMware Certified Professional - Desktop Management 2022 (VCP-DTM 2022)

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Exam Version: V9.02

Up-to-Date: August 15, 2022

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Know All Professional VMware Horizon 8.X 2V0-51.21 Exam Details

Professional VMware Horizon 8.X 2V0-51.21 exam is one popular VMware certification exam, which leads to the VMware Certified Professional - Desktop Management 2022 (VCP-DTM 2022) certification. VMware Desktop Management certifications are designed to gauge your level of skill in designing, installing, and managing a VMware Horizon with a View environment deployed on a VMware vSphere implementation. The VMware Certified Professional - Desktop Management 2022 (VCP-DTM 2022) certification validates your skills in performing in-depth configuration and management of VMware Horizon environments.

Passing 2V0-51.21 Professional VMware Horizon 8.X exam to complete the VMware VCP-DTM 2022 certification. The Professional VMware Horizon 8.x (2V0-51.21) exam validates an individual can install, configure, manage, maintain, and perform basic troubleshooting of VMware Horizon and related solutions, as well as properly identify and differentiate any needed supporting products and components. It is a 60-item exam. The updated 2V0-51.21 dumps of DumpsBase have collected 94 real exam questions and answers based on the exam objectives. We have full confidence to ensure that you can pass the Professional VMware Horizon 8.X 2V0-51.21 exam smoothly and easily. 

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An administrator configures VMware Dynamic Environment Manager’s Logon and logoff tasks to loads to load two PowerShell scripts on boot and logoff, but has noticed the scripts are not loading.

A. PCoIP needs to be used instead of Blast.

B. Permissions were not configured property.

C. Clipboard rejection policy needs to be configured.

D. URL Content Redirection policy needs to be configured.

Answer: D

Which description explains Cloud Pod Architecture?

A. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature that requires additional licenses to activate and use.

B. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature only available when using Windows virtual desktops in a Horizon environment.

C. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature that provides cross-data center administration, high availability desktops, and disaster recovery capabilities.

D. Cloud Pod Architecture is a feature that allows a vSphere cluster to become highly available for virtual desktops.

Answer: C

A user reports that sometimes they have issues using their remote desktops and published applications.

What three pieces of information should be collected to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose three.)

A. What exactly did the user see on the screen when the issue occurred?

B. Has the user reformatted recently to clean up old cached data?

C. Does the user’s home PC have the same problem?

D. What time was it when the problem occurred?

E. What was the user doing when the issue happened?

Answer: A,D,E

Which two databases are supported in horizon 8 for Event Database configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Oracle DB

B. DynamoDB

C. MariaDB

D. Microsoft SQL


Answer: A,D

An administrator has added a support PCI graphics accelerator to a virtual machine configuration.

Which the administrator tries to power on the virtual machine, an error is displayed and the virtual machine remains powered off.

Which of the following virtual machine configuration settings needs to be applied to enable the virtual machine to power on?

A. Reserve all guest memory.

B. Set Memory Shares to High

C. Enable Video Card 3D Graphics.

D. Disable CPU Hot Plug.

Answer: B

Which two types of pools can be created in Horizon on Azure VMware Solutions(AVS)? (Choose two.)

A. full clone

B. Raw clones

C. linked clones

D. Instant-done

E. Pool clones

Answer: A,D

Which three options are required to use an instant-clone pool? (Choose three.)

A. VMware vSphere

B. Horizon Intelligence

C. Horizon Composer

D. Horizon Connection Server

E. Horizon Agent

F. High speed Internet Access

Answer: A,D,E

To reduce the risk of users downloading malware to the corporate network, an administrator wants to allow end users to open only intranet websites inside their virtual desktop. Additionally, the administrator wants to configure all other URLs to automatically open in a browser on the end-user’s client machine.

Which steps should the administrator take to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Enable the URL Content Redirection feature on the desktop pool settings.

B. Enable the URL Content Redirection feature in Horizon Agent.

C. Configure group policy settings to indicate how Horizon Agent redirects the URL.

D. Enable secure website settings in the Global Settings Security menu.

E. Disable the Allow External Website feature in Horizon Agent.

Answer: C,D

Which three can be used by a Horizon administrator who wants to provision an application to users’ desktops? (Choose three.)

A. VMware App Volumes Application Package

B. VMware Horizon Published Application

C. VMware Thinapp

D. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

E. VMware App Volumes Writable Volume

Answer: A,B,D

Users need to be able to log into Workspace ONE Access and connect to remote desktops and applications without having to provide Active Directory credentials.

Which Horizon component needs to be deployed to allow this functionality?

A. Enrollment Server

B. vCenter Server

C. Security Server

D. Replica Server

Answer: C