Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge Exam Dumps CCAK Real Questions

Shamiyo 12-02-2021

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What is Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK exam?

Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK exam is the first global cloud auditing credential in the indursty created by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA, which leverages CSA's cloud expertise and ISACA's traditional audit expertise, combining the know-how and expertise to develop and deliver the best possible solution for cloud auditing education. It is aimed for the clouds, which fills a gap in the industry for competent technical professionals who can help organizations mitigate risks and optimize ROI in the cloud.

Why choosing to complete Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK certification?

We know that cloud auditing can give you a big picture understanding of the type of cloud services and deployment strategy that would best benefit your business. As the first cloud auditiong certification, Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK plans an important role in IT indurstry. It prepares IT professionals to address the unique challenges of auditing the cloud, ensuring the right controls for confidentiality, integrity and accessibility and mitigating risks and costs of audit management and non-compliance.

CSA and ISACA recommend Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK certification to all because CCAK certification:

● complements ISACA's ANSI accredited certifications such as CISA, CISM, CRISC and CGEIT.

● complements FedRAMP 3PAO Assessor, PCI-DSS Qualified Security Assessor, ISO 27001 Leader Auditor credentials.

● leverages ISACA's traditional audit expertise and CSA's cloud expertise.

● addresses unique challenges such as technology stacks, deployment frameworks, DevOps, CI/CD, etc.

● builds off of and complements the material covered in the CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).

How to complete Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK certification?

Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge CCAK certification is hot for anyone who is setting up systems, performing audits or is the target of an audit would benefit from the CCAK certificate, specifically:

● Internal and External Assesors and Auditors

● Compliance Managers

● Third Party Assesors and Auditors

● Vendor/Partners Program Managers

● Security Analysts & Architects

● Procurement Officers

● Cybersecurity Lead/Architect

● Security and Privacy Consultants

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Which of the following is an example of financial business impact?

A. A hacker using a stolen administrator identity brings down the SaaS sales and marketing systems, resulting in the inability to process customer orders or manage customer relationships.

B. While the breach was reported in a timely manner to the CEO, the CFO and CISO blamed each other in public, resulting in a loss of public confidence that led the board to replace all three.

C. A DDoS attack renders the customer's cloud inaccessible for 24 hours resulting in millions in lost sales.

D. The cloud provider fails to report a breach of customer personal data from an unsecured server, resulting in GDPR fines of 10 million euro.

Answer: C

In which control should a cloud service provider, upon request, inform customers of compliance impact and risk, especially if customer data is used as part of the services?

A. Service Provider control

B. Impact and Risk control

C. Data Inventory control

D. Compliance control

Answer: A

Which of the following BEST ensures adequate restriction on the number of people who can access the pipeline production environment?

A. Ensuring segregation of duties in the production and development pipelines.

B. Role-based access controls in the production and development pipelines.

C. Separation of production and development pipelines.

D. Periodic review of the Cl/CD pipeline audit logs to identify any access violations.

Answer: C

How should controls be designed by an organization?

A. By the internal audit team

B. Using the ISO27001 framework

C. By the cloud provider

D. Using the organization’s risk management framework

Answer: A

What areas should be reviewed when auditing a public cloud?

A. Patching, source code reviews, hypervisor, access controls

B. Identity and access management, data protection

C. Patching, configuration, hypervisor, backups

D. Vulnerability management, cyber security reviews, patching

Answer: B

Policies and procedures shall be established, and supporting business processes and technical measures implemented, for maintenance of several items ensuring continuity and availability of operations and support personnel.

Which of the following controls BEST matches this control description?

A. Operations Maintenance

B. System Development Maintenance

C. Equipment Maintenance

D. System Maintenance

Answer: A

Which of the following would be the MOST critical finding of an application security and DevOps audit?

A. The organization is not using a unified framework to integrate cloud compliance with regulatory requirements.

B. Application architecture and configurations did not consider security measures.

C. Outsourced cloud service interruption, breach or loss of data stored at the cloud service provider.

D. Certifications with global security standards specific to cloud are not reviewed and the impact of noted findings are not assessed.

Answer: B

An organization is in the initial phases of cloud adoption. It is not very knowledgeable about cloud security and cloud shared responsibility models.

Which of the following approaches is BEST suited for such an organization to evaluate its cloud security?

A. Use of an established standard/regulation to map controls and use as the audit criteria

B. For efficiency reasons, use of its on-premises systems’ audit criteria to audit the cloud environment

C. As this is the initial stage, the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate shared by the cloud service provider is sufficient for audit and compliance purposes.

D. Development of the cloud security audit criteria based on its own internal audit test plans to ensure appropriate coverage

Answer: A

Which of the following would be considered as a factor to trust in a cloud service provider?

A. The level of exposure for public information

B. The level of proved technical skills

C. The level of willingness to cooperate

D. The level of open source evidence available

Answer: C

Which of the following quantitative measures is KEY for an auditor to review when assessing the implementation of continuous auditing of performance on a cloud system?

A. Service Level Objective (SLO)

B. Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

C. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

D. Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Answer: C